Monday, August 12th, 2019

Kupelian: Hurting kids, how the left is destroying a generation.  

McFarland: We have a virtue problem, America.

Tremoglie: Conservatives need courage. 

Toplansky: Why are you relinquishing your birth right,to the Democrats?

Shocking new porn study reveals disturbing viewing habits of teens.

Dunn: Eugene Lyons, 1930s Commie Hunter.

Duke: What kind of rhetoric causes the shooting deaths of whites?

Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself with a bedsheet: Source.

Daniel Greenfield: What happened to Jeffry Epstein?

No video in Epstein suicide. 

Cellmate transferred hours before.  

Guard took bribe.

Serious Irregularities.

7 Unanswered questions.

3 Big questions about Epsteins wealth.

Epstein dead or alive, questions arise.

Conspiracy Theories erupt.

Leaked Executive Order would allow Trump to end Tech Tyranny.  

Beijing warns defiant Hong Kong.

Chinese police trucks seen in neighboring Shenzen.

Renegade Oregon Governor, and bisexual degenerate, Kate Brown, supports making Trump release tax returns to get on ballot.

Thiel: ‘Globalist’ Google shares AI military technology with China.  

Self-sufficient, English-speaking immigrants favored for green cards.

Trump ending welfare dependent immigration, saving taxpayers billions.  

Shapiro: NY Times is trying to link mainstream conservatism with white supremacy.

Imani: Ignore Islam to our peril.

Spygate: Judicial Watch Founder: No Doubt Obama was running the show.  

Nussbaum: The link between today’s leftists and yesterday’s Nazi’s.

Street: Chicken farmer beats environmentalists for right to use 100% natural.

Am: Is Texas about to turn Purple?

Lindsay Graham makes monster promise to America if Trump wins in 2020.

Lord: The NY Times attack on conservative media.

Rev. Graham: “The Very Development & Filming of ‘The Hunt’ Shows Just How Sick Liberal Left in Hollywood Are”

Greenfield: We need criminal and crazy control, not gun control.  


Deluded and profane NYT Top Editor: Trump Racism Headline Was a ‘F*cking Mess’

Hirschauer: Max Boot fans the flames of racial hatred.

Bright-Paul: the Fiction of man-made global warming.

Massie & Lott: Red Flag laws are wrong solution to mass shootings.

French: Universal Background checks are Constitutionally suspect.

Morefield: Five completely absurd economic ideas that keep winning votes for Democrats. 

Jesse Lee Peterson: Government cannot stop mass shootings.  

Comrade Bernie: Add new rights to the Constitution.

Top Democrat candidate falsely alleges murder.

First day of School, CA teacher hands out gender identity graphic, parents are furious.  

Lori Alexander: How wives try to control their husbands.

Violation of 2nd Amendment: Ex-NBA player Sebastian Telfair gets over 3 years on weapons charges

Beattie: The tyranny of myopia

What TV bingewatching does to your brain.

US Pay TV subscriber losses triple.

Marcus: A M Joy guest, Destroy white people.

Trump overhauls Endangered Species protections.

Trump escalates Trade War.  How’s it impacting Apple?

Simpson: More illegals than you know.

Ponte: Right, Left, and two recent shooters.

Sheriff David Clarke: Raising a black flag against red flag laws.

Paulson: Time to focus on solutions.  

Curry: The New Left: Violent, weak, juvenile cowards.

Elder: After mass shootings, Trump blamed for increasing ‘racism’. 

Lachica: Why China is feeling internal pressure to keep raising trade war stakes.

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