Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

A habit yours truly enjoys is to taken in the scenic mornings in Benicia, right next to the former Capital building of California.  It’s beautiful, and brings back happy memories, for as a child I enjoyed going there on field trips.  The surrounding landscape is peaceful, serene, and historic.  It’s very calming and relaxing, to review the news of the day in this landscape.  I make sure to wear my MAGA hat, because I  know there are millions in California, and thousands in Benicia, who have been brainwashed to think making America great again is so awful.


These people are living in a fairy tale world, fed by the Democrat plutocrats who control the media, schools, and tech companies.  They don’t understand facts, and so their vision is skewed and they are easy to manipulate.  They don’t understand our national debt is $22 trillion and climbing; that we have 36 million on welfare; that black men make up 6% of the population and are responsible for 52% of homicides (but only white people can be racist, and white nationalism is the real problem, the Democrats screech); that California is the poorest state in America, with 20% of our population below poverty level; that California has 12% of the nation’s population and 36% of the nation’s welfare recipients; that California’s schools are among the worst in the world, for getting paid the most money, and producing the worst results for the basic education fundamentals of reading, math, history, writing, science, and civics mastery; that 110 million Americans have an STD; that 21 out of 22 of our worst mass shootings have taken place after 1960; that we pay $740 billion a year for drugs, tobacco, and alcohol issues; that 70% of all clicks online are for porn; and that 90% of 14 year olds have already been exposed to pornography; often hardcore, due to the negligence of foolish adults; that 70 million Americans are on psychotropic drugs; that we are being overwhelmed by illegal immigration; that it normally takes 4 generations for legal immigrants to fully assimilate, but it takes even longer for illegal immigrants to assimilate; that we pay over $100 billion a year for illegal immigration;  that a wall would cost $15 billion, but the Democrats have severe math problems, and can’t figure out why paying $15 billion once, would save $100 billion a year for many years; that homelessness is a massive problem; and that 3% of kids were born out of wedlock in 1947, and now 40% of kids are, leading to massively higher rates of poverty, illiteracy, and crime among fatherless kids.  I don’t have the time to reference where all these memorized stats come from, but if anyone wishes to prove them, and cannot after doing their own research, kindly ask and I’ll happily provide the proof for my assertions.   The left has successfully brainwashed millions to simply brush aside facts that don’t agree with the lefts lying narrative, and even though the left is full of fake news, they train their devoted mindless drones to think of truthful facts like mine to be ‘fake news’, not backed by ‘reputable’ news sources, like the New York Times or Washington Post, two news sources who lie every single day.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the indoctrinated types would mind their own business, but they don’t. The insist on sticking their uninformed opinions into the lives of those of us who actually do our research.  Case in point, about three weeks ago, I was calmly enjoying an idyllic Benicia morning as described earlier, when a woman, who looked to be in her late forties, walking a dog, irate, interrupted my reverie.   ‘What are you doing standing next to the bathrooms?’, she impetuously queried me.  Hadn’t thought about my proximity to the bathrooms at all, simply considered the water fountain was closest to me at that point, and I like to drink water.  ‘Nothing’ responded I, suspecting nothing.  I wondered why it was so awfully important to her about my proximity to the bathrooms.  She then told me it was inappropriate for me to be standing next to the women’s bathroom.  Hadn’t thought of it, and she was badly evil surmising.  Evil surmising is imagining evil motives behind the acts and words of others.  The left does this every day.  To falsely alleging racism, smearing Supreme Court justices, lying about Trump, lying about white people, lying about Republicans, and lying about history, they nearly lie with every single sentence that comes out of their mouth.  She was very indignant, and I hurriedly moved away, to satisfy her evil surmisings, but that wasn’t good enough for her, and she likely called the police on me from the street, as she stood on the sidewalk, indignantly, loudly speaking into her phone, while gazing at me for at least the next ten minutes.  Thankfully, it appears someone at the police department was likely able to convince the hysterical woman that people standing in a national park area is not a crime, her hallucinations notwithstanding.

Well, it wasn’t over yet.  I was standing this very morning, minding my own business, and happily reading American Thinker, a very astute site, when a young woman approaches with about five white posts and some fabric.  This looked interesting, so I queried her what it was for.  She said she was looking for a site to take pictures of her tipi.  Interesting thought I.  Well, as I was admiring her tipi, along strolls, at a very rapid pace, a man who looked to be in his 70’s, with a furious scowl fixed on his face.  As he rushed by to the bathrooms, he asked me, and I was stationed midway between the front and back of the Capital, on the left hand side as you view it from the street, nowhere near the bathrooms, ‘Why are you standing by the bathrooms’?  Understanding his disturbing response was likely prompted by my MAGA hat, and that it was simply a venomous retort where he tried to mask his dislike with that with another form of vituperation, I responded ‘Do you have a problem’?  Was getting rather tired of people evil surmising about my motives.  ‘What are you doing by the bathrooms’, he repeated,  this time adding, ‘are you waiting for children’?  This disgusting surmising is typical of the left.  They have no problem ascribing the grossest and most vile evil intentions on harmless types.  They  hate for no reason, and feel entitled to commit any evil imaginable against those they hate.  On his way out of the bathroom, he was jeering something else unintelligibly at me, and I sang out ‘Liberalism is a mental illness’, and ‘you need help’. Was growing rather tired of random anonymous types simply shouting out their half baked slanders confidently.  100 years ago slanders like these would have landed these corrupt types in jail, but they confidently repeat these lies and innuendos publicly.  The man furiously stalked away, staring me down the whole time.  Never talked with him in my life, but he hates me for no reason at all. The shocked woman was nonplussed. She didn’t know what to do, and took her tipi around the building, and later left by way of the front, not passing me again. So, you see, the lefts malicious attacks are not without success.  They get away with slandering innocent people and are even capable of getting the average person to believe their lies.


“Human nature itself is evermore an advocate for liberty. There is also in human nature a resentment of injury, and indignation against wrong. A love of truth and a veneration of virtue. These amiable passions, are the “latent spark”… If the people are capable of understanding, seeing and feeling the differences between true and false, right and wrong, virtue and vice, to what better principle can the friends of mankind apply than to the sense of this difference?”
John Adams

Our society needs to return to virtue and truth, and to a day when the average person does not feel empowered to shout out lies to perfect strangers.


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