400 year history of feminism, pushed by NWO. Women are used by feminism so tiny groups of men can economically gain control of the world. No wise and virtuous man will ever dream of marrying a woman who doesn’t have these 4 attitudes.

The Founders of the New World Order, who took control of America’s money in 1913, with the income tax, (16th Amendment), and the 1913 Federal Reserve, while also establishing the 17th Amendment in that same year (direct election of senators, ensuring the banker controlled media is brainwashed into electing the senators the bankers want, instead of having a middle man, the state legislature, electing state senators), promoted feminism.


Because they knew they could not take over and rule with despotism a society where virtuous men ruled their homes, wives, and children, under Gods jurisdiction.

That is why, beginning with the English Revolution of Cromwell, proceeding to the French Revolution of 1789, going to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia of 1917, going to the Communist takeover of China in 1948, and frantically careering towards a bloody American Revolution, delayed, but set to take place in the next decade or so, the elites constantly promote lawlessness, dysfunctional families, promiscuity, and the breakdown of order in the family, church, and nation. 

Colonel Edward Mandell House was the bankers pawn in the White House, to control Woodrow Wilson, elected in 1912, paving the way for their control of our money, which they started on in 1913. Next year, since they had control of America’s money, in 1914, they had their Freemason agent, Gavrilo Princip, assassinate the archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, starting World War 1. 

House wrote the book, “Philip Dru, Administrator” in 1912, anonymously, detailing how a tiny clique of elites could take control of the entire world. The entire copy can be found and read for free online, here. 


In the book he promotes women going to school, working, and not staying home. It’s a very malevolent and wicked plan, and tens of millions of women who go to college and who pursue careers, at the expense of getting married, obeying their husbands, are deluded and do not comprehend the diabolical agenda that encourages them to sacrifice family and wife and motherhood. None of them are happy, as indicated by 25% of women being on psychotropic drugs. 

It’s absolutely astonishing. I’ve seen it personally so many times, women have been conditioned, overwhelmingly, and frightened by their experiences with corrupt men, into rejecting the idea of marriage and children as, “slavery”, and, “becoming a baby factory”. 

As a man of God, I don’t need to take weeks, months, and years to get to know a woman. All I need to know are four attitudes she may or may not have, and if she does, I’m ready to marry, and if she doesn’t, she could be prettier than Helen of Troy and I’m never interested in marrying her.

1) Does she believe in marriage forever, to be broken up only by death or adultery? 

2) Does she believe the husband is the head of the home, and is she willing to subordinate her unreliable feelings at times, to his authority, under God?

3) Does she believe in birth control? If she cannot have children, is she willing to adopt? A woman’s body was designed by God, to attract a man, for marriage and children. If she wants a relationship, but does not want marriage, and children, she is defying the Creator. She had nothing to do with her looks, and she is rejecting the entire purpose of female beauty. Only selfish men and women do not want as many children as a woman can medically have in heterosexual marriage. Selfless men and women have as many children as they can have in marriage. Millions of selfish women are using this beauty to exploit men for the women’s own profit. It never ends up well for these women, who are full of sorrow and regret in their fifties and beyond when they are now lonely and bitter, thinking about all the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren they gave up in their twenties when they refused to get married and have children, while they were having copious amounts of sex in or out of marriage.

4) Is she attractive, wise, God-fearing, and virtuous? I don’t need to know if she has a college degree or not, or what her career is, because it really doesn’t matter. There are tens of millions of women who are completely unfit to marry who are pretty, “well-educated” in worldly schools, and who have well paying jobs. If a woman knows her Bible, and is obedient to God, she will be among the smartest women on earth, because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. 

That short and easy list of 4 requirements of a potential wife has been amazingly successful at weeding out unfit wives. It saves a ton of time, and saves both the man and woman’s emotions from getting involved when it’s too early. 

It eliminates 95% of today’s marriageable women, leaving the creme of the crop, the 5% who are hard to find, but who are the wives God is talking about when God says in Proverbs 18:22, “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.”

I’m counting my many blessings that God did not allow me to follow my silly feelings and desires and to marry a woman unfit to be a Godly wife. It makes me quite ecstatic to think of all the heartbreak, anguish, and sorrow he spared me from.

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