Thursday, June 14th 2018

Mueller attorney removed over anti-Trump tweets.

Watchdog slaps insubordinate Comey.

Comey used Gmail for FBI business.

Broke from FBI procedures on Clinton probe.

FBI agents received free handouts from journalists.

5 employees referred for investigation.

Full IG report.

Web giants fueling mental health crisis.

FBI agent joked Clinton associate who lied would never be charged.

8 times DOJ Inspector General slammed James Comey in blistering new report.

Inspector General put together an insane FBI leak chart upon finding rules “widely ignored”

FBI lawyer told colleague to go easy on Hillary, “She might be our next President”.

3 takeaway’s from IG report that seriously undermine FBI’s credibility.

IG report slams FBI agent Peter Stroczk for personal e-mail use, and bias.

After IG report, Gowdy blasts FBI: I am angered and extremely disappointed. 

Schlichter: The elite never take your side.

Hunter: Liberals don’t want to defeat you, they want to destroy you.

Richards: Hillary’s intent, what Comey missed.

Wolf Blitzer says the press loves the American people.

National media ignoring arrests of 2,300 pedophiles.

Meet the other amorous FBI agents who texted about the Clinton e-mail investigation. 

“We’ll stop it”!!

Walsh: We have turned childhood into a mental disorder.

12 Things You Need To Know About The Inspector General’s DAMNING Report on The FBI’s Hillary/Trump Conduct

This Victoria’s Secret Model Left The Industry To Follow God. Here’s Her Warning For Young Girls.

Kyle Smith: The Democrats radical left turn.

Geraghty: This is a very bad report for the FBI.

STD’s are on the rise in the U.K. and Sex Ed isn’t helping.

Victor Davis Hanson: The silencing of the Inspectors General.

Trump’s best birthday.

N. Korea


Jobless claims 44 year low!!

Cal Thomas: A tribute to Charles Krauthammer.

Understanding the left.

Keyes: Under God, the indispensable pledge of our self government.

Empowering:  Mom loses ovaries, toes, uterus, after IUD ends up in stomach.

Christian teacher fired for refusing to call a girl by a boys name.-

N.Y. Times chief turns up heat on social media algorithm.

German official wants talk shows cancelled.

Supremes: states can’t ban political apparel at polls.

Hollywood figures target Nunes.



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