The American Christian Church is dying, and America cannot survive without her.

Despite the revisionist history of the left, America is founded on the Christian Concept.  How do we know this?  Well, we can do what 90% of the Democrat voters don’t do. We can go and read what the Founders actually said, and we can stay off Google and it’s algorithms that continually sucker the mindless drone leftists onto atheist websites that quote the Founders out of context.  For instance, you constantly hear people on the left talk about the Separation of Church and State, and squawk about how that is supposed to mean no Christian ideas are permitted in the public political arena.  Well, that’s totally bogus, because the phrase isn’t anywhere in the Constitution, and the letter from Thomas Jefferson it did appear in was grossly misconstrued by the SCOTUS justice who used it to justify removing Christianity from the public square. The reader can read the letters for themselves, and make their own determination.   Another common myth from the left is that John Adams said that America wasn’t a Christian nation in the treaty of Tripoli, so there you have it, we were founded by a bunch of atheists.  Not quite the whole story.  What really happened is that Tripoli was just like Muslims today, and was waging Jihad on American ships over 200 years ago.  So, in making a treaty, and trying to avoid the topic of Christianity, which Muslims are commanded to wage war upon, Adams wisely avoided any reference to it, so a peace treaty could be signed, and the war could be ended.   Another myth you will commonly hear is that the Founders were all a bunch of Masons, and weren’t devout Christians at all.    Another myth was that the Founders were all slave holders and spent their time raping the help. 


Keep in mind, the people stating these myths have never read just five biographies of the 204 Founders in their lives, but they will preach to others how bad the Founders were, based on the disinformation fed them by Google, the media, and the schools.  The Democrat party of today is fond of talking about how bad the Founders were, when the Founders evils were inherited and often the cause of mistaken science, while ignoring the four by fours in their own eyes of the slavery of 300,000 women in America from prostitution, hundreds of thousands of other women in porn, the murder of 200 million babies from contraception and abortion in the past 53 years,  homosexuality, along with Islam.  So, they are literally walking around with a four by four in their eyes claiming that they want to help America with the relatively and comparatively trivial motes in their eyes of the Founders which we have long since corrected.   Now, it’s pretty foolish to expect a person with a four by four in their eye, to think they will have any success helping anyone else with a tiny speck in their eye, but the people on the left are pretty confident it can be done, and they attempt it every day on WB, in the media, and in the schools.

I started with this to establish our Christian beginnings and to dispel the leftist dogma that tens of millions of Americans have been fed to divorce them from the roots of our freedom, with the end result being to enslave us.  Keep in mind, every one in America who votes Democrat is voting to enslave  us, they simply can’t understand the logical outcome of their vote.  When their mind is reading this, their brain is furiously regurgitating all the propaganda they’ve been receiving for decades from the leftist media and schools, which feed it to them everyday. They don’t protest when Google or the hellivision feeds them this garbage, but when you oppose their myths, you become Public Enemy Number 1, and they will ruthlessly attack you, since you are assaulting their fairytale.  Most of them drink often, use drugs often, have no issues masturbating and looking at porn,  have lots of promiscuous sex, and do other vices, to try to keep their mind occupied and off the misery that the lies they believe in cause them to feel.

But, let me get to the topic of my article, that the American church is dying.  It was the backbone, along with marriage, of America.  Yet, today, despite big buildings and mega churches, with well paid pastors, it is dying.  There are many theological debates, but what is neglected is to consider what was the church like in 1776?  What made America so great then and so weak today?  Did they go to church for 2 hours on Sunday, hear some nice guitar music, and then go to a bible class once a week, and call it a day back then?  No, they sure did not.  They  had blue laws, where businesses were closed the entire Sunday, so that the entire day could be devoted to God.  But then America got prosperous, and began to grow to big for her britches, and now Sunday is treated just like any other day largely.  Most of the Americans who attend church have no idea what the Bible says.  Church is one big get along gang.  If you tell them that, they will furiously search your own life and try to find anything wrong you did, like you not paying your Aunt Myrtle back $20 20 years ago, and they will call you a hypocrite and tell you not to judge.  Then, they will turn around and hit the adult beverage hard at the party that night, saying that the Savior made wine from water, and we should enjoy it greatly. 

One big indicator that the church is dying is when you walk in and there are no children.  Well, that means they are practicing contraception, which is totally unscriptural, yet 90% of Christian men and women today swear the Good Lord favors this idea.   God designed the sex drive for marriage and for children, and never once favored avoiding having children.  No society in human history who actively avoids having children lives to talk about it.  As America has wiped out 200 million babies in the last 53 years from abortion and contraception, she has wiped out generations of ideas, and instead we have brought in foreigners and many have very unfavorable ideas of this nation.  They love the money they can make here, but when they make their money, they promptly use it to abuse the  nation that gave them the opportunity, quite often.  Legal and illegal immigrants often vote for the party that gives them free stuff, which is the corrupt Democrat party.   Too many women and men say they can’t afford to have children.   How can that be when we are in the top 10% richest nations on earth?

If you look back at the ancient churches listed in the New Testament, Galatia, Philippi, Thessalonica, Corinth, Rome, Collosse, and Ephesus, you find that nearly all are in Muslim territories, or have been threatened by Islam.  Yet, the church has not learned.  When it grows decadent, it is continually set upon by invaders.  When Islam began 1,400 years ago, the Christian church was soft, and it had grown comfortable.  And this enabled Islam to victoriously wage war on Christendom.  As the church was largely in big structures and the societies focused too much on money then, so today, the church is in big buildings and the societies focus too much on money.   Islam is a death cult.  It’s the biggest murder machine in world history.  Like cancer, it spreads in stages.

It is the job of the church and wealthy to help the poor, yet the churches advertise they are doing this, but it doesn’t happen, which is why we now have welfare.  There are many millions receiving welfare who don’t deserve it, rich and poor.  The church being in charge of welfare would fix that.  Unlike the government, the church says if a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat.

Churches today are big entertainment venues, where people gather for a few hours to enjoy songs, hear a few verses about how God loves them, never any verses about their sins, and they go home.  There is rarely any church discipline.  Church growth is laughable.  People rarely go and knock on doors to spread the gospel, as they once used to do.  There are often more Democrats who go knock on doors than Christians in my city.  And I’ve knocked on over 10,000 doors inviting people to Bible Classes. They don’t want to attend a Bible class, but they have to watch their hellivision, Hollyweird, porn, and go and party.  When they do attend, they complain the preacher is boring.  Umm, church isn’t a hellivision production.

Unless this is reversed, and Americans learn to live up to the virtue and wisdom that the early Christians had, despite the flaws the morally bankrupt left never tires of pointing out, we are on the path of destruction.  Do we wish to live and prosper, or to die and decay.

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