The impending destruction of California, the Democrat party, and the destructiveness of Critical Race Theory.

Dear Mayor, City Council, Superintendent, School Board, and citizens,
It appears very likely that California’s economy will crash, and it will likely happen in November.  If that does not happen, it will happen in March or November of next year.  The Democrats have been misusing money for decades, and now it is time to pay the piper.  So, hopefully you will stop all unnecessary expenditures.  Further, it’s likely this state will split in two. The Democrat party is going to be destroyed in this state, and in this nation.  It is utterly corrupt and wicked, and cannot be redeemed.  Those of you who have been Democrats for years, it is time to leave.  This is your warning.  I rarely make predictions, but they always come to pass when I do.
China’s dirty and filthy communist fingerprints are all over California politics.  While the dumb media keeps blathering on about the stupid Russian Collusion hoax, when Russia doesn’t have half of the citizens we do, and her economy is in shambles, the real threat is China.  Dianne Feinstein had a communist spy for 20 years, as her chauffeur.  Is it any wonder the Democrats were the ones responsible for simultaneously weakening our nation’s military and our local economy by shutting down Mare Island?  Communists are notorious for investing in groups that spread race hatred in America.  The KGB has tried to sow propaganda to stir up race hatred for decades.
Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat her mistakes.  Since Democrats do not know history, they have no future.  You are all welcome, those of you who already have not, to join the GOP, and we will be having a meeting at the Cordelia Denny’s at 7 tomorrow evening.  At the very least, you can expose yourself to opposite viewpoints.  The powerful Democrats many of you look up to, aren’t worth being idolized.  That we have a single Democrat in public office is a testament to the naivete, gullibility, and corruption of the voters they represent.  That is why I was not elected, because the media and schools have brainwashed Democrats to hate the truth, and to love lies.  I’m not going away, and neither are my fellow conservatives.  Allied with truth, righteousness, and God, victory is assured, inevitably.  We have nothing to fear from the left at all.  Their shrieking, shouting, screaming, interrupting, threatening, harassment, and intimidation are their attempts to keep power and pelf for themselves.
Many times in history the wealthy and seemingly invincible have been rudely thrown down and disgraced overnight.  That happened to Nebuchadnezzar and Belshezzar.  The former was a powerful King and was humbled overnight.  The latter was again a powerful King, and was having a party, when the following night, he was conquered, and his power was no more.
Hopefully, we will never again in Vallejo, have another celebration of an ethnicity.  These celebrations are quite racist, for they seek to celebrate skin color, while at the same time exciting envy and jealousy in other races.  It’s extremely foolish to continue them.  Whether the celebration is of latinos, blacks, asians, indians, or any race whatsoever, we should not be celebrating skin color, we should be celebrating character.  Also, the people who are celebrated for their skin color often stagnate intellectually.  They think there is nothing else to do in life.  If ever they want something, they holler about being deprived because of their race, and they often get it.  When people are no longer judged and appreciated just for their skin color, but are judged and appreciated based on merit, skill, and achievement, we will return to the massively innovative, successful, peaceful, prosperous, and happy society we once were.
In conclusion, since it’s likely we will have dozens of people at our next City Council Meeting to protest the myth of ‘police brutality’, ‘systemic racism’, and ‘systemic inequality’, demanding justice for imaginary injustices, we need to all understand what Critical Race Theory is, how dangerous it is, and how it is at the root of all the conflicts and eruptions at City Hall lately.  Of course, practically all of Vallejo sympathizes with the relatives of those who perished in interactions with the police.  But, we never seem to hear of the controversial situations surrounding those deaths, and the sorrow of the relatives is fanned into terror and chaos when they are lied to by organizations outside of Vallejo into thinking that the police relish and enjoy killing black and brown people, and that it is a personal goal of the police department.  Now, there is little to  no reasoning that can be done with these protesters.  They view the police as completely evil, with no exceptions, and it’s all because they are deceived.  Notice, that the majority of blacks in Vallejo avoid these protests because they realize they are based on a false narrative.  So, the deceived relatives go outside of Vallejo to Marxist, near terrorist organizations, and true to form, these organizations come to Vallejo and cause chaos.  Did you ever see Martin Luther King Jr. interrupting a public meeting, shouting, using profanity, and publicly threatening public officials?  No, you did not.  But, we see this constantly from the near terrorist activist groups who have invaded our City Hall, and are spreading anarchy. They claim they are victims as they terrorize the city.  The inmates are running the asylum.
The following is an article from Richard Jack Rail, from American Thinker, on the aforementioned Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory holds that American society is irredeemably racist in favor of the white majority.  The thinking is that in a racially oppressive society, though you may also have in common with another your sex, your likes or dislikes, your religion, your political ideas, even your disposition, ethnic commonality or skin color matters beyond anything else.  For this reason, only someone of your ethnicity can ever really understand you or grasp your deep-down motives for your actions.

