Reminder–Agenda 2030: No Property, Privacy, Cash, Freedom, Meat or Pets

We’re being frogmarched into an Orwellian future.The United Nation’s Agenda 21 intends to ban all “unsustainable” practices including irrigated crops, animal farming, having pets, freedom of movement, private cars, air travel and sea freight. 
They intend to outlaw the ownership of all private property, (yours not theirs) as this promotes inequality. What’s “unsustainable” is locking down the human race forever. What’s “unsustainable” is 10% of the people owning 55% of the wealthwhich they will address by getting rid of 80%, and keep 10% as servants. 

from May 3, 2021at a reader’s request

by Teresa Tannahill

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If you sit down and read all 351 pages of Agenda 21, plus its ancillary documents, you will find that it’s all about complete control and inventory of everything on the planet: Animal, mineral and vegetable. Including humans. 

The virus would be a means to that end. Bill Gates has already stated that the ingredients are proprietary, copyrighted and will not be released publicly. I predicted last year that the vaccine almost certainly wouldn’t provide immunization against any coronavirus. There has never been a successful vaccine for a coronavirus. They are too slippery, meaning they mutate too much. 

We have now learned that the vaccines don’t prevent a recipient from catching the virus or from passing it on. They only lessen symptoms. Most of the vaccines are not vaccines in the traditional sense of the word. They are gene therapy…

The global human population is surging towards 8 billion. The UN claims that there are a billion undocumented humans on this planet. And that global population is ultimately heading for nearly 11 billion…

In 2009, Boris Johnson published an article in the Telegraph stating his alarm over the exploding world population.  Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson, has published numerous books and papers for the United Nations on the problem of human overpopulation. He also publishes books about global warming and pandemics. 

Here is an article by Stanley Johnson about the need to do something about overpopulation. 

And here is Stanley Johnson in 2012, in his own words, stating that he wishes to see the population of the UK down to 10 or 15 million by 2025.  

As mentioned, UN Agenda 2030 is the next major milestone of Agenda 21.  The required changes are enormous. Yet we are seeing them all around us. Most of these changes have accelerated since the pandemic. 

The measures “they’re” taking to “protect us” from the virus are indistinguishable from many of the stated goals of UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. 


… While we’ve been kept under house arrest, they’ve been shutting down fossil fuel power stations, oil rigs, oil wells, coal mines, pedestrianizing city centres, disabling our food supply chain, forcing farmers to cull ‘greenhouse gas emitting’ livestock and let ‘unsustainable irrigated’ crops rot. 

More information in this Facebook group: 1462/?ref=share 

Virtually every major town and city in the UK has had permanent changes to road layout to allow for social distancing. Pedestrianization and cycle ways. One-way systems. Cities are becoming very car-unfriendly. Glasgow has lost a third of its parking spaces overnight. 

Google ‘social distancing centre traffic’. If there’s a vaccine coming, why are these changes permanent? 

To recap, we can expect a cashless society, negative interest rates, social credit system, mass surveillance, mandatory vaccines, ID2020, AI, restriction of movement, health passports, rationing of food and energy, confiscation of private property, banning of private motor vehicles and crippling taxation. Eventually? Depopulation and rewilding of the planet. Several leading medical experts and scientists have stated that they believe the vaccines will eventually be used for depopulation.



Meanwhile, the mask mandates, lockdowns and vaccine passports will make our lives intolerable until we submit to vaccination. I’ve been studying geopolitics since 2008 and tracking the WEC and UN’s machinations since January. 

We’re being frogmarched into a dystopian technocracy. An Orwellian future. It was always going to happen, it’s just happening faster than I thought. I can only conclude that the technology needed to implement it was ready after all. 

They’re even hinting at transhumanism and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. These topics are covered in the Great Reset videos and literature. We’re living a bloody science fiction novel. v=ebiUd-Wb6NM &amp

We really are in deep trouble. The world is being steered by a megalomaniac madman, Klaus Schwab, and he has the full power of the United Nations at his disposal. 

This is not speculation, this is fact. The lockdowns aren’t about a virus. The virus was the excuse for the lockdowns. The whole purpose of the lockdowns is to destroy our economy and take away our freedoms. To force us to have these experimental vaccines. 

They’re implementing a hard Agenda 21, a “Great Reset” with the slogan, “Build Back Better” Only Britain won’t be better. Far from it. Those that survive the mass vaccination will live in an Orwellian nightmare like communist China. 


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