Makow–We’re Satanically Possessed by Cabalists


We’ve gone from a Christian dispensation which lifts the individual to God; to a Masonic Jewish one which seeks to dispossess and treat him like chattel.

by Henry Makow PhD
Long before Facebook and Twitter banned conservatives, Cabalist Jews and Freemasons  banished the Creator from Creation.


They have replaced him (with themselves.)

The word “God” cannot be uttered in polite company. 
Our minds have been trained to shut down at the mention. This is Communism.
Like the goyim, most Jews are dupes. We need to focus our attention on the puppeteers, the central bankers who control the media, education, business and government. Unless nations regain control over their credit, nothing will ever change and mankind is doomed.
Creation was designed by God. 

God is the inherent moral and natural order. 
To be happy, we only need to obey that design. This is the essence of a true religion.
But our would-be masters wish to sever our connection to God so they can domesticate us. 
We are miserable because we flout “the instructions.” We have been brainwashed to believe that there is no inherent design. Satanism is all about abrogating and inverting the universal design
For example, this morning I read that a university student is being investigated for saying women have vaginas.  Lifesite, an anti-abortion website has been banned by Cabalist- controlled YouTube and Facebook.

Humanity has been totally bamboozled. A Liberal arts education is mostly a crock. All it teaches is mental servility. (Why they call it “liberal.”) 
Explaining human life without reference to God is like a deaf man tuning a piano. 
Everything that is deemed “progressive” and “modern” is in fact satanic. Humanism and secularism replace God with man. 
Man without God is headless and lost, an empty shell. God is our personal GPS.
Humans were sent from heaven to colonize the earth; to turn the earth into heaven according to the Divine Plan. We are agents of God. 
The Divine Plan was outlined in Christ’s Gospel of Love. Everyone should have a chance to fulfill himself. Mankind is a family. Do unto others as…
Our connection to God is the soul. The soul is the part of us that “hears” the thoughts. The thoughts are conditioned by satanist society and need to be policed by the soul constantly.  

However this connection to God conflicts with the Satanist (Cabalist Jewish) vision which usurps God’s place. 

They have taken over our culture and communication to “destroy every collective force except our own.”  These sources of unity are race, religion (God), nation and family (gender)  —Protocols of Zion16-4

Social Destruction is the real purpose of feminism, gender dysphoria, migration, miscegenation, sexual liberation and the covid scam. 
We have gone from a Christian dispensation which raises the individual to God; to a Masonic Jewish (Communist) one which seeks to dispossess and treat him like chattel.
If we were not satanically possessed, our attention would be on discerning and following God’s Will, and celebrating His creation.  
(This is known as Pascal’s Wager)
It would be focused on preparing for our Eternal Life in the spirit, in Heaven. How can we go to heaven if we don’t believe in it? 
Instead our attention is focused on money and sex and saving our skin.
This template is critical to understanding the covid hoax. Whether they relax the restrictions or not, the ultimate purpose is to depopulate and enslave mankind. 

We need to mortify ourselves and die to the world before it’s too late to live. We need to live according to our inner light. 
Life is an ineffable Miracle.  Let’s celebrate it every day.
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