Collapsing Narratives, Converging Catastrophes

by Steven Yates

Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy, has been quoted several times as saying he believes Trump will be reinstated as president later this year (he mentioned August). I’m very doubtful of this, if for no other reason that, realistically, at this point it would take military action, and I don’t think our “woke” military would do it.

That aside, the U.S. is clearly facing an onrushing conjunction of crises likely to hit around that time, if not sooner. First, the number of voters convinced that last year’s election was stolen refuses to budgeregardless of the volume of the Establishment’s denials and ridicule — and no matter the lawfare being waged against Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, Lindell, and others. If anything, the Establishment appears terrified of what will turn up in Maricopa Co., Arizona, and that calls for independent audits will spread to other states.

This is America’s collapsed and partly delegitimized political system. All the propaganda about how talk of a stolen election “threatens democracy” is just that: propaganda. The U.S. has not been an actual democracy, answering even to a majority of voters, at any point in our lifetimes. Gilens & Page showed this. That article is dense and restrained in its conclusions, but worth slogging through.

The approved narrative about the election could collapse, and if it does, a reckoning of some sort is inevitable. It might not happen this year, but it will happen eventually.

And this is not the only narrative at risk of losing all credibility.

If you want to see what a collapsed approved narrative looks like, think of the theory that the coronavirus said to cause Covid-19 evolved in bats and jumped to humans, possibly through an intermediary species, in a Chinese “wet market.”

As recently as six months ago, if you said that the cause of Covid came from the Wuhan lab, you were an “unhinged conspiracy theorist.” Even though the “evidence” for the coronavirus’s natural origins was never more than educated guesswork.

And when veteran science author Nicholas Wade published his carefully written and very detailed treatise on the subject, factors supporting the “lab leak theory” became impossible to ignore.

Wade has his detractors. For example, this. That’s the quality of the criticism, and added evidence that in our long-collapsed higher educational system, logic is either no longer taught, or taught so badly that graduates who profess to be educated have no idea what attacking ad hominem means or what is wrong with doing it. SJWs and wokesters clearly don’t understand the concept.

But never mind all that. We now know that at least three Wuhan lab workers got sick as early as November, that the Chinese tried to cover up what was happening in Wuhan, and that even the Bidenista regime has now called for an investigation of the matter. Add Fauci’s emails, which strongly indicate something I’ve argued since last year: our Establishment, of which Fauci is a card-carrying upper-echelon member, has been bankrolling dangerous coronavirus research in China for years!

It is one more small step to another forbidden idea: that this thing did not merely come from the Wuhan lab, but was engineered as a bioweapon. The only remaining question then is: who were the bioweapon’s prime movers? Was it the Chinese Communist Party, was it the American Deep State out to attack or possibly set up China? Or did both cut a deal with GloboCorp, the globalist ownership class that wants a world government that would answer to its corporations?

One of the things bothering me about the idea that China is fully to blame for the disaster is that among the first to be infected with Covid outside China were members of the leadership in Iran. The Chinese and the Iranians (1) are a good distance away, suggesting that the appearance of Covid there was not an accident, but (2) China and Iran are closer to being allies than they are enemies.

Would the Chinese have infected the Iranians on purpose? I don’t think so. The American Establishment hates Iran, though. And behind the American Establishment is, of course, GloboCorp. Iran is one of the few countries left without a central bank controlled by the Rothschild-Rockefeller axis; but for the U.S., or the U.S. and Israel together, to try to take down Iran militarily the way the U.S. did Saddam Hussein’s Iraq would be suicidal. This opens the door to other options.

The virus seems designed (1) to bring direct harm to the elderly and those with compromised immune and respiratory systems, removing “useless eaters” from society; (2) to set the stage for the mass media induced panic we have seen across the globe, over something not especially deadly to the rest of the population, leading to the lockdowns, travel restrictions, the economic destruction we’ve seen; and where possible, political destabilization; and (3) by way of all these, the redistribution of power and wealth upwards.

Who, after all, has profited the most from this debacle? The answer: Western globalist billionaires.

Is it not at least conceivable that this whole affair has been one of the final phases of the global war against “populism” (i.e., those who reject economic domination by the world’s globalist centralizers) and financially independent middle classes everywhere?

