This is the cover of the recent edition of The New Yorker. The title of the article that goes with this picture is “Love Life” by Adrian Tomine. I can’t read the article because I am not a subscriber but I did read this: “Adrian…finds humor in our increasingly digital search for love.” Many women no longer are good housekeepers. Instead of nurturing babies, they are nurturing cats. They find their escape through alcohol. However, when it comes to searching for love, they can put on a beautiful face, a nice hairdo, pretty top, and a friendly smile.

They have been told their entire lives that their goals in life should be to search for all of the pleasure they can find while pursuing a college education and a career where they are taught Marxist feminism (which is complete rebellion against the Lord and His ways). In this way, they will find value, worth, and satisfaction. By the time they are hitting their late 30s, they aren’t so sure about the goals they were taught to seek. With a cluttered home, only cats to cuddle with, and a cold screen to stare at with a drink in their hand, they are finding that their lives are more empty and meaningless rather than fulfilling.

A woman who goes by the name of @SpiritedSparrow on Twitter wrote this about the picture: “Reminder that the same people who think keeping a tidy and cozy home, cooking, baking, raising their children, and loving their husband makes them a slave/doormat, but being alone, drinking, taking pills, eating takeout/Cheetos, and putting on a fake smile for social media is the good life.”

Almost every book in the New Testament warns us about false teachers/teachings. Feminism is false teachings. There is no such thing as Christian feminists but I can tell you that I get the most criticism from the so-called Christian feminists, since they don’t like the way I “interpret” the Bible. My teachings are “dangerous” they warn others. They think their way is the better way, only it’s the false way. There are no Christian feminists. They are simply unbelievers.

Biblical womanhood is unappealing to them. They don’t want to submit to their husbands. They want to be preachers in the churches. They’re “enlightened and educated.” They don’t want to be a slave to any man nor under the authority of any. This isn’t a new and improved way of womanhood. No, it’s the same deceptive tricks that Satan used on Eve. “Hath God said…?” And Christian feminists want to yell “NO” in unison. They need to repent and believe in Jesus Christ and what His Word commands of them. Twisting His Words by adding or subtracting from them is a dangerous place to be.

For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
Revelation 22:18,19

The Freedom of Feminism?

Coronavirus Hysteria Is Simply Too Ridiculous to Continue

By Trevor Thomas

The ignorance and the lies concerning the Wuhan virus can’t continue much longer, because time is simply revealing the truth about it.  As we continue to suffer under foolish Wuhan virus restrictions, and as many parts of the U.S. — especially those under the rule of Democrats — are again ramping up the shutdowns and the lockdowns, more and more Americans are beginning to see what many of us have long known: the Wuhan virus data simply don’t match the Wuhan virus hysteria.  The evidence of this continues to pile up. 

As they near the end of the first semester, U.S. schools provide some of the best evidence for those sick of shutdown politics and propaganda.  In spite of millions of U.S. students attending in-person classes, nowhere in America are school-aged students suffering in any significant way from the Wuhan virus.  And don’t tell me about “cases.”  As I’ve long noted when it comes to the Wuhan virus, cases without context are meaningless. 

Andrew Bostom again provides us with some important context on Wuhan virus cases.  As of early October, in spite of nearly seventy thousand reported Wuhan virus “cases” across 50 U.S. colleges and universities, there were only three hospitalizations and zerodeaths!  Almost certainly, numbers across all of America’s K–12 schools are similar.  We can be nearly certain that if this were not the case, a media establishment desperate to further the shutdown narrative would tell us so.  (The media have already been caught multiple times publishing fake news on this matter.) 

Months-old data out of Europe told us that schoolchildren were in little to no danger from the Wuhan virus.  As City Journal recently reported:

For young students, the risk of dying from Covid is lower than the risk of dying from the flu, and researchers have repeatedly found that children do not easily transmit the virus to adults.  The clearest evidence comes from Sweden, which did not close elementary schools or junior high schools during the spring Covid wave, and which did not reduce class sizes or encourage students and teachers to wear face masks.

Not a single child died, and there was little effect beyond the schools, as a team of Swedish economists reports after analyzing records of Covid infections and medical treatment for the entire Swedish population. 

Even Dr. “follow the science” Fauci finally agrees that schoolchildren are not significant spreaders of the Wuhan virus!  Yet, in U.S. schools, sporting events continue to get postponed or canceled, and many schools remain in remote learning mode or are threatening to move back in that direction.  Again, every instance of this is driven by “cases.”  Yet the vast majority of students and student-athletes are not getting sick, and if they are, they are certainly not sick to the point of death or even hospitalization.  The longer this pandemic propaganda continues, the longer it becomes clear that shutting down schools and athletic events is nothing more than a political stunt perpetuated by leftist authoritarians, or at least an ignorant reaction to the left’s Wuhan virus fear mongering.

The same is true for the lockdowns imposed on businesses and churches.  As is the case with schools, there is still zero evidence that churches and businesses are in any way significantly complicit in the spread of the Wuhan virus.  As RedState reported recently:

[T]here was never a shred of scientific evidence that putting healthy people in quarantine would do anything to ameliorate the spread of COVD-19.  Moreover, everything we knew about viruses made the idea of quarantining people who aren’t sick completely absurd.

