Monday, September 23rd, 2019

We have no Times Herald newspaper today, because, like most businesses Democrats touch, it is failing.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the Times Herald, like Boxer the horse from Animal Farm, still supporting the Marxist Democrats right up until the end. When Boxer died he was taken to the slaughterhouse by the Democrats of Animal Farm, the pigs.  And the Times Herald will be dying in 3 years at it’s current pace, unless it changes its ways and starts telling the truth, instead of constantly lying every single day.  With Jack Bungart and John Glidden in charge, and both fearing the community Democrat leaders, it’s unlikely to happen.  They love the praise of the people who are destroying their business, more than the truth and the people of Vallejo.  Yet, they both will say they are putting their nation above politics.  LOL.

Good Old Vallejo Times Herald, lying every single day to the naive, gullible, and deceived.

Tomorrow nights council meeting will have an item on the agenda about the police.  They are going to try to remove mandatory drug testing from requirements for a police officer.  Who is the genius who came up with this idea?  You have a city wracked with unrest, due to Democrat media vilification of the police, and one of the common sense measures, drug testing for police officers, is being submitted to be removed from procedures?!  Are the Democrats sincerely trying to start a riot in Vallejo?  I mean, I know they control the media, the police, all political positions, the schools, and the unions, but what are they really trying to do?

Keep in mind, I’m a military veteran, never used drugs or alcohol, never had a criminal record, owned a company, grossed over $400k at the age of 34,and the Vallejo Police Department, in it’s wisdom, does not see fit to hire me.  Some standards they have over there.  And, for the few standards they do have, they are nonsensical, and make zero sense.  They are hypocritical and tolerate some sexual degeneracy but criticize others.  If you are an active homosexual or a full blown pornography addict, you are perfectly welcome on the Vallejo police Department, but I know of an instance of a person who repented of seeing a prostitute 5 years ago, who was never caught, sincerely repented, and changed their life, and VPD views that as unacceptable.   Our police  hiring department is literally insane.  That’s frightening when these are the people in charge of FORCEFULLY upholding our societies standards, and they have few or no standards to speak of themselves.  No wonder why many in Vallejo hate the police. With standards like these, they are contemptible.

As a nuclear veteran of the Navy, where I served aboard Ballistic Missile Submarines, and we were routinely drug tested, I strongly recommend police drug testing is mandatory.  If officers cannot serve without using drugs, they don’t need to be serving.  Having a police officer serve whose mind is impaired by drugs is a massive threat to every single person they come in contact with.  It is far too great a risk to allow.

Further, the Vallejo Police Department needs to uphold the Constitution.  The Constitution was created by men who declared our rights come from nature and nature’s God.  As a result, homosexuality is a crime against nature.   So, they need to start asking if applicants are homosexual, and to stop allowing active homosexuals on the police force.   Further, they need to start asking if people are using pornography, and if they are, they need to be sure that the person has repented of this practice for at least a year, preferably longer, depending on how often they used it, and their history of using it.  Because no one is fit to be a police officer who is viewing pornography.  The effect of pornography on the brain is just like drugs.   So, pornography poses a bigger threat to America than all our foreign enemies combined, and our police department definitely has officers who are porn addicts, serving.

No wonder we get hotheads constantly getting into fights with the community!!  We are going to get cleaned out with lawsuits when another porn user gets on the national news for rashly handling an encounter with the community.  Had I been in charge of the Willie McCoy encounter, he’d still be alive, because, if he’s passed out, it’s stupid to think he’s going to wake up and magically not reach for his weapon.  Simply should have evacuated the restaurant, had a rifle man perch about a hundred yards away, out of pistol range, and used a bull horn to get his attention, and have him emerge from the car with his hands up.  Situation solved, and he’s still alive.  If he emerges with his gun and starts shooting, then the rifleman can take action.

I staunchly support the military and the police, but it’s very hard when Democrat policies weaken both, and abuse the use of both.  We should not have Democrat controlled unions controlling our police forces.  Somehow we need to break and end the union stranglehold over Vallejo.  They are not only unnecessary, they are dangerous and create far more problems than they solve.   We don’t need Democrat oversight of the police, and we don’t need  union control of the police. We need the most qualified person in the community running the police, appointed not as a political favor by Democrats to the people who bought their elections, but appointed because, regardless of race or political ideology, they are the best person for the job.

I have a better idea for tomorrow nights Council meeting. Why doesn’t the council vote to de-unionize the police department, and to rescind our recent police chief hiring, since it’s obvious the San Jose police department he came from is incompetent; demand a question about applicant homosexuality and pornography use be put on the police applications; and hire a police chief from a Republican city who understands how to deal with criminal, to hell with the stupid Democrat social justice nonsense.

It’s a far different world from the one when Mayor Bob Sampayan began serving as a police officer.  And, we need to adjust, while not forgetting the moral standards that gave us peace and tranquility before.

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