How long before the approved narrative, that this whole thing has just been an unfortunate accident (even if the virus came from the Wuhan lab) collapses? What will the reckoning look like? Will pitchforks come out and heads roll (so to speak)?

It gets worse.

As everyone knows, the experimental mRNA vaccines were rushed out at the start of this year. As everyone also knows, none have received actual FDA approval but only “emergency use authorization.” The fact that previous vaccines have required years of testing and refinement has been dropped down the Orwellian memory hole. We are not even allowed to say that the inventor of mRNA technology has expressed great hesitation about using it. Big Tech has been routinely censoring exposés on the effects of spike proteins and deplatforming criticsdespite often impeccable credentials.

All roads have clearly led to the mRNA vaccines. This explains the near-brutal suppression of information about other cures for Covid: hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other products known to be safe (the first has been in use for decades, after all!). Or just the benefits of common sense cleanliness, sound nutrition, sunlight, exercise, the ability to destress, and get sound sleep: all conditions of genuine public health practices never emphasized because they do not bring profits to the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) — and voided by locking people indoors!

The corporate media wing of the Establishment is propagandizing us worldwide about something no one can know for sure: that these vaccines are both effective and safe. Americans are told that coronavirus rates are dropping where the majority of people are vaccinated. My own research tells me otherwise: Chile where I’ve lived for nine years now has now vaccinated almost two thirds of its population, and we are one of the most locked down and travel-restricted places in the world, with thousands of PCR-test positives (not actual cases of Covid, mind you!) reported daily.

The truth is, the number of injuries and deaths from these mRNA injections is much higher than you’ll ever hear from the Establishment. In the first four months of their use, these injections killed more people than all earlier vaccines combined from mid-1997 until the end of 2013 (15 and a half years). By April 2021, Americans were experiencing roughly 30 deaths per day. Now some might retort that 30 deaths per day is a small number to weigh against the tens of millions who have been vaccinated. But remember one absolutely crucial: no one knows the long term effects of these injections! 

The worst case scenarios hold that the spike proteins, already known to cause clotting in some patients which can lead to strokes and heart attacks, will work its damage cumulatively on the vaccinated person’s blood, cell walls and organs, and eventually brain, causing a combination of immune system collapse, organ failure, dementia, and death. These scenarios envision cases to begin surfacing in large numbers in about two years.

I do not know that this will happen, of course. I’m not a doctor or a virologist, but I know of doctors who are warning people not to take the vaccines and other medical professionals who are refusing.

Some of the admittedly wilder stuff coming my way contends that what this campaign is about is not a restoration of normality but long term depopulation.

My wife and I have been to the Georgia Guidestones, a monument the origins of which are enshrouded in mystery. In several languages, it urges the reduction of the world’s population to 500 million, to “restore balance with nature.”

Bill Gates and others of GloboCorp’s billionaire superelite class have often spoken about the need for “population control.”

Thus far, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson is the only person anywhere near the mainstream asking the forbidden question, “How many Americans have died after taking the Covid vaccine?” How many people are gambling their lives because they’ve been told by the Establishment that getting a Covid vaccine is the way back to “normalcy”?

It is clear: we already see three stages of vaccine compliance. First are those lining up to get the jab, seeing it as the fastest path back to a normalcy that probably isn’t coming. Second are those who are hesitant (notice how vaccine hesitancy is now a public heresy), but able to be incentivized through cash bonuses, free food, etc. The third stage punishes those who do not respond to the incentives with job losses, refusals of college re-enrollment, restrictions on movement, or other hardships.

People are already being fired from jobs for refusing to get jabbed, or simply resigning.

This means we are presently moving from Stage Two to Stage Three.

In fourth stage, criticisms of the mRNA vaccines are not merely censored but actually criminalized, perhaps labeled as akin to domestic terrorists, long one of the Establishment’s favor forms of demonizing. In the fifth stage, paid enforcers with lists of refuseniks go from door to door and offer them a choice between getting jabbed and going to jail.

These things will happen if the powerful want them to happen.

More important for our purposes here: what happens if some version of the scenario above actually begins, and the number of clearly vaccine-related deaths grows to the point where it becomes impossible to hide?

Will this approved narrative, over the safety of these mRNA vaccines, collapse as quickly as did the narrative about the origin of the coronavirus?

