On the resignation of Marianne Kearney-Brown from the Vallejo School Board

Initially, when I heard Ms. Kearney Brown was running for school board, I had mixed feelings.  She had been a good teacher of my sister, personally,  however, I saw who her major supporters were, and I wasn’t impressed.  They were socialist proponents, weed proponents, and those who really weren’t astute when it came to government.  My mistrust of them is mutual, many view me as a religious lunatic, and won’t speak to me.  So when she was appointed, sure enough, the same socially liberal policies I had expected and feared she would promote, were promoted.  Of course, the entire board is composed of Democrats of one shade or another, because apparently, Vallejo is the whore of the Democrat party, for them to use at will.  Whatever Democrat leaders in the state or nation say, Vallejo’s Democrats will whore themselves out to do it.  ‘Yes massa’, they say, and they follow the party line.


You often see members come to local meetings who represent national Democrat organizations, and this is supposed to add weight to their arguments.  In reality, it is these out of touch, out of Vallejo, state and national Democrat organizations that are destroying Vallejo.  Vallejo bent over backward to accommodate Silicon Valley and put computers in our children’s classrooms and give kids laptops.  Does Silicon Valley care our kids are among the stupidest (and I’m sorry, that’s the hard truth.  When you have 30% of your 12th graders graduating competent at the 12th grade level in math and English, your kids are the opposite of intelligent), in the nation?  No, they do not.  They only care about their profits.  Has Silicon Valley paid one cent into Vallejo?  If they have I haven’t seen it.  So, while we speak so highly of the tech titans who are robbing us blind and stealing our data, while giving us practically nothing of value at all, we have kids at Bethel being taught Andrew Carnegie committed crimes against humanity, when he paid $550,000 of his own money in 1903 to give Vallejo a library, that he never used or visited.  Yet, the thanks he gets, is teachers bad mouthing him to kids a little over a century later.  These are the kinds of shenanigans that take place under Ms. Kearney Brown, and she isn’t worried about them.  If you are a parent, and your kid stands a good chance of getting beat up or molested by kids in Vallejo schools, partially because the Vallejo schools won’t ban cell phones, which leads to vastly increased bullying and molestation, would you send your kid to Vallejo?  No sane parent would.  When kids are attacking teachers, and kids aren’t even taught history, civics, math, or English, EXACTLY WHY WOULD A PARENT SEND THEIR CHILD TO THE VALLEJO SCHOOLS?  This isn’t rocket science.


Further, most of the parents in Vallejo are conservative and don’t want their children being taught homosexuality in the schools.  But the Union just turned around and pushed John Fox who is a big proponent of SB 48, pushing the homosexual agenda in kids schools.  The parents are going to riot when they find out about how John Fox, the Stonewall club, and the unions pushed this filthy garbage on their kids.  And they should.   No parent should ever let their kid within 100 feet of a homosexual, they shouldn’t let them be taught by a homosexual, and they certainly shouldn’t ever let a homosexual run the school system.  To hell with the idea they can’t  help who they are.  They damn sure can.  They choose the filthy behavior they engage in, and they want kids in it too, as homosexuals have much higher rates of pedophilia than heterosexuals do, but don’t go to Google to find that out, because Google algorithms want your child into drugs and porn, makes them easy to control by the Masters of the Universe, who had $3 trillion poured into them by many interests hostile to the Constitution, to subvert America, and make her easy to dominate and conquer.  But, I digress.

Back to Ms. Kearney Brown, however, as I must not go too far afield, though the corruption is all connected for the reader who has the patience and determination to connect the dots.  Do not rely on the media to help you.  Their job is to deceive and enslave you, and that is why Vallejo is in such a sad state because the schools and media have been doing an excellent job of suckering Vallejo voters into supporting ideas and candidates opposed to Vallejo’s best interests.

Malcolm X said, “If you’re not careful, the newspapers… If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”.  That’s true of hellivsion, Google, the schools, and the entertainment industry too.

He also said, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” And the MEDIA IS DOING THEIR JOB VERY WELL TODAY!  Dear Reader, do you realize, that by visiting this site, you are helping to dispel the lies in Vallejo, California, and America?  And since America is the leader of the free world, by visiting this site you are helping mankind all over the world.  So, it can’t be stressed enough, that the more you read and direct your friends here, the greater the chance that the corruption in Vallejo, California, and America will end, and we will have a new birth of freedom, proving that this nation, founded under God, can resist the attempts of tyrants to enslave and destroy her.


