First Visit to UC Berkeley Campus, Woman’s day is Marxist, Putin understands God’s role for women better than any Democrat, the Marxist takeover of our schools, Possible Civil War.

A friend of mine called me last night, as a concerned Citizen from the East Coast paid around $20,000 to buy 400 Founders Bibles, written by David Barton. It’s the Bible the Founders of America read and what led them to create the greatest and most powerful nation in world history.

She asked me to reconnoiter to Berkeley, to arrange with local churches to pass them out on Campus. So, I went to a church in Berkeley last night. It was a fantastic building. Sure enough, it was built in 1871, with beautiful architecture. I’m supposed to meet a young woman named Lauren. So, I step inside, and it looks like Jerry Garcia is on stage playing his guitar. I’m pretty used to this kind of Christianity, so I greet an older man named Russ, politely exchange pleasantries, and say I’m looking for Lauren, who my friend had told me to meet up with. He says he doesn’t know of her, but invites me to join in.  I looked to my left, and there was a stocky bearded man, arms upraised, shirt dangerously raised, in rapture. There were a number of very well built men, who were lost in raptures at the guitar music, and who were rhythmically swaying. In retrospect, I could have been at a Pagan ceremony, a rock concert, an Incan Human sacrifice, or a rap concert just as easily, and the actions of those present wouldn’t have varied at all. There were young college students there as well. On stage the Jerry Garcia guitarist was really into his music, and next to him was a gracious looking woman full of joie de vivre, and she was absolutely ecstatic. I mean, she was hopping up and down like a cross between a Mexican Jumping bean and a pogo stick, it was truly amazing to watch. Yours truly posted in the back, on a wooden pew, and tried to fit in. I was determined to gird up my loins and not join in the revelry. I know people look at me like I’m odd, but the feeling is mutual.

This went on for 20 minutes, and I’m earnestly examining the architecture of the building, trying to learn something in my time here. It was a very well built building. Finally, Russ comes back and tells me Lauren is here after all. So, I go back and introduce myself to her. She has been behind me the whole time and has no doubt observed my wondering observations of all the going on’s. If she is evaluating my spirituality on how much swaying and jumping up and down I’ve been doing, I must appear to her to be a heathen, pagan, and very carnal, I must confess. So, I begin telling her about the Founders Bibles, and how great this would be for Berkeley. I’d like to say she was entranced with what I was saying, but in a church where feelings are truth, I’m afraid I can’t, though countenance, expression, and tone are not always indicators of how one is feeling.  She took my words, promised to get in touch with my friend to coordinate this. I then girded up my loins and fled this pagan festival…errrr…Jesus revival.

I considered staying, but it appeared I fit in as well as Batman at a meeting of the GodFathers of New York. So, yours truly then headed out for Berkeley Campus, a place our nation has come to associate with debauchery and communism, and rightly so. Talked with a receptive man for 20 minutes. He actually knew who Ben Shapiro was. Couldn’t name 7 conservative websites, and this isn’t a surprise because the mindless drones at Berkeley who vote and follow the Democrat party are grossly ignorant of the other sides viewpoints. Pretty shocking for a campus that prides itself on intellectual inquiry. Was quite happy when I walked in Bancroft Library, the main library out of 28 on campus, and there was a picture of George Washington leading the troops at Monmouth in the Revolutionary War. To have a picture like that at Berkeley is great!!  It was the biggest picture in the library too. Unfortunately, the campus craziness of the 60’s was also featured when I walked in. Police are called pigs; Communism, drugs, and sex worshiped. Total chaos. And they celebrate this dysfunction to this day. Mario Savio, the Black Panthers, and the rest of the malcontents stirred up by Soviet KGB agents, Unwitting dupes of a plot to subvert America. As I’m walking, it’s freezing cold, and there are people, lots of them, men and women, walking around in shorts and short sleeves. Apparently, Berkeley even has students from the Arctic. And, the smell of marijuana wafts through the air, since the crazy ideas have to be supported by psychotropic drugs to keep the consciences of people intact. Without drugs, many people would collapse, and would be incapable of functioning.
Berkeley is full of zombies.

Went into Moe’s Books on Telegraph Avenue. Read a book on the purveyor, who was arrested in 1969 for selling smut. ‘Ah, the good old days’, thought I, ‘when the police actually cracked down on real crimes, and weren’t busy escorting me out of City Hall for criticizing homosexuality, which is a crime against nature’.

Finally left, late in the evening. However, education, the media, and the church are in serious trouble.


Women’s day was begun by Marxists in Russia.


Great book on Communism

Note: The reader is warned not to use Jeff Bezos’s Amazon anymore. Not only is the man a corrupt adulterer, who has no intention of changing and doesn’t apologize for anything he’s done, but he owns the Washington Compost, which stupidly lies daily saying ‘Democracy dies in Darkness’, when it is that very darkness, constantly obscuring truth and pushing the most devilish lies. Further, Amazon just banned the book by Tommy Robinson about Muhammad’s Quran, detailing the evil that the Quran and Muhammad were full of. That was the last straw for me. After ordering over 2,000 books on Amazon, and having given away thousands as well, on top of my own collection, I deleted my Amazon account. Will never buy another book from Amazon. Things are getting really bad when the largest book seller in the world is banning books that tell the truth about the evil religion of Islam.


This woman’s day celebration was the beginning of Marxism in Russia, and Marxism, under Lenin and Stalin, murdered at least 40 million.

Please learn your history before following along with common culture, or it’s likely you’ll be headed off a cliff.


Also, it’s wise to avoid modern art, music, television, and movies, as they are full of Marxist themes that are at war with Christianity.



Putin pushes Biblical womanhood!

While Women’s day is a huge hoax, yet, Vladimir Putin was totally right for thanking Russian women for staying beautiful, and taking care of the home.

A lesson many can profit from. I understand health issues come up, but women sitting around and neglecting exercise is inexcusable in a marriage, as it is with men. These women who won’t take care of exercise or their home, are often all up into other people’s business and affairs.

Sad that Russia is far more Christian than America today. How did we get here? Just 30 years ago, Russia was still Communist and Godless, and Vlad Putin was a KGB agent.


Marxist infiltration of our schools

Further, the reason why we have Marxist thinkers infecting the Democrat party, and all over America with Feminism, lies, and no knowledge of history, is because our school systems, particularly our colleges, are full of Marxist thought.


Close to a Civil War in America.

We are very close to a full blown Civil War, though the media, which influences nearly all of our family and friends, has kept that hush hush.

The time period we are in is very similar to Germany before Hitler, Russia before Lenin, China before Mao, and France before the French Revolution. It’s alarming, because mass horrors followed soon after.

Of course, with God, we can do anything, but he never told us to be foolish and unwitting.

Knowledge is power
Know thine enemies.



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