What then? With hundreds of millions of people vaxxed worldwide, I have no trouble envisioning a mass panic if “their” governments and approved media outlets start sending out messages like, “There might be a problem with the vaccines for Covid.”

Especially if another Nicholas Wade appears, with another detailed essay about vaccine injuries, assembling all the information we have about the effects spike proteins have on body systems, and the essay appears on a heavily-trafficked website such as Medium.

It is quickly reproduced and circulated, so that what it contains can’t be suppressed.

When people begin to fear for their lives in large numbers, their behavior changes radically!

This is as much a recipe for catastrophic breakdown as would be the deaths themselves! More so than the realization that we have an illegitimate administration in the White House every thought of being!

This, I think, is one of the reasons the Establishment is doing everything it can to contain the spread of information about vaccine injuries and deaths.

And should this fail to work, perhaps creating yet another more immediate crisis will.

Enter the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline in early May, in which a hacked password led to a shutdown and the crippling of gas distribution across several states for a few days. The warning was clear: more cyberattacks (to be blamed on Russia, naturally, when they aren’t blamed on China) could be imminent.

Last week as I write this, I learned of an “event” which shut down websites of several major airlines and banks for several hours. That was Wednesday, June 16. Was that a cyberattack? We don’t know, but no one ruled it out. It wasn’t the first such “event,” and doubtless won’t be the last.

How many more “events” are coming?

Or is a Big One (we’ll call it) on the way?

A major cyberattack could force the shutdown of a significant portion of the electric grid for an indeterminant amount of time. Not to mention the potential for theft of personal information and resources. In a digitized world in which everything is connected to everything else, this is a clear and present danger.

Here is one depiction of what might ensue, and I repeat the advice of earlier articles to get out of big cities while you still can.

Effects of vaccines, whatever they are, will quickly become the least of people’s worries!

When GloboCorp’s mouthpieces are working to protect what may be their primary agenda for this decade, which is to gain global domination while they can, they won’t hesitate to distract from that with other on-the-ground crises of their creation (not “the Russians”).

That would solve the problem of other approved narratives that are either collapsing or on the verge of doing so — including the one about an economy actually “recovering” despite being based entirely on gazillions and gazillions of dollars of printed money.

Many of us have become convinced that GloboCorp wants world domination by 2030. Why? Because its major mouthpieces have said so. See also here. Those aren’t “conspiracy sites.” Their authors may write in code (“sustainability,” “inclusion,” “ending poverty,” etc.), but otherwise they’re quite open about it. What they plan will require a degree of centralization and technocratic controls never before seen.

Why the rush? Simple. As I’ve said before, the Internet democratized information. Anyone could research and learn about, and eventually write about, anything that interested them.

The fact that all the significant events of the past hundred years, with very few exceptions, have led in a single direction — toward global dominance by a few extremely wealthy and well-placed families — came to interest me.

This was after I’d realized, based on my investigations into matters of race, sex, affirmative action, and preferential hiring, that academia was more about perpetuating leftist ideology and agendas than it was finding and communicating truth. Why would those be the only arenas compromised?

I was hardly alone. By the middle of the last decade the number of people who understand that something was going on behind the scenes, that both “the experts” and mass media were lying to them on a routine basis, was approaching a critical mass.

This was very dangerous to GloboCorp’s owners. Especially with rising opposition movements and “populists” being elected to public office all over the world!

As I’ve insisted for five years now, Trump became president because all the mainstream-approved narratives had collapsed: lost credibility with a critical mass of voters.

Now with Trump gone following the jankiest election in U.S. history and an abundance of evidence that there is far more to this “pandemic” than meets the eye, things are coming to a head.

The superelites either shut down these trends, including locking down the democracy of information, or they face an existential threat.

In a nutshell, we may have the best and most elegant explanation for the converged catastrophes of our time: a weaponized coronavirus, a stolen election, experimental vaccines being forced on an increasingly reluctant public, cyberattacks and other “events,” deplatforming and censorship, and the weaponizing of language to discredit those whose business is exposing approved narratives as they collapse in front of our eyes.

Steven Yates’s latest book What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory will be published later this year by Wipf and Stock.

Collapsing Narratives, Converging Catastrophes

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