Again, back to Ms. Kearney Brown, she was very good at insisting that there be accountability and fiscal responsibility.  She was sadly and unfortunately bullied by the rest of the board, with the exception of Ruscal, for her courage in not rubber stamping public money being spent on private enterprises.  We are spending money in Vallejo on Kajukenbo, on soccer, on dancing, on the arts, on college, and on a host of other programs, when the KIDS CAN’T EVEN DO MATH, ENGLISH, HISTORY, OR CIVICS WHEN THEY GRADUATE!! What kind of sense does that make?  If parents want those other activities for their kids, they can pay for them, and if they can’t, that’s fine, imitate my parents who were too poor to pay for that stuff too.  Bring your kids to the library, fill their minds with lots of good thoughts and ideas, and one day, your child will grow up to be successful and will appreciate all you gave them. Kids don’t need money and programs, they need love and direction.  A child with money and without love is in much worse shape than a child raised with love but no money.  I agreed with her on that.  And, while Vernon Williams III is a man who I count as a friend, and one who I think possesses many qualities that many men in Vallejo would do well to emulate, I don’t agree with any private entity ever getting paid by schools for working with students.  That is the job of the schools.  If the private entity is so good, they can directly be paid by parents.  It is the job of the churches and wealthy in the community to help kids who don’t have married fathers at  home, which is the majority of the kids who have behavior and academic issues in schools.

While she was very good in that respect, in limiting the profligate spending that so many organizations in Vallejo screech and holler about, in their desires for power and money, she was not good at allowing Free Speech.  Trustees Worel, Lawson, and Ubalde all upheld free speech, when Ms. Kearney Brown twice tried to silence my criticism of homosexuality.  She  had  a bad  habit of ending discussions of ideas she didn’t particularly care for, while claiming they were out of order, but when parents viciously slandered me in public, Ms. Kearney Brown silently did  nothing and allowed it.  So we see, the rules are if you agree with her, you are doing well, but if you don’t, you are going against the rules.  Very hypocritical.  She also accused Burky Worel of calling  her an idiot, while hiding the fact and dismissively laughing off the fact that she had used vile and vulgar language that far exceeded anything Burky had said, saying profane words that rhyme with lick and duck.   The readers imagination will suffice.  How anyone can be leading kids when using that kind of language, I have no idea, and then try to lecture the audience on what they can and cannot say, is really quite ludicrous.  So, while Vallejo will miss her generosity in donating her time selflessly, and defending taxpayers against rapacious special interests, who demand taxpayer money for programs that give no clear results that improve students academic results, Vallejo will not miss her totalitarian nature, her vulgarity, and her attacks on the First Amendment, where she cooperated with an ahistorical and indoctrinated Ruscal Cayangyang. Mr. Cayangyang, continuously kept popping up like a Jack in a Box, whenever any criticism of his favored pet behavior of homosexuality came up.  He had a dizzying array of departures from the school board meeting whenever ideas he personally has been propagandized to disagree with were brought up, and insisted on continuously labeling these ideas he disagreed with as hate speech, insisting the SCOTUS was completely wrong in saying that there was no exception in the First Amendment for speech deemed to be hate speech.  This is common sense, because humans often denigrate ideas they dislike as hateful and attempt to ban it.

So, all things considered, Vallejo is better off without Marianne, though we are grateful for the good intentions she had, and service she gave.   I personally hope she continues to attend, and wish her nothing but the best.   Further, for the new board members and existing ones, along with staff of the school district, if you don’t support free speech and virtuous ideas, your day of reckoning is coming too.  We know who has been up to what.  There are many who are well known, and if you aren’t part of the solution in Vallejo, you are part of the problem.  There will be no holds barred in the near future.  I’ve personally been rather restrained in my speech, but that is going to shortly give way to speech that is going to blister and sting far worse than anything I’ve ever said before.  The First Amendment was so that charlatans and scoundrels, along with corrupt elements in society could be called out publicly, and that our communities would be preserved from tyrannical and unjust elements.  But it will only work if we have courage to speak up and not to stop until Justice rolls down like waters and righteousness as a mighty stream, so that we can say, as once was said, we are free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, We are free at last.


Friday, December 7th, 2018

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What is wrong with Vallejo’s schools?

