News, Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Goodwin: Bias has killed the ‘Grey Lady’ and Baquet fired the fatal shot.

Establishment Media Running Scared – Another MSM Hit Piece On Yet Another Influential Independent News Website As The Liberal Media Attacks Start Backfiring Big Time

True Christians Have DUMPED The Democratic Party

Supporters, Protesters among crowds at Straight Pride Event in Modesto.

Heavily biased article, as expected, from CBS.  A complete overview of the event will be included in a separate article.

Singleton: The exhausting, ridiculous cries of ‘Racist’.

Victor Davis Hanson: With the Old Breed

Hong Kong police use water cannon in latest clash.

Police draw guns as protestors chase them.

Violence intensifies.

Ellis: Want business ‘certainty’?  Get out of China.

Kudlow: Trump Has Authority to Order Businesses to Leave China — But ‘It’s Not Going to Be Exercised Presently’

Pontuso: The most Dangerous Man in the World. 

Gutknight: Duplicity demonstrated daily.

Previous sex offenders continue to participate in ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ in public libraries, thanks to Left-wing lunacy

The Father of the Bill of Rights Warned: The Best Way to Enslave the People is to Disarm Them!

Daniels: Left wing institutions mainstreaming hatred. 

Klimas: Former Overstock CEO makes bombshell allegations against FBI.

Now, Christians attacked after they die.

‘Mass Surveillance’ on ‘every driver’ prompts massive backlash.

Next major SCOTUS decision: ‘Sex’.

G7 Surprise: Donald Trump Announces Trade Deal In Principle Agreement with Japan

CNN’s Stelter lets psychiatrist claim Trump is worse than Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. 

WATCH: Trump Primary Challenger Joe Walsh Calls President ‘Nuts,’ ‘Cruel,’ And ‘Incompetent’

Rashida Tlaib: The President ‘Is Scared of Us’\

Trump Scorches Media Over Coverage Of ‘Chosen One’ Remarks

MALKIN: Triggering The Google Social Credit System

Maher On Koch’s Death: ‘F**k Him. I’m Glad He’s Dead.’ ‘Hope’ It ‘Was Painful’

Judge: Officer can’t point gun at driver in car accident

Smith: How the Squad actually benefits America.

Trump: Good actions, cringeworthy words.

McMillan: Is 2020 Presidential Campaign even necessary?

Crouere: What SF is doing is criminal.

McCullough: REVEALED: Why It’s The Democratic 2020 Field, And Deranged Haters That Are ‘UNFIT!’

Simon: Bernie and the Democrats, how anger makes you stupid.

Van Der Galien: Trump’s right, China should not have put new tariffs on American products.

‘Tech Witch Hunt’: Here’s How 20 Or More States Plan To Take On Big Tech

Dear Fellow White People: Stop Trembling at the Mention of Racism

Continetti: Help Hong Kong by defending Taiwan.

Feldman: Political forecast: Stormy weather ahead.

Klein: The virtue-signaling hunger of the smug left.

Michael Mann, creator of the infamous global warming ‘hockey stick’ ordered to pay climate skeptics court costs

Lifson: Report: Charlotte police cancelling all vacations in fear of disturbances during next August’s GOP convention.

Sobieski: Jeffrey Epstein: Another Clinton related ‘suicide’?

Canto Jr.: Koch and Ginsburg prove left is going insane.

Marcus: Liberal hysteria on guns obscures the real enemy.

Rail: A storm gathers in the wake of RBG.

Trump on US-China trade war: ‘I could declare a national emergency’

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