Given the overarching, omnipresent racial-ethnic oppression, what matters isn’t so much facts as they happened but a narrative that takes precedence if something could have happened in the given circumstance.  The idea is that the oppression makes things happen on its own because it so overwhelms everything else, and justice needs to take this into account in determining guilt.  This is how people arrive at the notion that blacks can’t be racist or, indeed, guilty of much of anything.  A black can never overcome the all-dominating oppression. It’s all white people’s fault. Whites can’t escape their guilt by being innocent in their own lives; they’re part of the white system and therefore guilty of pretty much everything.

The narrative part of CRT is what concerns us here.  It was adduced by apologists for Rigoberta Menchú, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for political activism, largely with her autobiography I, Rigoberta Menchú.  Purportedly about her life growing up Maya in the mountains of Guatemala, Menchú made herself out to be a poor girl who overcame the horror of her family being murdered by racist Guatemalan soldiers when she was a child.  Her family actually was murdered, but when it happened, Menchú wasn’t a little girl; she was grown and educated and committed to Marxism.  Her autobiography was more on the order of Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father, an amalgam of things that did happen and things that didn’t, with a whole lot of imagination mixed in.

Menchú did face horrific racist oppression and suffered in her personal life from it, but the book was largely fabrication.  Nevertheless, it could have happened, so the Nobel Committee, aggrieved by the crimes of white people everywhere against nonwhite peoples everywhere, fell in love with it.  There was good reason at the time of the committee’s deliberations to believe that the story was a hoax, but it was just too fitting-the-moment to pass up.  No doubt the committee felt obligated to go with Menchú even if she did take liberties with the truth.

Why does it matter?  Because facts matter. They matter because they reflect the moral choices made by all the actors in a given situation.  Had Menchú presented her story as a novel, no problem; it’s the province of novels to work with the what-if aspect of the human imagination, to explore possibilities and reveal hidden truths.  Biographies, on the other hand, are supposed to be facts as best as they can be discovered, leading to conclusions grounded in the actions of moral beings responsible for themselves.  Mixing up the two results in confusing fact with fiction.  When this happens, anything goes.

Why does this matter today?  Because it’s creeping into Chicago politics — and from there into America’s politics via the justice system — through the Jussie Smollett case.  Smollett lied about being attacked by white racists.  He set it all up and carried it out, hiring two men to “beat him up” and leave a noose around his neck.  Chicago police investigated and discovered that the whole thing was a hoax.  State’s attorney Kim Foxx arranged for the charges to be dropped and Smollett’s record expunged.

Foxx defended her actions by saying that what mattered was changing the narrative of the school-to-prison pipeline for blacks, and putting Smollett in jail would have continued that narrative since Smollett’s black.  That Smollett actually did what he was charged with didn’t matter.  The facts had to yield to the narrative.

That was a dangerous precedent.  “Could have happened” is no basis for justice, and we need to squelch this effort to undermine the legal system.  Almost anybody could have murdered, or stolen from, or raped, or hit over the head, somebody else.  This mode of thinking would make us all guilty ahead of time because we could never escape the “could have” cornerstone.

CRT has been seeping into the justice system since the eighties and has arrived full force in Chicago.  It must be expunged before it corrupts American justice entirely.

Best wishes,


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