Dear Mayor, City Council, former and current, Superintendent, Superintendents staff, former and current school board members, members of the media, and fellow citizens,
Included are the devastating effects on a child’s brain from watching pornography.  Speaking for myself, I was blessed to never be exposed to internet porn as a child, and I’m sure this was true of those older than me as well.  However, I’m convinced, along with many other experts, that giving a child a cell phone before 18 is a form of child abuse, whether the parent is aware of the dangerous risks or not.
Porn is a public health disaster and is a threat to national security.


The health costs of this insidious disease are incalculable, and it’s devastating attack on the American family structure has definitely affected America’s military readiness.  As I type this only 30% of 18-24 year olds can join the military due to obesity, drug use, and criminality which are all linked to porn.  Porn attacks ones self esteem, leading to all kinds of unhealthy behaviors.
Here is a terrifying report about what porn is doing to children.  I’d really like the stats on kids being sexually abused in Vallejo schools, because I already know for a fact they are enormously higher today than what they were 30 years ago, and it’s definitely due to porn.  Unfortunately, due to privacy laws, we can’t just google these things, they are  hidden for some reason.  So much for the internet giving us access to all this information.  The information we really could use is strangely unavailable.
Anyone who does not know how we got here is strongly advised to read this book, and to not go to Google to get indoctrinated on it.
There are many adults using porn, and it is from this group that the opposition to getting rid of children’s cell phones primarily comes, from my experience.
The disinformation from Google is a huge problem that is a huge obstacle to disseminating truth.  No sooner is some truth uttered, when Google searches turn up all kinds of nonsense about it, and deceive the naïve and gullible.
A high ranking KGB defector warned about this in the 1980’s.
It’s happening today.
The Creepy Line details what is happening
Does anyone wonder If Google has an agenda?  Well, Cui Bono.  Latin for follow the money.  Where does the money that Google employees donate for politics go?  Easy question.  It overwhelmingly goes to one party, and Google’s algorithms favor that party.  It’s not rocket science to figure out Google favors the Democrats.
And what is so bad about today’s Democrat party, aren’t they like the party of JFK?  Well…glad you asked, because the answer is no.


We ought to get Google, Facebook, and the tech companies out of our schools and communities as fast as we can.  We cannot afford to have invasive parasites in our communities, preying on us and our children.  A few years ago, we paid lots of money for technology and computers in the classrooms, and it has done absolutely nothing for students math, English, history, and civics skills.  But we enriched Silicon Valley, and prostituted out our kids to special interests, and that is shameful.
Last nights school board meeting featured a Jesse Bethel student speaking about Andrew Carnegie and debating his ‘Crimes against Humanity’.  This is the thanks Carnegie gets from ahistorical teachers and students, when he gave the equivalent of $550,000 in today’s dollars to Vallejo in 1903 for a library, that has since been torn down after decades of faithful service.  He gave away 2,500 libraries, only had 4 years of formal education, and was the 2nd wealthiest man in American history.  He clashed with the Unions, just like many in Vallejo do today, and wouldn’t be bullied by them trying to extort more money than workers were worth, and so it’s no wonder teachers in unions today train students to think of Carnegie as a bad man.  Pretty disgusting.  The schools can’t even teach kids math, science, English, history, and civics, but they have no problem damning one of the greatest businessmen in American history, who financed the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, which has probably created more millionaires in America than any other book.  This reminds one of the saying, ‘Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach’.
The teachers unions are a virus in America, and while there are many nice people in the unions in Vallejo, the overall organization hinders children’s growth, rather than promotes it.
Further, we keep hearing about getting kids into college.  College is a very bad idea for students today, as it is the biggest business in America at $1.4 trillion, and kids aren’t exactly learning there.  They are partying, doing drugs, sleeping around, and learning corruption, and being indoctrinated by left wing ideology.  As Lenin said, “The best revolutionaries are  youth devoid of morals” and that is what our colleges are producing.  While I admire Hazel Wilson and Jimmie Jackson quite a bit, the fact is the NAACP has long outlived it’s purpose, and it is insane to be bothering about getting African American children into college when 10% of the African American children graduating Vallejo high schools are competent at the 12th grade level in math and English.  How about we don’t worry about college, and how about we just make sure kids know math, English, history, science, and civics before they leave the 12th grade?  What is so  hard about that?  Give them the tools to succeed in life, and let them make their own choices.
Thank you for reading, I welcome any questions, and I hope and pray wise and virtuous adults would take determined and immediate action to ban cell phones from schools, to ensure that children have zero access to any internet websites other than school related material guaranteed to be free of questionable content, to get rid of Google and Facebook and their invasive intrusion into ours and our children’s lives, to recognize the threat union ideology poses, and to be brave and courageous in the face of the certain opposition taking such stands will certainly encounter.
Courage is the first virtue, that makes all other virtues possible
Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you are scared. Eddie Rickenbacker

Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 News

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World’s oldest billionaire still goes into office every day.