Even the CDC’s most recent pandemic planning guide from 2017 admitted that “direct evidence for the effectiveness of these measures is limited.”  And by “limited” they meant non-existent.  There wasn’t a single study that supports the idea that quarantining healthy people was going to do a damn thing to stop a virus from spreading.

The European Centre for Disease Control’s summary of the research was more honest.  They noted that “there are few, if any, empirical data underpinning” the assumptions that workplace closures do anything to stop viruses from spreading.  Indeed, they found no evidence for the effectiveness of any social distancing measures.

In spite of the science and the months of real-time data that proved it unnecessary, the left has persisted with shutting down businesses and churches.  As a result of these state-enforced lockdowns, hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the U.S. have shut down — many of them permanently. 

Data from late September show that between March 1 and August 31, a total of 163,735 businesses on Yelp — which is especially representative of small businesses — closed.  According to Yelp, about 60 percent of these businesses (nearly 98,000) will never reopen.  The Yelp data reveal that small restaurants and retail stores have been hit particularly hard.  It has made zero sense that Walmart, Target, Home Depot — none of whom were requiring masks as late as middle July — and the like have been allowed to remain open, while your local diner, gun store, or gym was forced to close. 

Some small business–owners have had enough and are defying their states’ lockdown orders. As noted at Powerline recently

Larvita McFarquhar, a single mother who owns a bar and restaurant called Havens Garden in Lynd, Minnesota … announced on Facebook that her establishment would be open for business with music and food service from 9 to 11 last night, despite last week’s order from Minnesota’s governor purporting to close all bars and restaurants and despite the threats she received from government agencies.


Robby Dinero, the owner of Athletes Unleashed gym located in Orchard Park, New York, tore up a $15,000 fine from the Erie County Health Department during a live Fox News interview[.] …

The veteran, having pointed out Cuomo’s and Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz[‘s] six-figure taxpayer-funded salaries, challenged them to look their constituents’ children in the eyes and tell them their parents’ work is not “essential.”

The lockdown rules, he believes, deny citizens their Constitutional right to earn a living.

Dinero then ripped up the fine on camera while supporters behind waved American flags and shouted, “We will not comply.”

U.S. News reports that in California, fed up small business–owners “struggling to remain afloat are increasingly defying new shutdown orders.”  Miguel Aguilar, founder and owner of Self Made Training Facility, rightly concludes, “We are definitely not complying.  We have enough information to make an educated decision: The data do not back another shutdown.”

Nor do the data back the mask mandates.  Comparing maps of mask-wearers in U.S. states versus average daily Wuhan virus cases, John Hinderaker at Powerline reveals that there is “no evident correlation between mask wearing and new Wuhan infections.”  A recent Danish study on masks — the largest of its kind — agrees. 

Kevin Roche at Healthy Skeptic recently reported on the Danish mask study and reveals the study’s conclusions: “wearing a mask makes no difference in cases or in level of transmission in the community.”  Data onmask mandates versus Wuhan virus infection cases across the U.S. and Europe reveal the same.

What’s more, anyone paying attention well knows that masks on the public at large are useless for stopping or even slowing the spread of a virus.  Among other things, this is because, outside a surgery room, virtually no one is wearing masks according to CDC standards.  People constantly have their hands on them, they wear them below their noses, they fail to clean them properly, and so on. 

After nine months of near meaningless measures by leftist authoritarians and those duped by their fear-mongering, time has made it clear that the Wuhan virus is simply going to do what most viruses do: run its course, have exposure to the vast majority of us, and have little to no impact on the vast majority of us.  It is past time for the decision-makers in our society to heed this mountain of information and end the cancelations, mandates, shutdowns, and lockdowns.

Trevor Grant Thomas: At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith and Reason.
Trevor is the author of The Miracle and Magnificence of America.

More Confirmation We’re Being Led Like Lambs To The Slaughter As America Plunges Down The Rabbit Hole On A Slippery Slope To Becoming A Communist Hellhole Like China
Prepare To Be Marked, Tracked And Stacked As Globalists Post-COVID World Is Forced Upon America

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or DieAccording to this new story over at the Daily Mail, a ‘COVID-passport’ for air travelers who have had a ‘coronavirus vaccine’ is in final stages of being developed with the ‘kicker’ to follow: “amid reports airlines will BAN anyone who has refused the injection.

While numerous government’s across the world have stated they won’t make any vaccine ‘mandatory’ for their populations (and we believe that will change as the ‘boiling frog syndrome’ kicks into high gear), we get more evidence that ‘big businesses’, including the airline industry and private employers, WILL make vaccines mandatory for their employees and customers: “You won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without the vaccine.”

And with that warning of what lays ahead sounding just like Revelation 13:17“so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name”, as one commenter mentioned on that Daily Mail story of a recently proposed bill in US Congress, “S.R. 6666, google it”. With a name like SR6666, that surely must be some “wacky right-wing conspiracy theory”, right? Absolutely not. Check it out yourself. The introduction to SR6666 is as follows.:

To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.
 And while Reuters and other mainstream news media outlets immediately attempted to downplay warnings from truth seekers that this proposed government bill will allow‘COVID-compliance officials’ into people’s homes, reporting that “H.R. 6666 bill allowing strangers to enter your house, test you for COVID-19 and take family members into quarantine” was a ‘false claim’, just look at the name for the bill and tell us what you think: “The COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone(TRACE) Act”.

