There’s an article called “Artist Highlights Moments That Make Single Life Blissful.” The artist is “living her best life (along with her pup!) and loving every moment of living alone.”

Living alone means you can shed your hair and not worry about the mess. It mean binging. “Living with someone makes it hard just to let go and eat as much as we want. You want to keep up appearances and make yourself look a little more put together than you are. But when you live alone, no one is watching, so binge away!”

Living alone means plants, cuddles with your pet, being dramatic, chaos (“Our worst nightmare would have to be living AND working in the same space as a significant other.”), and dance party. “But when you live alone, you can literally let your hair down and go buck wild! Pump up the jams, jump on your bed, wiggle your booty, and have the best time. Private dance parties are all the rage in the single community.”

Living alone means “me time” (“‘me time’ is all the time”), the bed to yourself, early mornings, fewer dishes, hobbies, and reading, but you get lonely. “Like we said, living alone can get lonely too. It’s not all fun and freedom all the time. Sometimes you think of something funny that you just want to share with someone, and you realize there is no one around.”

Living alone means fewer laundry days, being gross, experimenting, pampering, and being sad. “The only thing worse than being sad is being sad and alone. Somehow the sadness seems even more overwhelming, and we can’t entirely be held responsible for the actions that may or may not follow. Smashing a phone against the wall is not unheard of.”

And it goes on. She shares more benefits of living alone, but as I was typing these things, none of the benefits can make up for the negatives: being lonely and sad. Many of the things she shared, we can do married and with children. We can have plants, cuddle with our children, be dramatic (I sure am with my grandchildren!), dance, read, and so on. There’s a reason that God tells us that He puts the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6).

Living alone is hard and lonely. I don’t think God ever intended this for women especially. They need to be under the protection of a good man, either their father, brother, uncle, or husband if they’re married. This is how it should be. Yes, there are a few benefits to living alone, but not many and the negatives far outweigh the positives. This is why God created families.

God setteth the solitary in families.
Psalm 68:6

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