How I Overcame My Porn Addiction


Watching pornography in its essence is a consumption of feminine energy. And LOTS of it. 

A healthy adult male is naturally attracted to the feminine nature and the energy which flows from it. 

The sexual energy of a woman is only a part of the feminine energy. 

Gentleness, kindness, softness, submissiveness and natural weakness are a part of the flow of feminine energy. 

Every healthy society knows that feminine energy has to be protected, nourished and covered.

by MK


I used to be in bondage to pornography for about 25 years. I am now free from it for the last 5 years. I have been also free from masturbation for the last 20 years. I am a Christian man and since I have become a Christian, I have been willing to live a pure and righteous life. 

However pornography has almost destroyed my life and have stolen a lot of good fruit from me. It has caused me immeasurable pain and suffering, has darkened the best years of my life and has greatly reduced my ability to produce godly Christian fruit.

However I hope that my experience and understanding can help others because I know that millions of other Christian men suffer from the same plague.

I like the radical element of Mike Stone’s approach to pornography, but I do not think that his advice will actually help anybody to break free from pornography. It simply does not work this way. I have prayed and fasted, fasted and prayed for years and years to no avail. Lots of prayers without understanding will not do anything. Faith does not work without understanding.

So the first step is for men to understand what is pornography, and why it is so addicting? And I am talking to straight people here. I will not be dealing with the homosexual confusion in this expose.

Watching pornography in its essence is a consumption of feminine energy. And LOTS of it. A healthy adult male is naturally attracted to the feminine nature and the energy which flows from it. The sexual energy of a woman is only a part of the feminine energy. Gentleness, kindness, softness, submissiveness and natural weakness are a part of the flow of feminine energy. Every healthy society knows that feminine energy has to be protected, nourished and covered. Feminine (including sexual) energy does not flow only from a naked female body. It flows from the mere shape of the female body, from the curves and even the silhouette of her body. It flows from the softness of her voice, from the gentleness of her smile, from the way she walks and talks, and moves. The female hair is a powerful emitter of feminine energy, the way the hair falls on her face, her shoulders, her back, the way her hair moves its like a powerful radio transmitter.

Every traditional society is founded upon the principles of protecting the females. Sexually pure society is a morally strong society which is impossible to be permanently defeated and enslaved. When Hitler’s armies entered the Soviet union, one of the first things they did was to collect the young unmarried women in the occupied territories and examine them to see if they were virgins. And what they have found was that 90% of these women were virgins. 

So the conclusion was that the Germans will not be able to defeat a nation with such a high level of sexual purity. EVERY traditional society understood these principles. The purity in the relationships between the men and the women was a cornerstone in the national security. This is why they developed methods of keeping these relationships pure. Every traditional costume/clothing of the nations is based on the principles of efficiently covering the female body and hair from spraying sexual and feminine energy all around them. 

Some nations did this better than others, but the best ones have ensured that the women’s clothing in designed in such a way as to shed the male’s sight away from the feminine features which emit the feminine energy. It was designed as a roof that sheds all water away from the building. If water finds a way to enter the building rot and destruction starts to develop. The same way with the eyes of men. The female clothing should be designed in such a manner that it will shed men’s eyes away from all female features which emit feminine and sexual energy. This was a cornerstone of every healthy society development. THIS is what stands behind the Muslim idea for the burka. And every healthy traditional culture had its own version of it.

The moment men’s eyes can enter the features of the feminine body and start extracting feminine energy from it – moral rot and destruction starts to develop in this society. THIS IS the prime reason why so many men fall to pornography, adultery and fornication.

Here is how it works. A normal man full of good intentions enters the streets and at that very moment his eyes are bombarded with feminine and sexual energy. Women not only do not cover their feminine parts, but they emphasize them. They literally INJECT men with outbursts of powerful feminine energy. Talk about the MRNA death JABS? This is the original death jab. This abundance of female energy starts to build up inside the man’s body and mind. His testosterone levels starts to rise up. 

A simple walk on the street (or opening an average internet web site) becomes a constant bathing in female energy. This works like a drug, the more you get, the more you want and you need more and more of it to get satisfied. Finally a man is being pumped with so much female sexual energy that he needs to go to the end. He now wants the real thing. So he either will go fornicating or will open a porn site to jerk this collected energy off.

Every time a women injects her energy into a man by revealing her parts and her femininity she is committing the same crime as if somebody forcefully injects somebody else with a drug (or a jab for that matter). A pornographic image works like a punch in the face. How many men will recall how they felt when they saw a sexually attractive woman who is revealing her parts and emitting powerful sexual energy? They feel PAIN. It HURTS because a man in only supposed to see any female parts and drink female energy when he is rightly engaging with his wife in this kind of activity. But when men are being sprayed with sexual energy left and right, they are brought out of balance. What the so called sex appeal means? “Oh she has such a sex appeal”. It means that she is emitting powerful sexual energy. She is punching every man around her in the face and injecting him with a sexual energy which he can not realize with her, and this will push him either into fornication, into porn or sometimes even into rape.


