“Kum Ba Yah”

This story is one of hundreds Colin Flahertyplanned to publish in a book before his death. American Renaissance will post one every week.

I attended Los Angeles public schools for a bit less than half a school year, back during the forced busing of the early 1970s. Not once did I see a white student harass, bully, punch, kick, intimidate, or humiliate a black student. However, every day, I saw black students harass, intimidate, punch, kick, and humiliate white students. At least a few times a week, I saw black students beat and/or rob white students. I never saw a white student beat or rob a black student. Never. Not one time. Perhaps white-on-black humiliations/harassment/intimidation/beatings were happening in the South, or some places other than the L.A. school district. I never saw it.

In my district, from my observations, it was always, 100 percent of the time, black-on-white. I’ve heard many other whites who lived throughout the U.S., including the South, tell me the same thing. It was always black-on-white violence, intimidation, threats, and robberies, and also against Asians and Hispanics. And often on weekends when school was out.

Yes, of course, I went to the school administration and explained what was happening. The response was, “Why are you making them do that to you?” or “Why did you provoke them?” and “If you don’t provoke them, they’ll leave you alone!” Wow! I said nothing to the blacks. Nothing at all. I was a scrawny white loner who minded his business; always. I bothered nobody. I was polite and respectful. It was my white skin and the fact that I was seen as “weak” and a “loner” that provoked them. It’s the same way packs of predatory animals attack the lone herbivore that is weak or old or limping or far from the herd.

Many (not all) ghetto blacks seem to have very “predator animal”-like behavior. I’ve seen that for almost 60 years. As the saying goes: “What do you call a white conservative telling you the truth?” Answer: “A racist.” Ghetto blacks rarely “fight” alone. They attack in packs. Only the massively muscular black bullies will fight a weak white (or black) opponent one-on-one. Otherwise, it was five-on-one, or 10-on-one, or 20-on-one. Go watch an old edition of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and you’ll see hyenas doing the same thing, and laughing the same way as they pack-attack an injured gazelle.

Violent attacks and general “harassment” (including sexual harassment of attractive white female students) happened every single school day. It did the white students no good to complain to the white teachers, who said: “I can’t help you.” It did no good to complain to the black teachers who said, “It’s your turn now!” It did no good to complain to the principal or vice principal who looked at you sternly and said: “What did you do to provoke them?” The school administrators did nothing. Back then, I couldn’t understand why not, but now I know: They were afraid to be called “racists” by their school board, the people who hire them, and the people who could fire them. For the white teachers and school administrators, their careers were on the line. To the black teachers and administrators (most of them, not all), the white kids were “just getting some karma,” just punishment for 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow, etc.

I later saw a news report on one of the Los Angeles news channels. It said all the LA School District board members had taken all their own kids, and put them into private (just about all-white) schools. I remember a white reporter asking one black school-board member, “Why did you take your children out of the L.A. public schools, which you yourself oversee?” The black school board member said, “Well, you only have one chance to raise your kids!” That black school board member had been the most vocal supporter of forced busing in the Los Angeles School District! But his kids were exempt because he could afford to send them to a mostly-white private school.

Both the wealthy liberal and conservative parents took their kids out of the Los Angeles School District during forced busing in the 1970s, and put them into safe private schools. Only the poor whites (like my brother and me) had to stay in the schools with a few other poor whites. We faced daily harassment, robbery, humiliation, degradation, sexual assault, harassment, and occasional beatings, simply because we were white.

The forced integration of the schools in the 1970s was the result of a Federal Court decision. The mindset at the time was this:

  • Black students do not do as well in school.
  • Blacks and whites are equal in all things, including intelligence.
  • The white schools must somehow be “better” than the black schools (even though the textbooks are the same and the teachers get the same training).
  • To make things “equal” we must take half the black students and send them to white schools and half the white students and send them to black schools, and this will “even things out.” Black tests scores will then equal white test scores.
  • At the same time, we will continue to teach black and white and brown students how horribly whites treated blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians for hundreds of years.
  • The result of this forced integration of the schools will be that the whites and blacks will see they are just like each other, in every way, and the fear and animosity they have for each other will disappear. They will do equally well in school, on tests, and in life, and the will learn to live peacefully one with another, and sing “Kum-Ba-Yah” around campfires.

Well, I never did get to sing “Kum Ba Yah” with my ghetto black fellow students. Instead, I screamed a lot of “Ahhhh — Please stop!” and, “Why are you doing this to me?” and “What did I ever do to you?”

Forced busing didn’t work. The well-to-do parents took their kids out of public school, and put them into private schools, leaving a small cadre of “poor white children” to deal with the black and Hispanic students who were fed a daily ration of anti-white propaganda by their liberal history/social-studies teachers. The classrooms were almost always in a state of “chaos” and the (mostly white) teachers eventually stopped trying.

Little or no learning took place. The only time the black students listened to the lesson was when a liberal white teacher talked about slavery, or the KKK, or lynchings, or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. being assassinated, or how Rosa Parks almost got slapped by a white bus driver because she refused to give up her seat to a white man, how “whites” exterminated most of the American Indians (genocide), or how “whites” stole half of Mexico in 1845. Every white person on Earth, no matter his ancestry, no matter when or where he was born, was equality guilty of every bad thing any white man ever did to any non-white person.