As Natural News had reported in this November 25th story titled“CDC proposes concentration camps in America, plans to invade homes and separate families”, documents over at the CDC’s own website document their plans to help prevent the spread of covid-19, including using the “shielding approach”to quarantine “high risk” individuals that includes older adults and and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19

Innocent people who are symptom-free could be ripped away from their families and loved ones, put on lockdown, and lose their freedom. The CDC admits that the effectiveness of preventing infection using the shielding approach, a euphemism for strict, mass quarantines, has never been documented.

And thankfully, while we see in the comments in the screenshot above from this Daily Mail story that people around the world are not ‘buying into it’, it may already be too late with the ‘rapidly simmering water’ that most Americans have been lounging within beginning to boil. As ‘Anonymous 30000’ pointed out in their top-rated comment on that story, “we are being led like lambs to the slaughter”

Another top-rated comment from the story, “Here we go down the rabbit hole. Next, you won’t be able to go to the grocery store or work without it. Gov control. N W O”. The following bullet points from the Daily Mail story show us what is in store for airline travelers and thus, eventually for the rest of us as this ‘trickle down medical tyranny’ spreads across America and the world.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is developing a digital ‘vaccination passport’ 

They say it is crucial for vaccination data to be matched with a traveler’s identity if the tourism industry is to be quickly rebooted

Therefore, a person’s vaccination history may be digitally linked to their physical passport in future 

No countries have yet declared that international arrivals will have to be vaccinated for COVID-19 before they arrive at their borders 

Airlines have similarly not confirmed that they will mandate the vaccine 

However, if countries and airlines decide to do so, the ‘vaccination passport’ could become an essential component of international travel

And with a world renowned infection/immunity expert recently warning that “Life Won’t Ever Be Completely Normal Again” as reported in this Zero Hedge story, proclaiming that “Covid is never going away”, as commenter ‘Looney’ had pointed out in the top-rated comment on that story, “neither are the seasonal flu, the common cold, herpes, and salmonella.”

Yet America and the world aren’t being ‘completely locked down’ for those illnesses! Some more of the top-rated comments from this Daily Mail story shown via screenshot below help illustrate the ‘slippery slope’ America and the entire western world is being herded down. 

(ANP EMERGENCY FUNDRAISERDue to unexpected medical and emergency repair billsplease consider donating to ANP to help keep us in this ‘Info-war’ for America at this most critical time in US history, during a time of systematic ‘big tech’ censorship and widespread Democrat corruption.)

With Communist China proclaiming that all human beings should be ‘marked and tracked’ to help prevent the further spread of covid-19, and 2020 Democrats seemingly eager to do whatever their ‘Communist overlords’ ask of them, can you imagine what America might look like in 2021 should globalist Joe Biden get into office and fully implement his draconian vision for America! Promising a total lockdown of America of between 4 and 6 weeks in an attempt to ‘get the virus under control’, let’s take an extended look at this new story over at Zero Hedge titled “”A Horrifying Future” – WEF’s Vision For A Post-COVID World”The World Economic Forum (WEF) has just published (October 2020) a so-called White Paper, entitled “Resetting the Future of Work Agenda – in a Post-Covid World”(ANP: We have embedded that entire document at the very bottom of this story for you to read yourself.)This 31-page document reads like a blueprint on how to “execute” – because an execution (or implementation) would be – “Covid-19 – The Great Reset” (July 2020), by Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO (since the foundation of the WEF in 1974) and his associate Thierry Malleret. They call “Resetting the Future” a White Paper, meaning it’s not quite a final version. It is a draft of sorts, a trial balloon, to measure people’s reactions. It reads indeed like an executioner’s tale. Many people may not read it – have no awareness of its existence. If they did, they would go up in arms and fight this latest totalitarian blueprint, offered to the world by the WEF. It promises a horrifying future to some 80%-plus of the (surviving) population. George Orwell’s “1984” reads like a benign fantasy, as compared to what the WEF has in mind for humanity. The time frame is ten years – by 2030 – the UN agenda 2021 – 2030 should be implemented. Planned business measures in response to COVID-19: An acceleration of digitized work processes, leading to 84% of all work processes as digital, or virtual / video conferences. Some 83% of people are planned to work remotely – i.e. no more interaction between colleagues – absolute social distancing, separation of humanity from the human contact. About 50% of all tasks are planned to be automated – in other words, human input will be drastically diminished, even while remote working. Accelerate the digitization of upskilling / reskilling (e.g. education technology providers) – 42% of skill upgrading or training for new skills will be digitized, in other words, no human contact – all on computer, Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms. Accelerate the implementation of upskilling / reskilling programs – 35% of skills are planned to be “re-tooled” – i.e. existing skills are planned to be abandoned – declared defunct. Accelerate ongoing organizational transformations (e.g. restructuring) – 34% of current organizational set-ups are planned to be “restructured’ – or, in other words, existing organizational structures will be declared obsolete – to make space for new sets of organizational frameworks, digital structures that provide utmost control over all activities. Temporarily reassign workers to different tasks – this is expected to touch 30% of the work force. That also means completely different pay-scales – most probably unlivable wages, which would make the also planned “universal basic salary” or “basic income” – a wage that allows you barely to survive, an obvious need. – But it would make you totally dependent on the system – a digital system, where you have no control whatsoever. Temporarily reduce workforce – this is projected as affecting 28% of the population. It is an additional unemployment figure, in disguise, as the “temporarily” will never come back to full-time. Permanently reduce workforce – 13% permanently reduced workforce. Temporarily increase workforce – 5% – there is no reference to what type of workforce – probably unskilled labor that sooner or later will also be replaced by automation, by AI and robotization of the workplace. No specific measures implemented – 4% – does that mean, a mere 4% will remain untouched? From the algorithm and AI-directed new work places? – as small and insignificant as the figure is, it sounds like “wishful thinking”, never to be accomplished.Permanently increase workforce – a mere 1% is projected as “permanently increased workforce”. This is of course not even cosmetics. It is a joke. This is the what is being put forth, namely the concrete process of implementing The Great Reset.

