Homosexual Marxists attacking Vallejo, the family, and America.

In 1963, there was a document entered into the Congressional record, by Rep. A.S. Herlong Jr., a Democrat, believe it or not, on the 42 Communist goals in America.  Goal number 26 was ‘Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.’
So, why is Vallejo, California, and the rest of America under relentless assault to accept this, or we are called ‘bigots’, ‘homophobes’, ‘haters’?  I understand public officials are terrified of opposing homosexuality, as the Democrat plantation overseers will immediately put their media and entertainer bloodhounds on the scent, to make sure we ‘uppity’ slaves, get back to work and shut up.  Simply witness what happened to former Mayor Osby Davis.  He courageously told the truth about homosexuality, and as a result, the New York Slimes, a Marxist Organ of the left, viciously attacked him and spread chaos and division here in Vallejo.   Why do at least 70% of Vallejo oppose homosexuality, and at least 80% oppose teaching it to children?  Because it’s a Public Health Disaster, and it’s a crime against nature, according to Blackstone, one of the foremost legal minds our Founders relied upon.  Of course, Marxists who defend homosexuality, have been trained to discredit the Founders by saying ‘But they were a bunch of Masons’ (A lie), ‘But they took the Indians land’ (Another lie), and the clincher, ‘But they all had slaves’ (The biggest lie).

If you want to destroy a man, you don’t need to kill him, simply capture his mind.  That is what the left is doing. They dominate the Newspapers, (The Times Herald is leftist, no matter what anyone from there says), they dominate television (And the American people are sick of being lied to, leading to leftwing television ratings crashing).  When I was a child, my family and I often played a video game called Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and you could cast spells with your hero, on opposing characters.  One of the spells was called the Berserker spell, whereone of the enemies troops would attack another one.  Well, the Democrat tech companies, media, and schools have cast Berserker spells on tens of millions of Americans, causing them to attack their friends, and to love their enemies. Malcolm X was completely right on when he said, ‘

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

How prescient Malcolm X was, the media has many people at City Council hating me, when no one has been oppressed by being interrupted more in the past 6 years than me, and loving the media and entertainers who are the oppressors.  A very sad and tragic happening.  But, as Twain said, ‘It is easier to fool a man, than to convince him he has been fooled’. The media is truly ‘The enemy of the American People’, as Mark Levin documented in his brilliant new book which is on it’s way to me at the moment, ‘Unfreedom of the Press‘.  They train Americans to hate virtue, hate their history, and hate wisdom.  They also train them to love their oppressors, to love their sports, music, and entertainment idols, and to love drugs and sex outside of marriage, including pornography.  They are succeeding.  Suicide rates are at all time highs in America.  Last week I just attended the funeral of a 30 year old friend of mine, who committed suicide.  Wasn’t able to take the strain of all that society threw at him.  He was simply too young.  It is a wicked and cruel society that exposes children to debauchery that rips their innocence away from them.

But, this is why the left lionizes homosexuality and other soul destroying behaviors.  Because they hate and fear the individual.  You see, in America, we get our freedom and liberty by protecting the rights of every individual.  As long as the rights of every individual are protected, the group is safe.  But, as individual rights to Free Speech and to bear arms are continually under assault, our safety and liberty is threatened today as never before in American history.  Of course, the left, despite the fact that all cities that have high crime and high poverty rates are always Democrat, will constantly lie to us with their schools, technology, and media and try to lull us to sleep by telling us technology is the heaven we all have been waiting for.  If this is heaven, then I want nothing to do  with it.  Heaven to the left is massive homelessness, drug use, marital dysfunction, fatherless children, pornography use, etc.  Why?  Because the weaker the individual is, the easier time the left has in ruling us.
Why are taxpayer dollars paying for children and adults to view pornography at the library?  Yes, that question is for you, Laurie Hancock.  The America Library Association has become increasingly degenerate.  They even have a massive homosexual display at the front of the JFK library.  When I discussed this with the librarian, she was, as most college graduates are, impudent and impertinent.  Didn’t want to listen, and she was frustrated that I should dare to question why she, she views herself as some kind of queen apparently, is promoting behavior that is a public health disaster.
I also note the Homosexual flag is flying in front of City Hall.  That is a degenerate symbol, and the voters of Vallejo never voted to celebrate that debauched and sordid token of a filthy and wicked behavior.  It really needs to come down.  Are we afraid of the media, tech companies, and schools?  Are we afraid of the degenerate leftist entertainers who might get mad at us?  Many of us in Vallejo aren’t afraid of them at all, and we are hornswoggled that they carry so much weight when they are paper tigers.  Why do so many on the left want respect, when they aren’t fit and worthy of respect?  If a person cannot openly oppose the filthy choice of homosexuality, they aren’t worthy of respect in my book.  People choose that behavior, and it’s harmful to them and society.  No one forces anyone into it.  It is the height of love to correct a homosexual, as the average homosexual male lives 20 years less than the average heterosexual male.  Why would Vallejo wish to celebrate behaviors that destroy our citizens, not to mention that lead to so much misery, anguish, and despair?  And no, it’s not because they are criticized.  Because the Netherlands legalized homosexuality long before America, and the same high depression and suicide rates were present there as well.
It is utterly incredible that this sickness has spread across America in so short an amount of time.  It started with a book in 1990 by two Ivy League homosexual marketing majors, both deceased and in hell, due to homosexual maladies. There are those who have studied this wicked homosexual Agenda, but don’t expect to find them if you haven’t seriously researched the topic. The media and schools pull out all the stops to keep the truth away from people.
For the leaders who do not have the courage to publicly oppose homosexuality, you will be judged by history.  Woe to you.  For future generations will look back upon you and note you were born into liberty, and you were too much of a coward to stand and defend it.
A nation’s liberty cannot survive without virtue, and virtue cannot co-exist with vices like homosexuality.  So, either we reject homosexuality and again assume our liberty and freedom, or we embrace homosexuality, and become slaves.
‘Rebellion against tyranny, is obedience to God’
Thomas Jefferson
American cannot endure with vices like pornography and homosexuality tolerated. We already are in the weakest state we’ve ever been as a nation, and it’s only been 50 years since the legalization of pornography, and less than 20 since the legalization of homosexuality.
There are two kinds of pain.  The pain of regret, when one knew they should have done better, and did not.  And the pain of discipline, when one does the hard thing today, and endures the suffering.
Which kind of pain do you want?
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