Letter to the Editor, from James Harrison, Director: Natural Family Foundation

His last words to his namesake were ” I love you son ” and regardless of where you are on the political spectrum you have to admire George Herbert Walker Bush for his exemplary dedication to his wife and family. He was married for 73 years and set a standard for his children and all parents to look up to as a father and family patriarch. My goodness, all that time, one man and one woman in a lifelong, committed, monogamous relationship with the total admiration and respect of his children- all but unheard of in today’s “modern” family

May you rest in peace brother and would that America use you as an example of how best to execute their role as stewards over their marriage and inheritance.

James Harrison
Director, Natural Family Foundation

Well said, Jim, completely concur.

Remaining married for 73 years, and living a largely virtuous life is worthy of admiration and reverent respect.

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Dear Reader,

Within a week or so, we will have all the news completed every morning by 6 A.M. Pacific Time or earlier.  Thank you for your patience,

Please help us make this the number one news source in America.  Thank you kindly!



Walsh: The terrifying report about children and pornography that every parent needs to read.

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Boorman: Yes, it would be just to punish women aborting babies.

Meyrat: The problem with purism.

News Monday, December 3rd.

Dear Reader,

There are a few technical difficulties being worked out, so thank you for your patience.  Within a week, we ought to have the daily news available by 6 A.M. Pacific, Daily, if not earlier, with updates throughout the day.

Have a great day!

Thank you!


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Curtis: The Russians are coming!  The Russians are coming!

Hellner: Shouldn’t we investigate Obama running a terrorist drug operation instead of fictional Russian collusion?

Do Obama and Hillary belong in jail?

We are continually lectured that Barack Hussein Obama was a wonderful president, a near Messiah, and that he was so wonderful for America.  I remember with horror how I watched this video and felt so wonderful about Obama and so inspired to support him.  I go online to watch it often as I like to be reminded how I once was a Democrat peon who unthinkingly followed the puppetmasters too.  This gives me empathy for liberals and helps temper the outrage I feel for their absurd unawareness.    Barry was wonderful for the wallets of his wealthy liberal backers, but that was about it.  The liberal media somehow forgot to tell us about Mia Pope, Larry Sinclair, and the two homosexual choir friends of Obama’s who mysteriously incurred bullets to their domes right before Obama announced his run for president, prompting the mother of one to accuse Obama of masterminding it to hide his relationship with her son.  It’s interesting that Mueller is targeting Jerome Corsi, the writer of the article on Obama’s Trinity Church bombshell, right now in his fake news investigation of Trump for Russian Collusion which is the biggest fraudulent use of our justice system in history.


But when you weaponize the intelligence agencies of America against an opposing candidate, isn’t that worse than Watergate, or am I crazy?  Of course, to 22 liberals and RINOs on here, whose opinion isn’t worth having, I’m a bona fide nutcase, because their liberal and RINO leaders tell them so.   A little recap, dear reader.  Watergate was when Tricky Dick sent burglars into the DNC to get information on them.  That’s illegal and he got caught by the Washington Compost, the amoral Democrats began shrieking bloody murder, and eventually the spineless Republicans wilted and impeached Tricky Dick, though he resigned first.  This led to a Jimmeh Carter becoming President, and the peanut Farmer from Georgia was a total wreck as president, doing nothing of note other than paving the way for Ronald Reagan and his greatness. Jimmeh did an interview with Playboy while pretending to be a devout Christian.  Suckered a lot of Christians, as all Democrat candidates do.  If it weren’t for the Christian voters who get suckered into voting Democrat, the Democrats wouldn’t have a prayer in any election.