And everybody who has witnessed the leftists ‘climate change agenda’ fail over the past decade should be able to see that very agenda being written into stone in the globalists Covid-19 plans. 

As this story over at titled “Lab Coat Tyranny”reports, “California is using ‘public health’ as a rationale to push progressive political goals.” With those ‘progressive political goals’ accomplished by Covid-19 lockdowns perfectly seen in this Daily Mail story titled “Before and after images show how coronavirus lockdown is ridding cities of their pollution and clearing the earth’s skies”, as this July story on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones reported, we may soon witness “A New World Order…..For The Few Left Behind”

As that story over at Infowars written by Paul Joseph Watson had reported, in this ‘age of Covid-19’ that we’re now living in, the mysterious Georgia Guidestones are suddenly receiving renewed attention.: 

Mysterious stone monuments in Georgia that call for a drastic reduction in the earth’s population are receiving fresh attention in light of the global coronavirus pandemic. The Georgia Guidestones were built in 1980 at a cost of $500,000 dollars on behalf of “a small group of loyal Americans” who remain anonymous to this day, but is believed to include philanthropist and population control-enthusiast Ted Turner. Turner has repeatedly advocated for a 95 percent population reduction and attends weird confabs with the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros to discuss how globalists could use their wealth to “slow the growth of the world’s population.” As Lesley Kennedy points out, “In the middle of the time of Covid, in 2020, the Georgia Guidestones take on a whole new meaning.” The most controversial aspect of the stones is the message carved into them, which has made the monument a target for vandals on a number of different occasions. The stones call for “maintaining humanity under 500 million,” a figure which the world hasn’t seen since the 1500’s and would require outright mass genocide to achieve.

In the first video below, we hear from David Knight about the globalists ‘carrot and stick plan’ to get the masses vaccinated, warning of a potential $1,500 “stimulus check”for those taking ‘the jab’ while also warning us about airlines openly talking about ‘vaccine passports’ being required to travel. And as Knight warns us, just in case we’re tempted to cave-in and get ‘the jab’“here’s how the mRNA vaccine works”

And in the 2nd/final video below titled “Great Reset Medical Tyranny Depopulation Plan Exposed”, we learn more about the globalists ‘depopulation plans’ hiding within their plans for ‘a Great Reset’.

Makow- The Social Contract is Broken


What is now happeningin the US mirrorsthe 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.
Will it be followed by aRed Terror?  

“This is the test. If Trump retains the Presidency, he is a genuine American patriot. But if he doesn’t, it means he took a fall because he is beholden to the same people as the Communists.”

by Henry Makow PhD
The social contract guarantees personal freedom, democracy, and justice in exchange for the obligations of citizenship. “No taxation without representation” was the battle cry of the American Revolution. 
This contract has been severed by two world-changing events:
1. The upgrading of the common flu to a “pandemic” in order to rob millions of their livelihoods and enact drastic, political, social, and economic changes outlined in UN Agenda 21. Include the preposterous idea that they can vaccinate the whole world against an ailment with no symptoms and a minuscule death rate. And exclude you from society unless you submit to a vaccination which is no different than rape.


2. The blatant theft of the 2020 US Presidential election with the complicity of the mass media, corporate America, Dept. of Justice, the FBI, and possibly Trump himself. Communists have been rigging elections around the world for decades. It is very hard to believe that Trump did not know that George Soros’ Antifa was counting the vote. 
What does this mean? We have been egregiously betrayed.
Clearly, a Communist one-world government is already in place. It is based at the UN, the WHO, the US Demonrat Party, and China. It seeks total control over our lives combined with total surveillance. 
They have imposed an identical covid template worldwide: masks, social distancing, lockdowns, remote learning, plexiglass, floor signs, etc.  
The Masonic Jewish (Satanist) central banking cartel is behind all of this. They control all corporations; this is why their advertising promotes homosexuality, white displacement, and miscegenation instead of just a product. 
The ultimate goal is outlined in The Protocols of Zion, to dispossess and enslave humanity, starting with Europeans. 

We gave our national credit cards to people who want to destroy us. They create the medium of exchange, our “money” out of nothing as a debt to themselves. We could do this ourselves debt-and-interest-free. They intend to extend this monopoly over our credit into a monopoly over our souls. This cancer is the source of our problems.


If Biden assumes power, we can kiss civilization goodbye. We’ll see reality turned upside down; truth, reason, merit, and justice will be replaced by Communist shibboleths designed to destroy us. 

