April 1st, 2020

The Transformed Wife: Suffering in this life is unavoidable.  

Loss of taste, smell, key CCP virus symptoms. 

Rikers Island inmates being offered $6.00 an hour to dig mass graves in NY.

Did CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus originate in a Chinese lab and why is it crazy to ask?

White House projects 100k-240k deaths from CCP virus. 

Hawley believes China should be held accountable for CCP pandemic.


NJ man, 99, charged with violating CCP virus rules. 

Hospitals not allowing nurses to wear masks.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell torches evil “snakes in the media”.

NBC News liars attack Todd Starnes.

Infected Aircraft Carrier captain pleads for help.

NY Slimes, lying for over a century, blames Christians for CCP virus, when it originated in China, the biggest atheist nation on earth in human history.

Walter Williams: Price Gauging helps disasters. 

MIT researcher: virus travels 27 feet,  can stay in air 3 hours.

Thornton: Virus has no good choices, just bad and worse. 

Horowitz: Wars, visible and invisible, Part 3.  

Domenech: We’re following a one-size-fits-all strategy right into a Great Depression.  

Mantra: CCP Virus has driven a stake through globalisms heart. 

McCann: How a police state is born. 

How Soros’ Marijuana advocacy makes CCP virus panic worse.  

Blackwell: Democrats energy polities hurt black Americans.

Nancy Pelosi: Cancer on the American body politic.  





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