Sunday, September 9th, 2019

Yesterday was the long awaited ‘Seeking Solutions’ forum in Vallejo, which was deemed to be ‘ A townhall style opportunity to speak with and ask questions of our elected representatives as we Seek Solutions to heal our Vallejo Community’

Senator Dodd, Assemblyman Grayson, and Congressman Thompson, all Democrats, were there.

Action items from past forums were:

  1. organize for community action (a very bad idea, unless it is to bring virtue to the community)
  2. Advocate for the Establishment of an Independent Police Oversight Committee (Another bad idea, as community oversight of the police department will handicap their mission and lead to more crime. This has happened in every municipality that has done community policing.  You get worst people in the community trying to control the police department, when they can’t control themselves)
  3. Advocate for implementation of a broader sense of community policing, including funding strengthen community power and engagement ( a waste of money.  The community needs  to cut down on it’s crime rate)
  4. Research other city models for best practices (Unless they are Democrat cities which have the highest crime rates in America)
  5. Request a city resolution (not a good idea.  Criminals don’t follow the law, and they don’t care about city resolutions)
  6. Support legislation of AB 392.  ( A horrible law.  It will make committing crimes considerably easier, and will reduce police action in the community.  This will make Vallejo less safe than it already is)


There was a very interesting clause: ‘Civil Guarantee: To guarantee civility during this public forum, the panelists and the public are in agreement in participating in a respectful dialogue that supports freedom of expression and values the DIVERSITY OF OPINIONS’.

That is one of the greatest goals of a forum in Vallejo in the last 25 years, and Askari Sowonde and the organizers are to be applauded for including it.

Now, unfortunately, while Ms. Sowonde, and Calvin Harrell do not appear to be at fault, I asked a written question, asking why illegitimacy and illiteracy have skyrocketed and so has crime in Vallejo in the last 60 years, and what are we going to do about illiteracy and illegitimacy. Somehow, Mr. Harrell showed me the questions submitted to him, and my question HAD BEEN REMOVED. So, it does not appear likely that someone there valued diversity of opinions, and really wanted solutions.

It was the most successful forum as far as avoiding chaotic outbursts, that I’ve attended on the topic in the last 10 years, with one exception.  And, that was because Calvin Harrell and all the panelists were men.  Despite that, audience member Ladonna? Williams had an outburst because she was angry about not getting to be able to ask her question in person.  And Monica Brown, our supervisor, was very angry at not getting money for a mental health facility. She seems to feel that the taxpayers are a piggy bank, and she can take their money for whatever she thinks it should be used for.   Ms. Sowonde, who is admirably following in her fathers shoes, to bring justice, began using the word ‘murder’, ‘kill’, and ‘assassinate’ to describe the police interaction with Willie McCoy.  None of these words fit.  And to be honest, if we want to place the blame for Willie McCoy’s death on anyone, we can lay it right at the feet of the Democrat party, who is responsible for the massive illiteracy and illegitimacy in the black community.  We hire our police to protect the community. We do not hire the police to sit and watch a man, who is obviously impaired by something, reach for his loaded stolen weapon, and do nothing. These are insane expectations.  Most of us realize when you make very foolish decisions, occasionally, disaster follows, and sometimes, a disaster that  cannot be remedied.  Driving while impaired is a very dangerous idea, for both oneself, and for other drivers. Driving while impaired, with a loaded stolen gun on one’s lap is about as dangerous a choice as you can get.  To expect no danger from such behavior is simply preposterous.

Expecting police officers to put their lives on the line, and allow their own livelihoods and futures to be threatened by the gross negligence of others, is simply too shocking to contemplate, and it’s very dishonest for some in the community not to consider what a police officer is dealing with.  No one argues whether Willie McCoy’s death was a tragedy. It was.  But, most of us recognize, when we lay our emotions aside, that this never would have happened if he made more responsible choices.

And, then we have Ms. Melissa Nold.  It’s very tragic that we have grieving relatives of those who have perished in controversial interactions with police, manipulated by lawyer sharks like Ms. Nold, and the rest of the law offices of John Burris.  If Burris and his wealthy lawyers really cared about the people of Vallejo, they’d fix the problem, which is illiteracy, and illegitimacy. But, Mr. Burris has made millions off of Vallejo, and he is perfectly content scamming the citizens of Vallejo out of millions more.  He would prefer the system continue as is.  He claims he is for black and brown men, as his whole law office does, but he promotes the very culture that leads to these tragic interactions with police, and hasn’t spoke out once against it.

For the record, I did enter the meeting with a bright red MAGA hat, and for those who have never seriously researched conservatism or American history outside of college, it’s quite likely the media propaganda will deceive them into thinking this hat represents racism and bigotry. So, color me unsurprised when I courteously introduced myself to shake her hand, and she responds ‘I don’t deal with bigots’ and began retreating.  Understanding where this idea came from, but also understanding reason would cure the disinformation spread by the media, tech companies, and colleges, I asked her if her refusal to speak to me wasn’t a bigotry in it’s own right.  Of course, she had no answer.  I followed this up with asking her what made me a bigot.  “Because of your hat, and because of what I heard you say at City Council meetings’, she indignantly responded.  Realizing my being able to have an effective conversation was severely hindered at the moment, I withdrew with the retort that she doesn’t know her history, which she surely doesn’t.  However, for those in Mr. Burris’s law firm, who are forever making money off their manipulation of the half of America who are functionally illiterate into thinking the police, whites, and all of America hate minorities (playing right into China’s hands, who spreads this cultural Marxism like a disease in their Confucius institutes) let’s look at the real problems.  The solution is here, and it is the antidote put forth by Jesse Lee Peterson.   Crime and poverty in the black community, always highest in Democrat run cities and states, are caused by illegitimacy and illiteracy.  