The American equivalent of the Bolshevik Revolution is happening right now. You can bet that if Biden gets confirmed, people who voted for Trump will be persecuted. Read James Perloff’s article, “Do Americans Face a Red Terror?”     Read what the Cheka did.  The Demonrats have already made noises about exacting revenge and reeducating 70 million Americans. What if they decide it is easier to kill them? I am sounding an alarm here. If Biden is confirmed, they’ll come after Conservatives.
Unfortunately, Trump may be a Kerensky figure, a midwife to Communism. Like Kerensky, Trump is a Freemason. Communism and Zionism are the two pincers of Freemasonry. Freemasonry is the instrument of Organized Jewry, which is controlled by the Rothschilds.  
Are we kidding ourselves? Trump is in favor of mass vaccinations. He allowed Bill Gates and Fauci to commit this atrocity. 

Is this man seriously interested in preserving freedom? Trump supports what Israel is doing to Palestinians, what Saudis are doing to Yemenese. He menaces Iran on Israel’s behalf.
This is our defense against tyranny?
This is the test. If Trump retains the Presidency, he is a genuine American patriot. But if he doesn’t, it means he took a fall because he is beholden to the same people as the Communists.
Civilization is hanging by a thread. A New York Jewish gangster is our only defence against a Dark Winter for eternity.
See why I am anxious?

Examining the Evidence for Democrats’ ‘No Evidence of Voter Fraud’ Claim

By Jon N. Hall

On November 14, the U.S. edition of The Guardian ran an article by Harvard Law professor Laurence H. Tribe headlined “Republicans are playing with fire.  And we all risk getting burned.”  Tribe claimed that there is “no evidence” so far of systemic fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

The next day on FNC’s Fox News Sunday, Mr. Tribe and Judge Kenneth Starr discussed the president’s legal challenges to the election.  It’s an interesting exchange, and one can watch it here and here.  In this writer’s opinion, Mr. Starr was the more persuasive, for Tribe again claimed “there is nothing in his [Trump’s] arguments and no evidence to back them.”

Immediately after Tribe’s claim, FNC’s moderator quoted a November 12 joint statement put out by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a division of the DHS: “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised.”  The CISA’s statement is quite short, and it should be read with a jaundiced eye.  There are no links to web pages that explain its methodology and how it arrived at its conclusion that the 2020 election is “the most secure election in American history.”  But that’s not saying much, given America’s long history of election fraud.

By employing the same “no evidence” rhetoric, both Tribe and the CISA attempt to shut down the debate.  The tacit implication is that they have examined all of the evidence and found none of it to hold water.  Also, by employing “no evidence” rhetoric, they expect us to accept them as the experts on these matters.

But this article isn’t about rhetoric; it’s about evidence, and there is “no evidence” that the vote counts in the 2020 presidential election are correct.  But then no one can produce evidence to demonstrate what the legitimate vote counts were in any presidential election, at least within any reasonable time constraints.  The changes to our voting systems in the 2020 elections were expressly designed so that there cannot be any evidence.  Professor Tribe should tell us what the evidence would consist of that would allow us to know what the correct vote counts are.

Larry Tribe may like to oraculate from on high as though he were some objective, disinterested analyst calling balls and strikes, but he’s actually a highly partisan left-wing Democrat.  In the Guardian article, he touches on the possibility of state legislatures going rogue and appointing electors who would vote against the candidate the people (supposedly) voted for.  In disapproving of that, Tribe proves himself a hypocrite, for back in 2016, he was involved with Electors Trust and even wrote a letter “encouraging electors to vote against Trump.”  In other words, Tribe was urging that they go rogue and become faithless electors.  Also, when President Trump fired FBI director James Comey, which was entirely within his purview, Tribe urged impeachment.  Tribe seems little better than the worthies on MSNBC and CNN who were hired precisely because they’re willing to say anything.

Only a small portion of Tribe’s article in The Guardian deals with vote counts.  It quickly gets past election issues and degenerates into yet another broadside against Republicans in general and Trump in particular, and it’s wacky, repugnant stuff.  However, it can be read for its sociological value and for entertainment.

For Tribe to pooh-pooh the considerable evidence that has been brought forward is evidence of Tribe’s bad faith.  Perhaps Larry Tribe is a fraud.  What kind of election systems would Tribe propose that would give Americans confidence in the vote count?

It was after the 37-day post-election brouhaha in 2000 when I started thinking about how to mend our broken election systems.  One of my aims was not only to make fraud detectable, which it currently isn’t, but also to make fraud impossible to commit, or at least much more difficult.  Have any of the changes made to our election systems since 2000 tried to do that?  Of course not — the changes have all been geared to making registration and voting easier and easier.  Election integrity hasn’t been the aim.

Larry Tribe would benefit from watching the opening to Mark Levin’s FNC show of November 22, “What is the civil litigation process of 2020 election suits?”  He can find it here and here.  Not only will Tribe discover that there are tons of evidence, but he might also learn how to litigate a case.

Why shouldn’t the Tribes of this world be required to prove that no fraud occurred?  For that matter, why shouldn’t the boards of elections in the states be required to provide proof of the integrity of their elections?  Voters are expected to just accept that the election officials in the several states are competent and honest and wouldn’t dream of breaking the law to throw an election to their candidate.

