It’s not a pandemic, It’s a Dem Panic

This is not a pandemic, it’s a Dem Panic.


This is not a randomly generated virus.  We already know it originated in China.  What do we know about Communist China?  We know that the Democrat platform in America and the Communist’s in China are virtually synonymous, the only difference being American’s are protected by the Constitution, giving us the right to bear arms, and the Chinese people are not allowed free speech or the right to bear arms.  This will give the reader the reason why our Democrat controlled media and tech companies are constantly attacking the First Amendment and the Second Amendment.


We know that Communism was introduced into China with cooperation from Communist Russia.  They funded Mao, while Communists in America’s government, including Harry Hopkins in FDR’s administration (Please do not go to Google to find the first articles on this, or Wikipedia, or some leftwing rag like the NY Times or Washington Post to try to prove what I’m saying.  You’ll always go down a rabbit hole, as all of these are controlled by globalist bankers, and have been, for over a century.  What is detailed here is the greatest conspiracy in world history.  Of course, if you tell the truth and connect the dots you will be dismissed as being ‘paranoid’, and being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by the elites, whose only goal is to enslave the population and keep them ignorant), ensured that aid was cut to Chiang Kaishek and his Nationalists, ensuring Mao would win and establish his Communist Tyranny.

Who brought Communism to Russia?  Well, we know Jacob Schiff was sent to America after the Civil War with four goals.  We also know Judah Benjamin, the Confederates Secretary of War, was a Rothschild Agent, and the Civil War was the Rothschild’s bid to divide America into two nations, to make her easier to control.  The Four Goals Jacob Schiff had was, as mentioned before,

  • Destroy Christianity
  • Take control of America’s money
  • Create race tensions between whites and blacks
  • Place Rothschild puppets into positions of power.

We know Schiff funded J. P. Morgan, the Carnegie’s, Rockefellers, and many other wealthy industrialists of that age.  We also know he funded Wilson, and to get Wilson elected President in 1912, the Rothschild’s also funded Teddy Roosevelt.  When Roosevelt and Taft split 60% of the vote, Woodrow Wilson was elected President with 40% of the vote.  The next year, 1913, was the worst year in American history, for it marked the first time American voters no longer controlled their own money. That was the year the Federal Reserve Act was initiated.  Further, to ensure the bankers had a stranglehold over Americans, the 16th and 17th Amendments were enacted, the former to initiate the income tax, which originally began as a 1% tax on only the wealthy, and has exploded into full blown slavery, where the middle class is now taxed at around 30-50% here in California, and the latter to initiate direct election of senators, since it was easier for bankers to control 51 senators (there are 100 Senators and 51 are needed for control of the U.S. Senate), than to control 51 state legislatures to elect 51 senators. So the legislatures were eliminated.   The bankers controlled the media (J. P. Morgan, the Rothschild banker in America, bought at least 25 of the leading newspapers in America), so it was easy to directly influence the people to vote for who the globalists wished them to vote for.  It is this way to this day, for all Democrat elected officials. The Democrat party has been controlled by globalist bankers ever since Woodrow Wilson in 1912.  They have so much control, that they have controlled both sides presidential candidates since Woodrow Wilson, with the possible exceptions of Reagan and Trump.


