Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Yesterday we learn  that students have gone 3 weeks without math class in Vallejo schools. I’m not surprised.  The emphasis of our current school board has never been publicly stated to be to improve reading, writing, and math skills, the basics of education, and so it’s no surprise they are alright with subpar attention to these three critical fundamentals.

Democrat, union teacher controlled, schools have been performing abysmally for decades, and the Democrats kind of like it that way.  The more kids who can’t read or do basic math, the easier they are for the Democrat plutocrats  who control the media, schools, and tech companies to control.  Since the Democrats care only about their own money and power, and nothing about that of the people they serve, this is just fine with them.

America became great by rewarding those with ideas, and giving them power to serve the people with.  However, Democrats rarely have good ideas of their own, but they hate that they have money and aren’t respected.  So, they viciously use their money to control information to suppress good ideas and to give themselves power and control they don’t deserve.

The Democrats compensate by viciously and ruthlessly constantly squawking about their Marxist Identity victim groups, like women, African Americans, Islam, and homosexuals, though every single identity group is doing poorly because of Democrat ideas.  It’s a neat little scam. Run dysfunctional schools that don’t teach black and latino students the basics of reading, writing, and math.  Then, when the kids are given diplomas they didn’t earn and can’t get a job because they lack fundamental skills, these same Democrats will turn around and holler about how racist America  is.  Isn’t it nice to be a liar and to be able to gain even more power from lying?

Vallejo’s schools are just like the union schools in every other Democrat run city.  Dysfunctional.  And the leaders prey upon the ignorance of the average man.  Then, when someone like Donald Trump, who has ideas that actually work, comes along, the corrupt Democrat leaders actually pay protesters to lie about Trump, to disrupt his rallies, and to ‘protest’ against this ‘racist, xenophobic, sexist’ man.  Ruthless and vicious piranhas, that’s what Democrat leaders are.  They not only can’t do their own jobs, but they hate anyone who has good ideas and can help solve the problems in their communities.  Envious, jealous, malicious, and malevolent.

This is nothing new.  Let’s look at Baltimore, another Democrat hellhole with similar problems.  The Deep state U.S. Department of Justice, not under Trump’s urging, has sued Baltimore, claiming the police are racist because they don’t  hire enough black police officers.  But, according to the brilliant black conservative Walter Williams, that’s because blacks are failing the written exam more than whites are.  An investigation several years ago revealed that in 19 of Baltimore’s schools,  out of 3,804 students, ONLY 14 OF THEM, OR LESS THAN 1% were proficient in math.  In 13 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, not a single student tested proficient in math.  In 5 of Baltimore’s high schools, not a single student tested proficient in math or reading.  Despite this, 70% of students graduated, certifying they were able to read, write, and do math at the 12th grade level.

This is the game Democrats play.  They constantly scream they need more money, while failing to do their basic jobs.  Then they interfere with successful businesses because it costs more in taxes to support the corrupt and failing Democrat institutions.  The problem in America is the corrupt Democrat party, and until every last elected Democrat is removed from office, our nation will not be safe.   It’s shameful the children of Vallejo have had to suffer for decades as a result of corrupt Democrat teachers unions.  How long must this continue?  When will we see the day when kids leave high school knowing Civics, math, english, history, and science again, as they did in 1950?

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