Whenever some self-appointed “expert” makes a claim of there being “no evidence” for something, insist that he produce the evidence for his claims.  Ask him: what evidence do you have that there is “no evidence”?

Because they haven’t demanded that our election systems be fixed so that vote counts can be shown to be correct, the American people may deserve to have a frail, senile president and a braying, hebephrenic V.P.  More’s the pity.

As of November 30, we were still counting votes for U.S. representatives.  If it weren’t for the 20th Amendment, which moved Inauguration Day from March 4 to January 20, we’d have 43 more days to contest this election’s fraud.  The U.S. Supreme Court needs to vacate the presidential elections in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, and especially Pennsylvania and order that new elections be held with more security.  The mountain of evidence of fraud demands a do-over.

Jon N. Hall of ULTRACON OPINION is a programmer from Kansas City.


A meme has been going around social media sites lately that states this: “Parents, I can’t stress this enough…Teach your daughter economic independence so in the future she can have a partner, not a master. Teach your son to do housework so in the future, he can have a partner, not a servant.”

This post is a slam against biblical roles laid out in the Bible. It’s a way to mock them.

Do you know that there’s nowhere in the Bible that commands women to be economically independent? Yes, many will use the Proverbs 31 woman as an example but even in Proverbs 31, there’s no command for women to earn money and she wasn’t a career woman as many claim. In fact, we are told in 1 Timothy that older widows are to be supported by family and relatives, and if she has none, then the church is to provide for them. Nowhere does is say that older widows must go find a job to make money in order to survive. Younger widows aren’t told to have a back up plan “just in case.” No, they are told to marry, bear children, and guide the home. The men are to be the providers of the women.

Are husbands who work hard to provide for their families servants to their families? Yes. They are serving their families by working hard so their families will be provided for, and this is good. Are women who stay home, bear children, and guide the home servants to their husbands? Yes, as their help meets, they are serving their husbands by taking care of their homes and children, and this is good.

Our culture has made serving others as something disgusting and something that we should flee from. God tells us that the greatest of all is the servant of all. Our lives should be full of loving and serving others. “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service” (Romans 12:1). What our culture considers evil, God calls good. Don’t be sucked into worldly, godless thinking. Learn to love to serve your husband and children! When you are serving them, you are serving the Lord. “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men” (Colossians 3:23).

This popular memes wants to make sure that sons and daughters are being raised with no clearly defined roles. No, it’s not wrong for your daughters to learn to make some money (while not going into debt for Marxist’s colleges) and sons to learn to do some homemaking, but the role of provider is clearly the men’s role and homemaking is clearly the role of women. Our culture has elevated having a job and making money and devalued homemaking, but each role is good, needed, and beneficial for the family. God’s roles create peace. This meme creates chaos and strife.

And he sat down, and called the twelve, and saith unto them, If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.
Mark 9:35

Wanting a Partner and Not a Servant

Mike Stone- Communists Destroyed Small Business


(Weddings and all they represent- banned) 
Communism under the cover of COVID
Covid is an excuse to do to small business owners what Stalin did to the Kulaks in Ukraine:Exterminate them.  The Holomodor.Communists don’t want anyone to be economically independent. 
“Mine is just one corner of a city filled with millions of people. 
One tiny slice of life. But it’s magnified by thousands, possibly millions, of other shuttered businesses all over the world. Businesses gone bust, dreams destroyed, lives ruined, all because of a lockdown over a phony virus.”

Los Angeles residents ordered to stay at home until Christmas week, with all gatherings BANNED… except for church & PROTESTS

by Mike Stone(
Nothing is more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day, and no window display is more beautiful than the one at the bridal shop down the street from where I live. 
Mannequins wearing snow white wedding dresses, images of gushing young brides, everything artfully displayed and presented.
 Of all the display windows in all of the shops I have passed in my life, none of them has filled me with more joy than this one. None of them has so consistently brought a smile to my face. None of them has so clearly represented love, marriage, motherhood, the future, and everything good about life.


Thanks to the lockdown, that bridal shop is permanently closed.
I passed by there today. The store is empty and dark, the once beautiful window covered with dust and graffiti, the street in front littered with trash.
Other casualties in my neighborhood include a service station, a car dealership, a print shop, a dry cleaner, a Pilates studio, two gyms, two coffee shops, and countless restaurants, all of them permanently closed. Their windows and walls covered with graffiti, their parking lots littered with trash. The businesses still standing are hanging on by their fingernails.This is just one corner of a city filled with millions of people. One tiny slice of life. But it’s magnified by thousands, possibly millions, of other shuttered businesses all over the world. Businesses gone bust, dreams destroyed, lives ruined, all because of a lockdown over a phony virus.
Behind each of those businesses are people: owners and employees. They’re gone too. 
What level of anger, shame, and sadness do you think they must be feeling? How does a person cope when everything they’ve worked and dreamed of attaining in life is forcibly wiped out by uncaring and corrupt government officials? I wonder, do they cry themselves to sleep at night?
A great irony of all this occurs when I walk past the shops to the residential neighborhoods. I see Riding With Biden signs prominently displayed in front of homes and apartment buildings. People actually voting against their own best interests, voting to destroy their own neighborhood.


