John Garamendi is a Marxist snake!

John Garamendi is a typical swamp creature.  He has been in power for quite some time.  He is estimated to be worth at least $7.2 million, and that was back in 2014.  He is a graduate of Cal Berkeley and Harvard, which explains his leftist streak.
While he has accumulated vast wealth with America’s equal opportunity, he is a snake, who constantly works to deny that opportunity for others.  He supported abortion, murdering innocent children in the womb.  He voted against the recent tax cut for Americans.  What a wretched ingrate he is!  Like many other wealthy liberals, he loves money for him, but he hates letting people keep money they earned with their own labor.
This globalist tyrant voted to empower drug traffickers and human trafficking.  He also voted for the ruinous and tyrannical Equality Act.
Even though he has plenty of wealth of his own, he voted to bankrupt our nation by increasing spending.  It’s not his money being taken, he’s destroying the Middle Class. Wittingly or unwittingly, he supports the Communist cause.
John Garamendi just supported a treasonous coup attempt against the lawfully elected President of America.
He is a wicked and evil tyrant, and he must be voted out of office, along with every single Democrat in America.  These snakes are working to overthrow the country that gave them so much.  John Garamendi is no different from the British Tories, who fought against liberty, and for those who would enslave America. He is a disgrace to our nation, to our community, and he deserves to be in prison for sedition, at the very minimum.
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