Steven Fishman – Labor Shortage Is Due to Masks


Joe Biden is lying to you.

The reason American workers won’t go back to work is NOT because of the unemployment benefits. People don’t want to wear masks eight hours a day.

For every eight hours of mask wearing, you reduce your life expectancy by 15 minutes.

by Steven Fishman


I have talked to dozens of people,and most don’t want to return to work because they don’t want to wear masks for eight hours a day which will lower their life span!

For every eight hours of mask wearing, you reduce your life expectancy by 15 minutes. Why, you ask?

HYPOXIA: The Deprivation of Oxygen to the Lungs, Heart, and Brain; and:

HYPERCAPNIA: Flooding the Lungs, Heart, and Brain with Carbon Dioxide. Are human beings plant life? I didn’t think so. Yet we are forced to breathe in our own CO2 like it’s something normal.

The puppet masters have figured out a way to force us to reduce our life expectancy while we die from Frequency Transmissibility Shedding from the toxic COVID injections [I won’t call them “vaccines,” because vaccines are supposed to prevent disease, not usher you to an early grave]. What the puppet masters use to make you wear masks is a little trick called CONFORMITY ‼!

You are forced to feel GUILTY when you walk into a Wal-Mart or a Target or a supermarket without wearing a mask. This shouldn’t happen!

I was in Wal-Mart yesterday, and an old (woman) behind the cash register started screaming at me loudly, shouting “Your mask isn’t covering up your nose!” I explained to the miserable (termagant) that any virus, whether it is H1N1, COVID, or the flu, consists of microscopic particles.

So, a virus can enter your body just as easily through the eyes and ears as the nose and mouth. 


So, are we supposed to wear a plastic bag over our head like the “unknown comic” of Chuck Barris’ 1970’s variety show? Or perhaps walk around in a plastic cerebral bubble?

Conformity to wearing masks is idiotic, conformity to singing the non-existent praises to fake vaccines is insane, and we should stop allowing brainwashed bullies to tell us what to do or to run our lives!

Biden [who really does look like a crash-test dummy on one of his good days], Phoney Fauci, and the greatest demon of them all, Bill Gates, need to be brought before a military tribunal for war crimes. (The war is against humanity.)

Why did we ever stop using the guillotine anyway? It may have deterred global genocide if it were still in use.

So, it is no surprise why McDonalds is paying $50 to people just to apply for a job [with masks on, of course].

Why would anyone want to work anywhere when their lungs, heart, and brain are going to deteriorate? 

Do we love to support pulmonologists, cardiologists, and brain surgeons so much that we are willing to reduce the amount of time on this planet so they will make a better living?

Wake up, America! 

Just say no to all of the crap the “powers that be” are putting you through. We need to all win the revolution of the mind before we can take our lives back. Nuremberg II is coming, guys!

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