Since the #scamdemic began six months ago, the number of homeless men in my neighborhood has tripled, from around thirty to what looks like over a hundred; and the number of homeless women I’ve spotted has gone from zero to a dozen. These aren’t your typical bag ladies either. They’re young women in their twenties and thirties who are now living in tents on the sidewalk.
The guy living in the alley behind my building calls to me from his cardboard shelter and asks if I can spare any pants. The one pair he owns is shredded. In my closet I find two pairs of pleated gray slacks; brand new, never worn, perfectly pressed. I’m hesitant to part with them, but how can I not? If Creepy Joe steals the election and institutes a nationwide lockdown as he said he would, we might all end up living on the street. The day might come when I’m forced to ask a stranger, “Brother, can you spare a pair of pants?”
The people instigating the lockdowns and, even more so, the people supporting them all share one thing in common: they continue to draw a paycheck. They’re either working for the government or they’re able to work from home. None of them has suffered a loss of income. None of them has ever known the pain of life without a livelihood.
But it’s not just government officials and employees who are complicit in this most nefarious of crimes. There are the order followers. Those mindless police officers and sheriffs who have harassed, ticketed and even arrested brave and honest American citizens for doing nothing more than trying to earn a living and support their families. Although, I must say that the police and sheriffs in Los Angeles have been outstanding, refusing to enforce the governor’s latest insane demands for a 10 PM curfew and a canceled Thanksgiving.


There’s also a third group responsible for this mess: the mask-wearers. Those willfully ignorant dumbasses who continue to wear their face diapers. In some ways, they’re the most insidious ones of all. Without them, none of this would be going on. Without their daily reminder of mass insanity, everyone would realize what a gigantic fraud it all is. If ordinary people came to their senses and ceased wearing those utterly useless face masks, the entire false narrative would come crumbling down.
Alas, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The majority of people in this country are brainwashed to the point of no return. The good news is we don’t need all of them. People are so robotic they’ll follow whatever the herd is doing. All we need is a small percentage of them to wake up and then the others will follow en masse.
Keep the faith. Don’t throw in the towel. If Trump is declared the winner of the stolen election, we will have a slight window of time to right the ship, to get things fixed. Pray that happens.——Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles – – Available on Amazon.
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Anonymous Communist agitators still attacking my business Yelp account, five years after I sold my business.

No one kicks a dead dog, and only dead fish go with the flow. If you speak the truth in public, the Communist Democrats have networks of thugs online and in public, trained to viciously attack your reputation, and threaten you with violence.

These people are anonymous, as they are too cowardly to be identified lying and libeling, which could lead to serious lawsuits. So, when we conservatives are banned online, these anonymous agitators find our sites, and will spread their malevolent, malicious, and libelous lies.

I’m sharing this so all conservatives will know what to expect. Please do not be afraid. There is nothing to fear. There are more with us than with them. They seek to terrify us into submission. The solution is to refuse to be intimidated.

There have been dozens of these defaming, and libelous attacks that Yelp has deleted over the years, as the people, likely don’t even have jobs (being paid by Soros doesn’t count), and have never had any interactions with me or my business.

Here is the verbatim comment from Ashley G, from Torrance, CA. Following, is my response. If anyone thinks it’s harsh, or severe, remember, this has been a seven year attack from the left. Likely this is a fake account, and this isn’t the name or location for the person commenting. Liars are afraid of publicity.

Conservatives need to have a backbone, courage, bravery, and dedication, to a cause which is greater than us. Rebellion against tyranny is obedience to God.

The link to the yelp page is below.

Ashley D.Ashley D.0601 star rating11/29/2020 This man is absolutely unprofessional and a complete bigot…not to mention pathetically single…but mainly he is an uninformed wannabe just barley treading above water. Anyone thinking of doing business would definitely look into this crook further. Good day

Response from Ryan: Your Cultural Marxist response, like the dozens of others posted over the last seven years, from your fellow Communists, will likely be deleted in a few days, as I have no idea who you are, and you’ve never worked with my business.

As for your assertion that I’m a “bigot and completely unprofessional”, you’d have no way of knowing, as you don’t live in my county, and have never worked with me or my business. You’re part of a network of hired agitators, paid to terrorize Americans who speak out against your overlords murder, lying, and theft.

You’re not that different from a terrorist, which is why people like you stay anonymous, to assassinate people’s characters in the shadows. I wonder what your drug and arrest history look like.

As for being “pathetically single”, Jesus, the Apostle Paul, Isaac Newton, and many other men were single, and it didn’t hinder them in the least. Unlike Communists, brainwashed to believe that, like beasts, they must do whatever they feel like, many of us realize self control is the royal road to peace and joy.

That I’m a “uninformed wannabe just barley (sic) treading above water”, has no meaning to me, as you’re badly uninformed, no wise person wants to be like you, and I guess you might be talking about the usual Communist talking points of flaunting your wealth, as if might makes right. It doesn’t, and your lies will catch up to you. It never fails, anonymous commenters come and comment, they could be the same people, then leave and don’t respond, as none of you can win a debate.

Then you call me a “crook”, which is grounds for a libel lawsuit.

I will be contacting yelp to see about getting your personal information to file a libel lawsuit against you. When you’re bankrupt and penniless, maybe then you’ll learn not to publicly lie.

