The Death of fraudulent SCOTUS justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Today marks the passing of one of the three Talmudic Jewish justices (Breyer and Kagan are the other two) on SCOTUS, all of whom have Communist leanings, and all of whom are pawns of the Talmudic owners of the Federal Reserve.

May God have mercy on Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Of course, the Talmudic media will fawn over her, but she is definitely with her master, Lucifer.  She aided the murders of millions of American babies, via abortion, and she has the blood of tens of millions on her head.

She worked with the ACLU, which was founded by Jewish Communists in 1913, and was appointed to SCOTUS by corrupt libertine, William Jefferson Clinton.

Of course, the entire Democrat party has been the party of Satan since 1912, when the Talmudic bankers got Woodrow Wilson into the White House.  In 1913, they set up the Federal Reserve, income tax, and direct election of senators. They have been overseeing mass murder, lying, and stealing ever since.

These Talmudic Jews, have never stopped trying to gain wealth and power, since the days of Christ.  It never ends with them, and it never will.

Hopefully Trump will apppint a Biblical, Constititional Justice, as both of his justices, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are lukewarm conservatives with spotty SCOTUS voting records already.

The Talmudic Jewish owners of the Federal Reserve, have not only corrupted SCOTUS, but they have  been behind every American war since World War 1, they steal from America with the income tax, they spread race tensions, they spread corruption with their media, porn, Hollyweird, abortion, homosexuality, etc.. They also spread race tensions, to keep America fighting. While they  divide us, they rule.



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