November 6th, 2018 election results

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The results are in for the November election for school board, and they have good and bad news.  The good news is 3,200 voters in Vallejo voted for a platform of a Constitutional Christian conservative, which is what Vallejo and California need to get out of the wreckage they are in.  The bad news is that result was 8/8. The leading vote getter was John Fox, who did an excellent job hiding the fact that he is a homosexual and wants to indoctrinate kids into homosexuality away from voters.  The unions provided cover for him.  If you read his signs, and  his website, you’d never dream what he was up to.  So the Vallejo voters got suckered again.  This is what got us into this mess to begin with.  Tony Ubalde and Tony Gross were the other leading vote getters, and both of them are deeply into identity politics, and believe they represent everyone of their respective races, which is totally bogus.  No one who is their race needs their help to get anywhere.  They can do it on their own if the schools would just educate students and improve on the abysmal 70% of 12th grade students who graduate and are incompetent in math and English.   But, the Democrat party kind of likes voters who are uninformed and incapable of basic math and English.  It makes people easy to deceive, and if all voters in Vallejo did math and English at the 12th grade level, the Democrat’s wouldn’t have a prayer of winning one seat.  So they like the dysfunction in the schools, and will keep lying to the parents about how they care about their kids education, as they continue to pad their pockets and live in the lap of luxury.   These fat cats will stop at nothing for money and power.

So, the task remains to educate Vallejo’s voters.  Showing them this site is a start.  Getting every Vallejo voter to read just seven conservative news sites for 2 months before the November 2020 election would assure a smashing Democrat defeat, and the Democrats are terrified of that.  We should remember that the last off President school board election in 2014 saw the leader get 8,000 votes.  This election saw the leader get 15,000 votes, nearly double. Why?  Well, the unions and the other Democrat special interest groups were horrified at the thought of a conservative ending their corruption, and so they went to work mailing mailers, calling, and knocking on doors.

To all the conservatives reading this, please share this with at least ten people a month, and ask them to share it with ten people themselves.  Here are 7 conservative sites.

  1. American Thinker
  2. The Federalist
  3. PJ Media
  4. WND
  5. Breitbart
  6. Daily Wire
  7. TownHall

Also, knocking on doors and having discussions with people is a good thing.  We can never start too early.  Next election, those 3,200 votes will increase.  We are starting a new movement, and the truth will never be overwhelmed.  For too long deceit and incompetence have ruled Vallejo.  It’s time for a new day to dawn.  The same players have manipulated the system.  They don’t have good ideas, and their rules have ended in our city being a wreck, but they know how to win elections.  They could care less if the voters are informed.  The less informed the voters are, the better, as far as they are concerned.  Makes ’em easier to sucker.  In reality, no voter ought to be voting unless they have thoroughly researched the topics, know the Constitution, and understand that the Founders vision for America was a small government with low taxes and low regulations.  Any voter voting who doesn’t realize this is a menace to society.  It’s better they actually don’t vote, than they cast their vote and cancel out the vote of an informed voter.  But, you’ll never hear the Democrats talk about informed voters.  If they could have babies vote, they’d do it.  It’s all about finding enough naïve and gullible people to vote for their crazy ideas and abysmal candidates.  They think if they tout enough recommendations, put up enough signs, mail enough mailers, and talk enough on Fakebook, that people will be deceived.  They’ve largely been correct.

So, the task remains before us.

Let us then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate,

still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor, and to wait.  Longfellow

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