The media and Trumps taxes.

We learn today from the lying media, which has been lying for over a century, that Donald Trump hasn’t paid income taxes.

Well, the owners of the Federal Reserve, who are some of the most corrupt and deceitful liars and murderers in human history, are the ones we pay our income tax too.  They own the media, schools, and tech companies.  It is monstrous hypocrisy for them to claim Trump is committing a crime for not paying his income taxes, when these thieves have been stealing from hundreds of millions of Americans with their income tax, which is unconstitutional, since 1913.

The New York Times, owned by Talmudic Jewish conspirators, the Sulzbergers, for over 100 years, is up to its usual nefarious tricks.  It’s the same organization that used Walter Duranty to lie to America about millions of Russians being murdered my Talmudist Jewish Communists in Russia.


Its time for America to ignore the fake news.

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