However, I digress, our good friend Schiff, took time off from funding wealthy industrialists, to also fund Leon Trotsky and his revolutionaries to train at his NY home.  Finally, when they were ready, Schiff paid for a ship to send Trotsky and his revolutionaries, along with $20 million of gold, which is worth far more than that today, to Russia via Germany.  How were they going to get into Russia, which was at war with Germany?  That’s easy. The head of the German secret police was the brother of Paul Warburg, the first head of the Federal Reserve, and a foreigner, who barely spoke English, that the Rothschild’s appointed over the scheme to gain control of America’s money supply.   Of course, preceding the 1913 takeover of America’s money, there was a 1910 meeting of six men, allegedly on a duck hunt, though none had ever hunted ducks before, at Jekyll Island Georgia.  These six men represented a quarter of the word’s wealth at the time, and it was there, that they cooked up the Federal Reserve scheme.  Paul Warburg was there.  So, the head of the German Secret police furtively ferried Trotsky and his murderous band of revolutionaries into Russia, and, thus, the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution broke out, during which, to revenge the Tsar’s being able to see through the Rothchild’s scheme to set up a One World Government after Napoleon’s deadly ramblings through the world (The French Revolution was touched off by rabid Mason’s, the Illuminati, and was funded by the Rothschild’s), the entire family of the Tsar was brutally murdered, the revenge that Nathan Rothschild had promised years before.  And, when the League of Nation’s One World Government was defeated, the Bankers waited, crashed the market in 1929, as they are doing again right now, got FDR elected, and forced all kinds of welfare programs on America.  Then, FDR got us into World War 2, but creating the Pearl Harbor incident.  We know that for a fact, since there is overwhelming evidence proving it.  We know that in 1940, one of Roosevelt’s staff, McCollum, gave Roosevelt an eight point memo, on the steps necessary to goad Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.  All eight were done.  Three included ensuring the entire fleet was at Pearl Harbor, rather than spreading it out, cutting off oil to Japan (America supplied 80% of Japan’s oil), and ensuring the Dutch did not supply oil to Japan either (they didn’t).  We also know America was intercepting Japan’s telegraph messages from 1940 on, that America identified the Japanese spy in Hawaii, who was cataloguing all of our ships to inform Japan, that there was no radio silence of the Japanese fleet prior to Pearl Harbor, FDR and the higher ups were reading all of the communications while keeping it from Pearl Harbor’s commander, Kimmel, who was a sitting duck, and was then blamed for Pearl Harbor and fired.  The most damning piece of evidence is that America issued orders to all peacetime ships to entirely clear the Pacific Ocean, for two weeks prior to Pearl Harbor, and, when Kimmel tried to find out if the Japanese were coming, and had his fleet conduct training exercises on November 23rd, he was ordered to bring the fleet back to Pearl Harbor, to await their destruction, by a wily and deceitful FDR.  All of this, and more is detailed in Robert Stinnett’s brilliant and jaw-dropping ‘Day of Deceit’.

At the end of World War 2, of course, the Rothschild’s got their One World Government with the formation of the United Nations.  Of course, they were behind the 100 million slaughtered in China and Russia.


Now, California is out of money, and we have been for years. The Democrat politicians have destroyed this state, placing us into massive debt while failing to upgrade our water and road infrastructure since the 1960’s.  Remember, the last time these two were upgraded our population was about half of the current 40 million level.  So, if you wonder why there are so many problems with piping, the roads, and traffic jams, thank the corrupt Democrat party, who have done a masterful job at dumbing Americans down in schools, bringing over hordes of third world types who can’t speak English and don’t easily assimilate, and using their control of the media, schools, libraries, and tech companies to continually feed American’s massive amounts of disinformation.


Recently, had the privilege of attending New California’s 6th convention in San Luis Obispo, where President Donald J. Trump’s emissary, Mike Huckabee, father of former White House Spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, gave the keynote address, and arrived with heavy security.  President Trump is on board with our plan, and we have representatives in place in 56 counties in our State.  The plan is to split off the rural areas, comprising 85% of the landmass of California, with a population of 19 million, and leaving the remaining 15% of the landmass, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the other globalist Democrat strongholds, on their own, to fail financially, with 20 million of the population.  This goes back to the 1964 SCOTUS decision, Reynolds vs. Sims, where the Supreme Court dishonestly shifted voting representation from territories represented, to population, effectively making us a democracy, contrary to the Founders vision.  The Founders understood the one person, one vote concept would effectively wipe out minority power in places that didn’t have a lot of people.  This is why every state in America has 2 senators, no matter our population. This was watered down when state legislatures electing senators ended in the aforementioned 1913 17th Amendment, and it was obliterated 51 years later with Reynold’s vs. Sims.  Before Reynold’s vs. Sims, rural areas with a population of 3,000, would have equal representation with San Francisco, with it’s million strong population.  Afterwards, representation of counties went flying out the window, and the Democrats gerrymandered the state.


Anyhow, Chriss Street,  a brilliant analyst who writes for American Thinker and Epoch Times, predicted at our Convention nearly two years ago, that California would run out of money in November 2019. He was absolutely right. This fake pandemic is the result of globalist bankers desperately trying to stave off the inevitable.  While the media will hide this, and ridicule it as a conspiracy theory, Paul Preston of Agenda 21 radio, who originally fought the Democrats attempts to bankrupt the most conservative county in California, Orange County, which succeeded, announced a few days ago, that California went to the Bank of China for a $1 trillion loan.  So, this isn’t going to end prettily.  Hopefully it can end peacefully, but if it escalates to Civil War, because the globalists will not give up their money and power peacefully, at least 30 million will die, conservatively.

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