Most of the time, white teachers were trying to keep the black kids quiet, or they just sat at their teachers’ desks and read (they weren’t grading papers because they never gave us tests or assignments to turn in) while the blacks fought each other, clowned around, smoked marijuana in the boy’s room, tried to impress the girls, told jokes, told stories about sex or how LeRoy “whoopin dey a**” of Tyrone but Tyrone he come back and busted LeRoy’s lips and may-dem bigguh dan dey aw-ready was! Day-yum, LeRoy’s lips be too big aw-ready! Dey don’t needs to be any bigguh!” The black kids would talk openly about sex, who was having sex with whom, what they did, how it felt, always making fun of the girl they had sex with by saying “Yo her butt was so big awz needed fo’ hands to hoed it down,” and things like that.

And if they became truly bored, they fired paperclips, sharpened pencils, paper airplanes, sunflower seeds (which they would spit out of straws), erasers, chalk, textbooks, metallic Afro-picks, or other projectiles, at the heads and eyes of the white students who were trying to read a textbook. The paperclips fired from rubber bands were the most dangerous projectiles, especially if they hit you in the eye. Whenever the blacks would hit a white kid in the head or face, a round of hyena-like laughter would fill the classroom. The white teacher would scream, “Now stop that!” which would bring relative peace for perhaps 10 minutes, until the next round of projectiles were launched.

In the cafeteria, they usually served “WTF is this?” and toast so hard it could crush diamonds. Since the blacks couldn’t chew it much less eat it (not even a pit-bull could) the toast was going to bounce off your head like a rubber bullet if you were white. Most of the time, it would just whiz by your nose, or hit the back of your chair with a loud “KLANG!” When a piece of toast hit a white kid, the black kids at the “table of origin” would all start laughing like hyenas, clutching their stomachs, with some even rolling on the ground like “holy rollers” at a Pentecostal church. For them, to cause and observe the “pain and humiliation” of white students was the funniest thing in the world, and the most pleasurable experience except for sex.

The “Great Liberal Experiment” was a failure. Black test scores never went up, unless the teachers or school administrators cheated to keep their jobs, or to look good. Still today, there is a lot of teacher cheating going on in order to raise black test scores. This cheating is sometimes ordered by black school principals who get large bonuses (tens of thousands of dollars) if they increase the test scores at their schools. In some states, teachers are threatened with termination if the black scores don’t rise over time. So, teachers (black and white) often find themselves in a bind. Not only are they expected to enforce discipline in the classroom (one 100-pound white female teacher versus three 200-pound black students with anti-white “mean” dispositions), they are also expected to work miracles not even Merlin the Magician could manage, with students who mostly (not all) can’t learn or just don’t want to learn. So, one cannot blame many inner-city school teachers for cheating to raise black test scores. They had to.

How did I deal with all this? I got PTSD. And I became a ditcher. In school, you have your “cutters” (who would “cut” classes they did not like, but go to others) and “ditchers” (never show up). I wouldn’t show up. I’d take the bus all over town, to Griffith Park, to the LaBrea Tar Pits, to the Zoo, to the airport (and pretend I was a spy escaping the country). I never knew there were so many crazy people until I took the city bus every day.

Some bus-drivers would ask me “Where do you want to go?” I looked at them like Captain Kirk of the original Star Trek and said: “Out there! Anywhere!” Anywhere was better than being in school. However, of course, eventually the school called my parents, and my dad screamed and threatened to beat me. So, I had a choice: be beaten at school, or be beaten at home. I chose home because it was much safer. Eventually, my father gave in to my mother, and moved us out of the district. I felt like a man on Death Row being pardoned.

The poor white kids during this forced-busing era were burnt offerings to the black community for the sins of white people. That is how blacks felt and that’s still how they feel today: except a few “noble” blacks who don’t see it that way. What gets me is that most white liberals feel the same way; that the white race is somehow basically evil and the non-white races are somehow basically good. And, to make themselves feel better, the white liberals offer up “poor whites” (who cannot afford to go to all-white private schools) to the ghetto blacks as if to say, “Here, take these poor whites, and do whatever you want to do with them, but leave us and our children alone, please!” So, my brother and I, and other poor whites who had to stay put in the now mostly-black school, were sacrificial lambs. Somehow, only white people inherit the sins of other white people. Those principles of “Guilt by Skin Color” and “Guilt by Ancestry” never seems to apply to anyone else. Liberals just keep experimenting with education — with other people’s children.

The Liberal Experiment has failed over and over, but liberals keep trying it over and over. All paid for mostly by white American workers. So, work hard! You’re not just working for yourself and your family, you’re working for black mothers who raise their black children to hate you and to hate your children. Not all black welfare mothers teach their children hate, but too many do.

There will be no singing “Kum Ba Yah” around the campfire. Instead, there will be burning cities, race wars, and millions more destroyed lives, white and black both; all because a small white liberal “elite” wants power and control over other people’s lives, forever! And what will this new “Liberal Utopia” be like? Read George Orwell’s book, 1984.