For city of Vallejo officials, and Ms. Quintana, let it be noted that Ms. Nold is badly biased against the police, America, conservatives, and law and order. She has demonstrated it.  There were witnesses to the confrontation.  She comes here, and tries to browbeat local leaders into helping her put pressure on the city to shake us down for millions.  She and other radicals have already shut down at least 4 Vallejo City Council meetings. They claim it’s about the families, but let’s be honest, Ms. Nold.  You are doing this for the money, as is Mr. Burris.  You don’t care about the victims, because if you did, you’d be helping to solve the underlying issues.  As soon as you settle this lawsuit, you’ll leave Vallejo, and go and have fun with your wealth. We see scavenger vulture lawyers like you come through here often.  We were just robbed by one from Malibu named Kevin Shenkman, who shook Vallejo down for $30,000.   You Democrat and liberal lawyers are proof that Teddy Roosevelt knew what he was talking about when he said, ‘if you educate the mind, and not the morals, you create a menace to society’.

And for you Democrat lawyers, I’m not afraid of anything you can do to me. I’ll destroy any of you in a head to head debate on every Democrat topic on their platform, and if you name the place and time, and ensure the audience is reasonable (i.e. they understand s-x outside of heterosexual marriage is wrong, and avoid psychotropic drugs), you’ll be soundly whipped in a face to face match-up, every day, all day.

To her credit, Ms. Nold has five children, and that is a wonderful thing, and she is to be commended for that.  However, getting into politics or law when you don’t understand American history outside of the distorted media, schools, and tech companies is a very bad idea.  If it was one on one, I wouldn’t publicize our encounter, but since you decide to go public, and you are responsible for so much chaos in our city, it’s fitting you be rebuked in public.  Ms. Nold, you have two ears and one mouth so you can listen twice as much as you speak. The sooner you learn that, the better life will be for you.

I do not ever expect to be spoken to like that in a public forum ever again, and if I am, we will reveal the exchange for the whole world, again.  Choose wisely.

We already have the data on police interactions with blacks and minorities, and the raw numbers, without hysterical revisionist history or emotions, show the police respond to those who commit crimes.   For the rabble rousers in the community, please stop trying to intimidate the police, and let them do their jobs.  Your constantly saying you are afraid of the police because you are black and brown makes you look ridiculous, because there is no data to support what you are saying.  Your fears are irrational.  Being afraid of nonexistent threats is the mark of a coward.

Also, there was a very intelligent nine year old girl who read a poem to the room about how she was afraid of the police because she was black. It’s shameful that grown adults pass their misinformed prejudices onto children, shamelessly.  You are supposed to be teaching children to be courageous and brave, not to fear nonexistent threats.  Hopefully we never have to see that again.

However, there is a bone to pick with the police.  We do need to have police hiring practices to be revised to include drug testing for police officers, at random times during the year.  I was drug tested aboard Nuclear Submarines in the navy, and I wasn’t carrying a weapon capable of killing a person.  So, it’s perfectly reasonable that police officers be drug tested for any psychotropic drugs.  I don’t want any police officer who uses any drugs at all dealing with any one in the community, and I’m sure the vast majority of the community agrees with this.

But, Democrat hypocrisy has infected the police. For, while they view it as a serious infraction if a person has visited a harlot, no matter if it happened years ago, and the person has changed, and they view this as prohibiting anyone from joining the police, they have full blown homosexuals serving on the police force, and every rational person knows homosexuality disables the reasoning process, and was just a crime in America in 2000, before a rogue SCOTUS legalized it in 2003 with ‘Lawrence Vs. Texas’.  If you lawyers had a conscience, you’d be working to overturn that bogus ruling.  Many of you call yourselves Christians too.  But, if money is to be made, your Christianity flies right out the window.  Further, Democrats want to legalize drugs, and legalize prostitution, but claim that past use of both will prevent a person from joining the police force.  Can anyone explain this insanity?  See, the Democrats have no moral standards.  For them, its whatever gives them money and power is good, and if you threaten their money and power, they use all their laws, and they will make up new ones, to penalize you and to attack your equal opportunity in their society.  Wicked charlatans and tyrannical usurpers.  The Vallejo police department needs to fix it’s hiring practices and implement drug testing. They also need to ensure no police officer has a porn habit.  That’s just as bad as drugs.  I don’t want a male police officer, or a female one for that matter, interacting with anyone in the community who regularly views porn and has no judgement skills.  They are going to cost the city millions, and likely already have, we simply don’t evaluate police officers pornography use.  Of course, pornography ought to be illegal in America still, as it just was 50 years ago. It wasn’t until 1969’s ‘Stanley Vs. Georgia’ that porn was made legal.  And our society has been turned upside  down.  Pornography is the biggest threat to our nation’s twin backbones, marriage and the church.   And the Democrats love porn and drugs, and they hate America. Shows you just who they are.  But, when their dysfunction creates havoc, they show up to collect money from it, like the sharks at Mr. Burris’s office do.  You are just like the Pharisees, Mr. Burris, and every bit as bad. That goes for every lawyer from your law office too.  You might want to advise members of your law firm not to go verbally attacking citizens of the city you are trying to shake down in the future.   The next time it happens, will be an even worse rebuke.  This is about a 5 on rebukes I’m capable of.  It’s actually quite mild.  And there are hundreds of citizens of this city who are seeing this too, who are BCC’d.  We know how many of you Democrats work.  You are vicious snakes who try to bully your opposition into silence.  So, the way to deal with you is call you out in public.

Was very happy to have a very productive conversation with Otis Taylor of the Chronicle, and am sorry it was interrupted.  There are 5 other stories that should be shared, but that will be for tomorrow, as this has gone on for long enough.

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