Many years a go when I moved from living in the city into a more rural area I noticed that my sexual struggles dropped by 90%. I was no longer immersed in unsolicited female sexual energy.

Traditional societies had ways to shun and shame women who clothe themselves like that. They would call them whores. No body would like to marry and have children with them. This was like moral eugenics at work. Only the good women would have families and children. Same would work for men. Drunkards and depraved men would hardly be able to find a wife and reproduce.

I hope women will understand how great responsibility they have to keep their feminine energy for themselves and they current or future husbands. It is not a matter of freedom of choice how you like to get clothed. My right to bear arms does not include the right to shoot everybody in sight. No woman has a right to shoot men with sexual and feminine energy.

So the first step to get free from porn is to shield yourself from all the female shooters out there who do not cover their energies up. I remember the day when I visited a traditional Christian community and noticed that I felt no sexual pressure as I usually have when I am elsewhere. Then I took note that all women there had clothing which completely covered their parts including the hair and they behaved in a modest and considered manner. None of them were attacking me with their energies. My mind was at peace and I was able to focus on what matters.

If we men willingly expose our eyes to feminine energies which we are not supposed to engage with, this is the first step we take to open ourselves to porn or worse. Now I must mention this. If a married man is depraved by his wife from the feminine energy due him, he will be tempted to satisfy his thirst elsewhere. His eyes will be looking to steal feminine (not necessarily sexual) energy from other women. In a marriage a man functions by the feminine energy of his wife. He is into the modus operandi of using feminine energy on a daily basis. If he is deprived from it by his wife, she betrays his and she is putting a stumbling block before him. The same if a man deprives his wife from intimacy.

An unmarried man, if he abstains from feminine energy for about two months – his libido will go into a semi sleep mode and it will be much easier for him to control it and to avoid porn. If he persist the semi sleep mode will become full sleep mode. Ten these men can satisfy themselves with other types of energies, including creativity and working for important causes. This is how it must be for all unmarried men. That’s why the enemy is literally flooding with feminine energy everywhere and everyone. To prevent men from functioning properly, so they can not defend and develop their families and their nations. Pornography and loose morals are military weapons.

Now the above information can work for every man, both Christians and non believers. It gives a foundation for understanding on how somebody can overcome porn naturally.

I will now proceed to give information on how a Christian can get help to overcome porn supernaturally. There are million, may be tens of millions of Christians who struggle with porn. Like me you may pray and pray and pray, fast and fast and fast, make decision after decision after decision to stop doing porn, but still there is no victory. The first step as I described above is to understand the process which leads to a desire for porn. If you keep being immersed into the flood of feminine energy surrounding us, and you drink from it, you will not be able to overcome porn, no matter the amounts of prayers you do. If you immerse yourself into the sea, there is no amount of hot air you use to blow yourself dry, you will still be very wet.

However there is a reason why God allows a Christian to be defeated by porn. And the reason is – we are not 100% dedicated to God. We want to do His will, but only partially. We want to obey Him, but only in part. We worship Him, but we also keep idols we do not allow Him to remove from us. This is why God is letting our enemies to defeat us.

If we study the history of Israel in the Bible, we see the same story. Israel serves God with a partial heart and starts adding some idols and mix them with the worship to God and suddenly their enemies rise up and overcome them. This is why king David wrote:

Psalm 41:11 By this I know that thou favourest me, because mine enemy doth not triumph over me.

If we walk in the favor of God, our enemies will not triumph over us. Porn will not defeat us, it will not triumph over us. Our enemies will be under our feet. But we can not walk in the favor of God with a partial heart. Areas of disobedience, areas of rebellion in our lives will remove us from the favor of God, and He will give us over to our enemies to teach us a lesson. Only turning to Him with a FULL heart will bring His favor back and will dissipate our enemies.

This is how I overcame porn. For years I was struggling with 100% surrender to God and porn triumphed over me. And when I finally surrendered, porn has lost its power over me. It is not the amount of your prayers. It is the quality of your surrender to God.

And one more thing. While you are still struggling and keep falling into porn, remember one thing – do not ever, EVER justify your sin, but always call your sin, sin and confess it to God as a sin. The moment you start defending your sin, your soul will be lost and you will start sinking deep into darkness. For 25 years I have been struggling with porn. Marriage did not help, I even dragged my wife into porn. But one thing I kept doing faithfully. Every time I would fall on my knees and confess my involvement in porn as a sin. Thousands and thousands of times. There was a period of time when I tried to play games with God and come up with “permissible forms of porn”. There is no such thing! I was slipping away into darkness and God had to do drastic things in my life and cause great suffering to drag me out of this darkness. Finally I took notice and stopped playing these games and when I came to His terms, I was set free.

So my dear fellow Christians if you struggle with porn and do not live in victory over sin, please consider my testimony as it may save you from many more years of struggle and pain.