Why Vallejo will not prosper with a marijuana dispensary owner as Council Member

  • Vallejo faces a momentous choice in the vote for City Council.  Can we elect a Marijuana dispensary owner to the Council and be o.k.?  Absolutely not!!  Here is why.

Most of the media, television, internet, and academia have been lying to voters and saying marijuana is harmless, there is nothing wrong with it, it’s better than alcohol and opioids, and other disinformation.  In reality, the vast majority of those who support pot have never read a book on it’s harms in their entire life.  Apathetic and uninformed voters are a huge problem in Vallejo, California, and in America.  Drugs are a strategic weapon against America.   Twenty one years ago, an article was written against legalizing drugs, and it was just as true then as it is now.  Only problem is the younger generation is a lot less wise, so legalization makes sense to them.  The wise  understand that if we legalize marijuana and keep it legal, we will become a nation of slaves, just like China became when it allowed the mind altering drug of opium to infest it’s country. 

Bill Bennett wrote a great book on pot’s harms here.   Dr. Ed Gogek wrote another warning of it’s dangers here.   Opium, another mind altering drug, destroyed a 3,000 year dynasty in China in just 100 years.  

I would estimate about 70% of Vallejo’s regular voters do not read much, and when they do read, they do not read broadly.  This is why Vallejo’s voters are very susceptible to media manipulation.  They are naive and gullible, and easily taken advantage of.

We need voters who read broadly, deeply, and consistently, and who aren’t suckered by the television, the liberal newspapers, liberal schools, and liberal tech companies.  Those voters will vote for Vincent May, and excellent candidate who opposes marijuana, is for business expansion, and was a former police officer.  They will also vote for Jess Malgapo, who is for economic expansion, and for Pippin Dew Costa, who is, albeit timidly, a voice for business growth as well.  While Katie Miessner has grown to realize that economic expansion is necessary, she has too often opposed economic expansion, and is a big part of the reason why Vallejo is in an economic mess right now.

As for the school board, I am the only candidate who has publicly opposed threats to children from marijuana, pornography, cell phones, and media indoctrination.  Not one of my opponents has publicly done this.  My opponents have never stated how Vallejo got into this mess, many are part of getting us into it, and none of them have a solution.  I have shown how Vallejo got here, what to do about it, and how we succeed short and long term.  So, please, vote for me for School Board. I need your help to transform the schools into the safe enlightenment centers they once were.  While I do disagree with every one of my opponents on a few ideas, I do support Allan Yeap’s opposition to the bond.  Allan and I both attended GATE programs in the Vallejo schools.  Ruscal and John Fox are in favor of SB 48, which places homosexual indoctrination into students learning.  Tony Gross, Tony Ubalde, Burky Worel, Allan Yeap, and Christy Gardner have not opposed this indoctrination either.

For the Vallejo voters who want the schools to be safe, and have academic excellence restored, please vote for myself, Allan Yeap, and Tony Ubalde.  Allan and Tony have good ideas that can really benefit the schools.  Ralph Gross, Christy, and John Fox are part of the failed education system, and none of them admit the problems, or have any solutions.  Ruscal is too young and inexperienced, and while he has flashes of brilliance, as he did in opposing the bond, he is involved with socialists, who believe in wealth redistribution, which is nothing other than theft.   Burky Worel is a fine man, and a former police officer.  It is a very slight edge that Tony Ubalde has over him, in my opinion.  I would not mind working with Burky Worel either.  However, if Christy, Tony Gross, Ruscal, or John Fox are elected, there will be frequent disagreements, as all four are ideologically at odds with excellence. They think money and the system will solve the problem  and ignore the real reasons why we are in this mess.  You can’t solve problems that you don’t acknowledge exist.  Christy, Tony Gross, Ruscal, and John Fox will constantly talk about their academic achievements, and involvement in various left wing organizations, and the endorsement of political figures who have figured heavily in our current dysfunction, but none have any idea how we got here or how to get out.  So, vote for them if you want mediocrity to continue.  If you are ready for excellence and success in our schools that we have never had before, vote for me, Allan Yeap, and Tony Ubalde.  Burky Worel is not a bad alternative either.

Thank you for your consideration, and please join with the silent majority to bring success back to the schools on November 6th, pushing the interest groups to the sidelines where they can cry and whine.

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