The Overthrow of Christian Civilization

Just so we are clear.

We are witnessing the overthrow of Christian civilization. 
The central Christian assumption is that we have souls which connect us to the universal operating system, God. 

Don’t believe in God?  God is the difference between good and evil, healthy and sick, ugly and beautiful, truth and deception. 

Our souls connect us with God and define us as human. Our purpose is to harness our animal nature and express our Divinity. 

Jesus taught that God is Love. Life is sacred. Mankind is a family. 

The goal is to give everybody the opportunity to thrive. 
Satanists (Organized Jewry & its Freemason proxies) are determined to destroy these assumptions.Judaism is defined by Cabalism. Cabalism is Satanism.Why? Because it teaches that God is unknowable. This is the antithesis of Christianity and any true religion. How can you obey God if you can’t know Him?
They believe that Evil is an aspect of Good. 


God is Perfection. 
“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”Matt 4:48
God is the Blueprint we’re supposed to follow. 
The Cabalists are really saying – 

“We’ll channel God for you.  We’ll take His place. We’ll redefine reality for you, according to our material interests and perversions. We’ll control the mass media and education.

This is their “New World Order.” 

But first they must destroy the Old Order, Christian civilization.
All the “woke” madness must be seen in these terms. 


A Supreme Court nominee who can’t define a woman and has a soft spot for pedophiles and child porn? 
Ketanji Brown Jackson gave ‘lightest possible punishments’ in eight child porn cases, transcripts show. Astoundingly, Jackson described cases of men sharing videos of child rape, as well as ‘sexually explicit’ images of toddlers in bondage, as not especially heinous.
Do you see how they are normalizing Evil? 
Schools and media are neutering children so they can’t marry and establish strong families. 
A school nurse was fired for revealing that, without parents’ knowledge, one child is on puberty blockers and a dozen others are identifying as non-binary. 

Our development depends on expressing our gender not denying it. 

But for Satanists, natural is sick and unnatural is healthy.  They spit in God’s eye by turning the natural order on its head.

They are not championing minorities. They are normalizing sickness. They’re overthrowing Christian civilization.

Jesus taught that we are our brother’s keeper. 
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 


Judaism, on the other hand, is based on robbing and enslaving the goyim. 

This is the true goal of the scamdemic, lockdowns, gene therapy vaccines and Agenda 2030. 

Cabalists are not interested in the goyim achieving their Divine potential.  They are not interested in non-satanist Jews either. 

They are interested in enslaving and exterminating mankind. 

They want to have it all, (especially all the Power.)

We continue to whistle past the cemetery, but they want to destroy the Old Order and everyone who is part of it. That means us!
We need to renew our commitment to political action.

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