OAN Reports: Seized SCYTL Data 2020 Election Map By New California State President, Paul Preston

By Paul Preston, AENN“We’ve been telling everyone that New California State is a strong Red State. Now the real facts are emerging from the 2020 election that proves we were right all along”……. Paul Preston, President, Founder of New California State
The massive voter fraud we are now seeing exposed is all because President Donald J. Trump won the 2020 election in a major landslide. The basis of the voter fraud by the Democrats was their anticipation President Trump would win re-election unless they could come up with a way modify the election to such a degree as to cancel out the anticipated surge in Trump votes at the polls.

The strategy was a simple ballot stuffing solution. Ballot stuffing has been around as long as the idea to have voting and elections. The first recorded popular elections of officials to public office, by majority vote, where all citizens were eligible both to vote and to hold public office, date back to the Ephors of Sparta in 754 B.C., under the mixed government of the Spartan Constitution.

Ballot stuffing or ballot box stuffing is electoral fraud which a greater number of ballots are cast than the number of people who legitimately voted. The term refers generally to the act of casting illegal votes or submitting more than one ballot per voter when only one ballot per voter is permitted. Ballot Stuffing has been with every election in some way shape or form.

Recent acts by the U.S. government to prove election fraud in the U.S. 2020 general election have turned up information found in servers located in Germany and Spain. The servers were obtained by U.S. agents and military operators who raided the offices of SCYTL a vote counting company owned by George Soros. The map above is a representation of the actual electoral votes President Trump won on election night without the “ballot stuffing”. It is suspected this map gave a reference point to the Democrats as to how many and in which states they needed to stuff ballots.Have an idea of the number of necessary ballots they needed to overcome Trumps enormous lead in so many states allowed them to marshal the necessary tools and people to provide either physical ballots or electronic vote transfers.

Researchers ignore scientific evidence, use obsolete data to push national mask mandate

Saturday, November 28, 2020 by: Divina Ramirez
Tags: badhealth, badmedicine, badscience, coronavirus, covid-19, face masks, health freedom, masks, pandemic
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Image: Researchers ignore scientific evidence, use obsolete data to push national mask mandate

(Natural News) On Oct. 23, the scientific journal Nature Medicine published a report with a bewildering claim: Some 130,000 COVID-19 fatalities in the U.S. could be avoidedby the end of February 2021 if at least 95 percent of Americans wore masks.

Scores of news outlets scrambled to cover the report the following weeks, with some even citing the need for a national mask mandate. But at the heart of that report was a grossly erroneous detailthat would change those numbers altogether and, in turn, weaken the case for said mask mandate.

More than 80 percent of Americans have been wearing masks since late spring, said Phillip Magness, a senior research fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research. In contrast, researchers from the University of Washington‘s Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation (IHME) built their projection around the assumption that only 49 percent of Americans were wearing masks from April through June.

The researchers had even labeled their data as current as of late September. Therefore, it only makes sense that they arrived at a seemingly incredible projection. However, if their model had started with the 80 percent mask adoption rate, any additional gains would have been small and nowhere near their initial numbers.

Not a compelling case for a national mask mandate

To make matters worse, Magness pointed out that Nature Medicine published the report after only seven days of peer review. As per a study published in Scientometricsonly 19 percent of 3,500 case authors reported that they were informed about the outcome of their studies within a month of peer review.

While inconclusive, these figures support Magness’s claim that Nature Medicine grossly rushed the peer review process for the IHME report.

That being said, the IHME researchers’ 49 percent baseline could very well have been true during the first few months of the pandemic in the U.S. However, as leftists and Democratic politicians started touting the efficacy of mask-wearing in preventing transmission of the coronavirus, many Americans started wearing masks.

Unfortunately, it appears that the IHME researchers failed to adjust to the change in the public’s use of masks and stuck with their initial 49 percent figure, which came from survey data collected by the data-analytics firm Premise between April 23 and June 26.

However, the researchers could have easily cross-checked that figure against the findings of many other recent surveys on mask usage in the U.S. According to an Economist/YouGov poll, for instance, the mask usage rate in the U.S. hit a staggering 78 percent in July and hasn’t dropped from the high 70s and low 80s range since.

Furthermore, Magness also pointed out that Premise’s 49 percent mask adoption rate only included those who reported always wearing a mask in public. In contrast, the Economist/YouGov poll’s 78 percent figure includes respondents who said they almost always wear masks.

“[Those] who refuse [to wear masks] are putting their lives, their families, their friends, and their communities at risk,” said IHME Director Christopher Murray. But as it is, millions of Americans have been protecting their families, friends and communities since late spring.

In light of the report’s significant discrepancies, it seems that Murray and his colleagues’ projection that about 130,000 lives could be saved by wearing masks paints a misleading picture of pandemic response in the US. It also appears that their projection is based not on scientific evidence but on bad data. (Related: Biden spins his proposed nationwide mask mandate, now calling it “guidance.”)

Magness has reached out to Nature Medicine‘s editors regarding the misleading projections. However, he said the editors, who took almost two weeks to respond, replied that his “alleged discrepancies” were “not issues of substance that would require further action.”

Furthermore, the editors noted that the IHME researchers reported information about the datasets utilized in the report. In other words, said Magness, the editors do not think the willful use of obsolete data in the report is significant.

Read more articles about public health policies amid the coronavirus pandemic at