Victim of Feminism: “I Never Really Had a Fighting Chance”


“I had true motherhood and femininity stolen from me because I fell for the feminist deception as most have fallen.”

by DL(

Thank you for “Confessions of a Recovering Sex Addict”, Henry. I have been reading through much of your feminism articles recently after a friend recommended your site and it is good to finally understand the roots of such destruction in my life and in so many others’ lives.
I had true motherhood and femininity stolen from me because I fell for the feminist deception as most have fallen. Although I am angry at myself for being tricked, I can also see how I never really had a fighting chance, just like most others. I am thankful that even though it is too late for me in many ways, at least I know and understand the truth of what happened and what is still happening to humanity.
My serious boyfriend after college was addicted to porn and when I found a whole stash of it, I berated him and told him to just get out (even though I didn’t mean it). He left. I was so distraught, I thought to myself, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” and I went to a nearby strip club and auditioned. All those nights dancing on stage, I kept thinking, “I hope he walks in and can see me now.” “Wouldn’t he be pleased?” “Isn’t this what he wants?” “This will show him!”
Mine is a long and sad story that later morphed into pushing aside staying-at-home to be a mother so I could get out of the house and continue competing with men in the workplace since I had been programmed to believe women only achieved value by having an impressive job and looking hot.
I likewise spent a lot of time shopping for clothes that showed off my body and even seriously contemplated getting a boob job, once going as far as putting down a $500 deposit but then calling it off before surgery.
I started figuring things out recently, but it is too late.
Now my children are high schoolers and I’ve lost them because I traded being a mom for a work cubicle. My kids think the truth I tell them about the world is crazy and they roll their eyes or get mad at me. They go to school where they are taught hyper and deviant sexual education; where they are told they must suffocate and muzzle themselves in masks; and where they will soon be able to get a Covid vaccine without parental notification.
All I can do is try to set an example and guide them to God. I hang news items and quotes on the fridge that will maybe peak their interest into doing some research beyond the mainstream lies and public school social engineering.
When I look at parents putting masks over their children’s faces and offering them up for the experimental Covid shots, I think, “God forgive them for they know not what they do.”
This same line applied to me for much of my life. I have asked God for his forgiveness. It is hard to not be angry at others for being so blind. But I was once like them and still there is so much I don’t know and need to learn.
There is no feminine in feminism. That is the dirty trick of it all, and I do mean dirty. Feminism taught me how to be a man while looking like a sex bomb out of Penthouse. Just like the women in Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ look sexy on the outside, but inside they are basically men. I tried to be tough and competitive. Funny and a ball buster. Smart and aggressive. Dirty and dominant. And as much as I and other women tried to believe we wanted to be that way, men tried to believe they also wanted women to be that way.
It is all a lie, of course. Men love women for being soft, nurturing, delicate and pure just as women really want to be. And women love men for being powerful, smart, resourceful, strong and wise in the ways of the world just as men really want to be. Love is when these immutable truths blend in the hearts of men and women just as God intended.
The truth can be contorted and twisted for millennia by Satan and his stooges, but the truth is still the truth.

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