The Crisis that Russian KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov warned us of in the 1980’s is upon us in the form of this pandemic.

Former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov:

Four stages to a New World Order

1) Demoralization
2) Crisis
3) Normalization
4) Destabilization

Bezmenov’s three hour interview with John Birch President G. Edward Griffin, is included in the Washington Standard article. It is WELL WORTH WATCHING.

He predicted everything that is happening today, back in the 1980’s.

Griffin wrote the brilliant “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, which describes how six bankers, representing a quarter of the worlds wealth, met at Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1910, to plan the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve. These bankers conspired to elect Wilson in 1912, and instituted the income tax (16th Amendment), direct election of senators (17th Amendment), and the Federal Reserve immediately, in 1913. Just four years later, they conspired to get America into the first war they engineered, World War 1.

This is relevant because these bankers are behind every war since World War 1, and are definitely behind this pandemic.

Remember, the Bolsheviks in Russia, in 1917, were financed by the same men who set up the Federal Reserve.

You can order on Amazon.

Or you can read it for free.

Every American should read this book!! It will open your eyes to who has controlled America and the world since 1912.

Of course, the lying left wing media, like the Daily Beast, and Wikipedia, call it a “conspiracy theory.


We all know where the term “conspiracy theory” comes from.

A declassified 1967 CIA memo issued during the Kennedy assassination Warren Commission investigation showed that the CIA engaged in a PsyOp to discredit and ridicule critics of a the Warren report. They weaponized the term “conspiracy theorists” to shut down all inquiries and legitimate questions about dubious official narratives . It was a coordinated propaganda campaign to discredit and ridicule critics that has continued to this very day.

The memo (document number 1035-960) was titled: Countering Criticism of the Warren Report

It’s Classification: PSYCH for Psychological Operation and CS for Clandestine Services
It contained the special Note: “Destroy When No Longer Needed”

It detailed instructions to use “friendly” elite politicians and people embedded in major news outlets by attacking the conspiracy theorists themselves, as opposed to their actual claims, and explaining that “large scale conspiracies” are impossible. In the 1960s, the CIA owned over 250 media outlets. It directed its members to “ employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose.”
Since then, the label “conspiracy theorist” has become a disciplinary device that has been very effective in making sure that certain events off are always off limits to inquiry or debate. Any (honest) law enforcement officer will tell you that conspiracies can and do happen every day, all day long.

If they are calling you a conspiracy theorist, then chances are you are over or near the target.

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