Why Pete Buttigieg belongs in jail, along with every single other homosexual in America

When America was founded – for those who have been brainwashed by the media and schools, which is over half of America – we severely criminalized homosexuality, in all 13 original colonies.  Of course, the Marxist media and schools have trained tens of millions to write off our early history by squawking about ‘the slaves’, and ‘the Indians’.  There are quite a bit of emotions tied together with this, as your average person who is so indignant about slavery can’t intelligently discuss it at all, and is simply regurgitating the nonsense the lamestream media and schools have fed them.  Our nation is full of lazy thinkers.


This is such an egregious travesty, because many of us, who know better, and don’t hesitate to tell the moral truth, are crucified as being ‘bigoted’, ‘hateful’, and ‘homophobic’, along with the other leftist catch words of ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, among others.  We are attacked and pilloried for daring to publicly speak about the ideals that made America great to begin with, and are are ruthlessly lectured that we need to accept sexual debauchery or we are not being ‘tolerant’.  Well, I won’t be ‘tolerant’ of evil if it cost me my life.  So, no bullying will work on me.  If we don’t have virtue as a society, we cannot have liberty, and right now, with the evils of pornography, contraception, homosexuality, and abortion being celebrated by the wicked left, and even having infiltrated the Republican party under the guise of tolerance, we are all effectively slaves. We are worse off than the Jews were in Egypt, because at least there, Pharoah told them they were slaves and they were under no illusions.  Here, we are deceived into thinking we are free, as we are daily distracted with entertainment and welfare.

Unfortunately, there are tens of thousands in Vallejo, and tens of millions in America who simply cannot listen to a message without considering the skin color of the person speaking it.  They will reject it if the message contradicts the Marxist lies they’ve been conditioned with in the media and schools.  These same people consider all people who are their own skin color as friends, and look upon those not their skin color with suspicion and resentment.  They will deny they do this with their words, but simply look at their actions, and see who they hang around.  Their actions speak so loudly it drowns out their words.

This is because Marxism has surrendered in their fight to pit the poor against the rich alone, and to gain power alone in this fashion.  They found American’s won’t buy this nonsense.  So they found new victim groups, women, blacks, and homosexuals (not all blacks and women agree to be victims, but the ones who do you’ll know by them constantly talking about ‘injustice’ towards women and blacks.  Homosexuals are victims of their own destructive choices).  They ruthlessly pit these groups against the white majority, straight male in America, as whites make up 63% of the population, and stand back and hope the conflict will bring down America.   While there are tens of thousands in Vallejo who are brainwashed by the media and schools to hate and fear me telling the truth, the fact is, they are headed for a fate worse than the concentration camps Solzhenitsyn was imprisoned in.

However, our liberal media, which lies every single day, and includes, but is not limited too, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, Huffington Post,  The Daily Beast, The Vallejo Times Herald, The San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, the Contra Costa Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Fox News to an extent, is completely untrustworthy.  They view the news as they view Hollyweird.  It is a production, on how best to deceive the American people, and by manipulating their minds to get the votes, to get the candidates, to get the policies they want for their own selfish goals attainment.


This media just engaged in a full out blitz to normalize homosexuality, ending with the illicit legalization in 2003 of homosexuality, and the illicit 2015 legalization of homosexual marriage.   Also, one can type in Buttigieg to Google to see the overwhelming support the tech companies give to degeneracy.  These political pimps will sell out America for power and money, and could care less about wisdom and virtue.

We are all expected to accept this, and to not protest.  If we do, we are ruthlessly attacked as being haters, and we are targeted by the homosexual mafia.  However, homosexuality is a public health disaster, and our media has been lying about this for decades.   All sex outside of marriage, including pornography and masturbation, but especially homosexuality, destroys individuals and societies long term.  To celebrate behaviors that are destroying our society and advertising them as harmless and advisable to children is the height of evil, and yet, that is what the Marxist homosexuals in Vallejo, California, and America are doing.  It is time to stand up to them.  We need to overturn the bogus SCOTUS decisions legalizing contraception, abortion, homosexuality, and pornography, and we need to refuse to be silent until justice is done.  If a government cannot make just laws, it no longer deserves the right to govern.

Our laws, as our Declaration of Independence clearly state, come from nature and nature’s God, and both condemn homosexuality as a crime against nature.  While the Founders can be pardoned for not understanding all races had the same intellectual potential, as they lacked the evidence we have today, they were quite certain and correct, in looking at homosexuality as an abomination.  

Virtually every single problem in our city, state, and country stem from taking sex outside of marriage.  If we do not address the roots of these issues, we will continue to helplessly flail at the growing problems, that will soon turn into a tsunami, and will not be able to be reversed.

Ironically, since I was a child, I used to go to Glen Cove Elementary with family.  We grew up poor, on welfare, and we spent many dozens of Friday’s barbecuing and playing basketball as a family.  It was a wonderful time, full of good memories.  But, now, with our society in dysfunction, we are building walls around our shrinking schools.  Not only are we having far fewer children than we used to have, are are also having an inferior quality, and the 40 and under crowd, my generation, as a whole, are the dumbest generation in American history.

Rather than build walls around our schools, how about building moral walls in our hearts and communities against evil?  How about having the spine and backbone necessary to publicly denounce homosexuality and all sex outside of marriage?  If we do not have the courage to do this, we are surely slaves within already, and it must follow, as surely as the night follows the day, that we must become slaves as a society.

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