Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Russian trolls are exploiting family-separation stories ‘to sow discord among Americans’: Senator

Melania calls Secret Service after actor threatens to kidnap Barron, cage with pedophiles.

New Fear at the border

Lesbian Maddow, who favors abortion, breaks down in tears over kids at border.

ICE arrests 100 in raid at meatpacking plant. 

Chanting activists confront DHS secretary at restaurant dinner.

Antifa compiles list of 1,500 ICE agents and blasts it over Twitter.

Executive order to stop family separations at border?

Flashback: Family of immigrant family sues Obama, Administration over wrongful death. 

Bill Clinton’s “son” slams him for standing up for migrant children, and abandoning him. 

Victor Davis Hanson: Border politics and the use and abuse of history.

Federer: Why religious freedom is now threatened in America.

Do Christians have a future in homosexuality in America?

Leftist group shows activists how to kill an ICE agent, pledges to go after their families.

Chowka: The real agendas behind the “separation of families” psy ops memes.

About 60 organizations considering lawsuit against SPLC, after 3 million judgement against them.

SPLC has nearly 90 million in off shore funds. 

Hungary passes “Stop Soros” laws, defying EU, rights groups.

Dem candidates vow to dump Pelosi.

Severe obesity rates surging in rural America.

ESPN’s internal political divide. 

Giant operation against wildlife crime in 92 countries.

Virginia police stop traffic to let rattlesnake cross the road.

Germany: Left wing violence and extremism on rise.

DHS mother of separated child with Down Syndrome a witness in smuggling case

SF Protest: ICE American Gestapo.

Paul: People crossing the desert with kids is essential child abuse. 

Nolte: Four reasons Why separating border children is the only humane choice. 

60 arrested in Texas online child sex crime sting. 

Haley announces U.S. withdrawal from “Hypocritical”, “Self serving” U.N. Human rights council.

Climate change deniers likely to be old, white, and racist: Study

Geraghty: Newsom embodies California liberalism.

Goldberg: Reasonable politicians need to take immigration more seriously.

Daugherty: The political malpractice of family separation.

Billboard in Texas tells liberals to keep driving until they leave America, and don’t come back.

Malkin: Weapons of mass manipulation.

Stossel: Chinese Big Brother.

Police: Dem activist threatens to kill congressman’s children.

Charlamagne Tha God Blames Excessive Screen Time For XXXTentacion Conspiracy Theories

Feminists: It’s Always Wrong To Harass And Bully A Woman, Unless She Is A Republican

Leftist Agitators Run DHS Secretary Out Of Restaurant, Call For Children To Be Raped And Border Agents Murdered

4 Things The Media Won’t Tell You About The Border Crisis

3 Benefits Of A Border Wall That No One Is Talking About

Quit Saying The Bible Supports Your Immigration Preferences

The Mullah’s and the  hanging.

Fisher: The time I got punished for  hate speech.

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