Letter from Bay Area Pastor Dr. Morris Curry supporting my First Amendment Right to free speech at the Killdeer City Council.

Dear City of Killdeer,

Sometimes because of our location it seems that only our corner of the world exist and no one sees or cares what we are doing. But in this new world of social media and electronic communication that mindset is no longer true. That is why I am writing as one who is associated with communities of faith that number in the millions both Native American, Afro American, Caucasian and Middle Eastern. One thing we all have in common is the sanctity of Freedom of speech because in one way or another we know that the Nation we reside in give us the right of Freedom of Expression or in other words Freedom of Speech. 

Therefore, we are writhing to say to you, America is watching the treatment of Mr. Ryan Messano as he expresses his Constitutional Right of the First Amendment to which you via your oath of office swore to uphold as an elected body. 

Thanks for listening,

Rev. Dr. Morris A Curry, Jr. 

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M. Alexander Curry,Jr. 

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