Makow – Feminism is a Poisoned Apple


(People who are satanically possessed can no longer recognize evil, i.e. feminism, let alone resist) 
Virtually everything deemed “progressive” and “modern” is, in fact, satanic, designed like the vaccine, to destroy those foolish enough to eat the poisoned apple.

“Why does a man love a woman? Because she surrenders her power to him.  Yes, a man’s love is a function of his egotism. He loves her because she gives herself to him. She empowers him and becomes part of him.  This is how two people become one.”

Revisioned from August 14, 2020By Henry Makow PhD

Cabalist Jews and Freemasons have
been corrupting and undermining society for at least 200 years in advance of imposing their perverse tyranny in the form of the coronavirus scam today.
Virtually everything that is deemed “progressive” and “modern” is in fact Satanic, designed to destroy those foolish enough to eat the poisoned apple. Humanity is satanically possessed by Cabalism – Cabalist Jews and Freemasons i.e the Illuminati.
Feminism is designed to destroy the heterosexual dynamic, marriage, and family. Three generations of women have been indoctrinated into a self-destructive set of beliefs. They have been taught to seek power when they really want love.
How can a woman find permanent love? By finding a man worthy of her trust. For a woman, love = trust. The heterosexual dynamic is the exchange of female worldly power for male power expressed as love.
Why does a man love a woman? Because she surrenders her power to him.
Yes, a man’s love is a function of his egotism. He loves her because she gives herself to him. She empowers him and becomes part of him. This is how two people become one. Sex is the emblem of this exclusive bond.
Naturally, he wants her to be happy. He isn’t domineering. He loves and respects her. Paradoxically, the more she surrenders to him, the more he belongs to her.
Sexual intercourse is an act of possession: a man possessing a woman. Obviously this must take place in the context of a committed long-term relationship, ideally marriage. Women want to be possessed by loving husbands.

The Satanists (Communists) have convinced young women that men are wife beaters and family is oppressive. Women just swallowed the poison. Millions are bitter and alone.
Sex is another factor. Women need sex as much as men and more. They need a lot of it. They’re not getting it.
Women need a husband’s passionate lifelong love more than anything else in the world. When a man makes love to his wife, he is expressing his feelings, not just his lust. He is saying she is the most desirable woman in the world.
In a hookup situation, a man is just relieving himself. This is the opposite of the adoration women crave.


As a result, many women on the Left are sexually frustrated and dysfunctional. They compensate by lesbianism, obesity and radical politics, exactly what Satanists want. 
These women make a virtue of necessity. They act “chic” and pretend to stand for social justice. 
Really they are just dupes. 
Roadkill on the highway to dystopia.
FEMINISM HAS CHAMPIONED PORNFeminism pretends to champion women. In fact, it destroys femininity. 
Women want a committed lifelong relationship. He is her King. She is his Queen. Her sexuality is the crown jewel of this marriage.  

For women to give this to all-and-sundry is self-defeating, to say the least. For women to pose naked is dehumanizing, de-sexing, the equivalent of a hysterectomy.
What qualities make a woman attractive to a man? Are they only physical?
They are innocence, submissiveness, sweetness of temperament, modesty, dignity, character, cheerfulness, resourcefulness, talent, purity, warmth, wit, caring, intelligence.
Are these qualities fostered in our hook-up culture? By hopping from bed to bed? By teaching girls that their value lies in their sex appeal? By teaching that masculinity is toxic, and lesbianism is cool?
Of course not because Satanists want men and women to be incompatible. They want women to take direction from them, not from loving husbands. Thus many women are gofers for the Satanists, especially in media, education, law, and government. These Leftist women are dupes and traitors to society.
The coronavirus hoax proves society has been subverted by people who want to enslave us. They are Freemasons and Cabalist Jews empowered by the Cabalist world banking cartel.
They want us to eat the poisoned apple
and die.
Shall we oblige? —-
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