So with this current Mueller investigation, which has bamboozled at least half of American voters, we are supposed to believe that Trump colluded with Russia, and that is how he won the election, and he actually shouldn’t have won.  So what happened?   Well, the Fusion GPS Dossier, which is at the root of the whole matter, was originally funded by a homosexual friendly, media owner (Washington Free Beacon) billionaire Paul Singer, who backed Marco Rubio.  When Rubio got smashed by Trump in his home state of Florida and resigned, Singer put the fake news Dossier up for sale, and since Hillary Clinton controlled the nearly bankrupt DNC with her massive cash flow that she had from her corrupt Clinton Foundation, this sounded like a great deal to her, and she paid $12 million for the Dossier.   She then turned around, partnering with Barry, and used this unverified info to present to the FISA court and to get warrants to spy on Trump.  So, for the first time in American history, we had a current American President use the nation’s national defense system to spy on his opponent.  This is unprecedented and is called treason. When you subvert a lawful election process by hijacking the media and intelligence communities with fake data, this is far worse than what Nixon did, who used private operators to try and spy on his opponents.


Of course, the Democrats have their Praetorian Guard media, CNN, NPR, Washington Compost, NY Slimes, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Google, and many other news sources, well over 90% of the establishment media, running interference for them, and hiding this devastating news from gullible voters, and feeding them all kinds of garbage about how bad Trump is.  This is why you see the poor liberals on WB and the tens of millions of Democrat voters in America constantly chirping about how Trump is such a bad man, and how can conservatives go to bed at night with an orange clown like him running the nation.  They are simply parroting the corrupt media. Their media is clever as a snake, and will compliment their gullible viewers for not being dumb enough not to go to racist Breitbart or Fox News.  LOL, and the liberal voters continue to be deceived.



Except it’s not funny.  This is a matter of national security.  Liberals are easy to deceive.  Many have noticed how I ask liberals about 7 conservative websites they’ve read 2 months of their lives and what five biographies of the Founders have they read.  Well, I don’t do that for my health’s sake, I do it for a reason.  It’s to try and prod them into questioning their mindless acceptance of facts that they lack the capacity to critically evaluate.  But, you see their responses.  They get indignant and angry, and begin to mock and make fun of my queries.  Typical of scorners and scoffers.  Not only do they not know the truth, but they will mock and interfere with those who do.



Of course, we conservatives are told we are all racists (if we happen to be white), or Uncle Tom’s (If we happen to be black) for opposing Obama, no matter that we oppose his insane big government ideas.  And tens of millions of Democrat voters are convinced that it was racism that drove opposition to Obama.  I know, because I supported Obama in 2008, and after reading my local newspaper, watching CNN and the rest of the hellivision, watching youtube, and perusing Google, I was convinced a white person had to be racist to oppose Obama.  It took me a few years to awake from my delusion.


Also, let me forewarn the liberals.  If you actually try to research any of these topics on Google, the Google algorithms will lead you to liberal news sources so you can be further brainwashed, and when you are done, you’ll be even more convinced I’m dead wrong.  So go get a book on both sides on these topics if you aren’t lazy like most liberals, and content with the status quo.   Honestly ask yourselves, liberals, why the Google search results don’t pull up Breitbart, National Review, Townhall, WND, American Thinker, or the Federalist?


Liberals haven’t really heard at all about Obama’s 18 scandals, as their news media keeps them in the dark and tells them its the racist conservatives trying to lynch a black man again.  Also, fewer than 10% of liberals have libraries of note that they actually use in their own homes, and they are quite simple to manipulate.  They hate to be reminded of this, and will react with outrage when their disinformation is shown to be so.  So, they have no clue about:

1) Operation Fast and Furious

2) The great “stimulus” heist

3) Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress

4) ObamaCare

5) Spying on journalists

6) The IRS scandal

7) Benghazi

8) Hillary Clinton’s secret server

9) The Pigford scandal

10) NSA spying scandal

11) Bowe Bergdahl

12) Iran nuclear deal and ransom payment

13) Polluting the Colorado river

14) The GSA scandal

15) The VA death-list scandal

16) Solyndra

17) Secret Service gone wild

18) Shutdown theater


Of course, most liberals have been trained to think of Breitbart and other conservative sources as racist disinformation, and it doesn’t bother them that they haven’t seriously looked into these sources.


So, will America wake up to the crimes of Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats, or are we going to let the liberals and their sycophant supporters continue to destroy America, as termites destroy a house?





Sunday, December 2nd News.

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