USA Gangster Government – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s (5.1.2021 Saturday Post)

Journalist Alex Newman says the rule of law is disappearing in America.  You can see it in the thug tactics of raiding the office of the President’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani to the election audit finally underway in Arizona that is sure to reveal massive ballot fraud.  Newman contends, “This is one of the biggest stories out there, which is why you won’t find much of it on legacy propaganda media. . . .  Arizona is ground zero. . . . If they find fraud, and I believe they have and will find more, that means all these races get thrown into question.  I think it is very clear the election was stolen from Donald Trump by Joe Biden and company. . . . If the Democrats are in such a comfortable position right now, all they have to do is wait and they will have a one-party state very much like California.  They know if they lose one seat in the Senate, all of that is suddenly in jeopardy.  Then there is the possibility to reverse this and, even more significant, to hold some of these criminals accountable.  Right now, we just saw the raid on Giuliani.  We saw the raid on some of Trump’s attorneys.  This is banana republic stuff.  This is gangster government, but it’s also the behavior that they don’t have solid control.  It is the behavior of people who are terrified if things turn the other way, and they could, that they are going to be in some very deep trouble.”

Newman says look for the legacy propaganda media to go to war over the uncovering of election fraud with the Arizona audit.  Newman says, “I think the media will distract.  They will try to litigate this in the courts.  We already saw the Democrat Party in Arizona say that this audit was a ‘threat to democracy,’ by which they mean a threat to their vote rigging.  It goes way beyond this Arizona Senate seat.  That is the first and most obvious to fall.  If they can show massive fraud in Arizona, and I suspect they will be able to do that, then we need to start looking at Georgia and Michigan.  I just interviewed a whistleblower who worked at Dominion who witnessed blatant fraud and election rigging in Michigan.  Once Arizona falls, and, yes, this will strip the Senate seat and the very narrow majority Democrats have, then we have to go back and look at the implications for the Presidential Election.”

Newman also says, “We have an illegitimate federal government.  We have the majority of the population recognize we have an illegitimate government.  They just want us to pretend that everything is normal and everything is fine.  Well, Arizona might finally force the issue.  This is why the little bit we are hearing in the public arena are things like:  these are conspiracy theorists, Trump supporters, kooks, these are partisans, extremists, and they may even be domestic terrorists and this is not a valid audit.  So, they are throwing everything they can think of at this without trying to make too many waves because this does have the potential to bring down the whole criminal enterprise.  That means a lot of people would be in legal jeopardy. . . .Then the whole narrative implodes and people start speaking out.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with hard hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the recent book Deep State.”

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USA Gangster Government – Alex Newman

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