“Vaccine” Victims Left to Twist in the Wind

“My enraging experience with being forced to get the vaccine,myocarditis, and the refusal of doctors to help me.”

“Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis is inflammationof the lining outside the heart. In both cases, the body’s immune system is causinginflammation in response to an infection or some other trigger (like a “vaccine?”)
Symptoms can include chest pain, shortness of breath, or palpitations.

The account of a 22-year-old male.

Makow comment– Before MDs were just drug dealers. Now they are killers.

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On Tuesday I decided to comply and get the vaccine because I didn’t want to lose my career. I love my job and am very excited for what’s coming next for me. I got the 1st dose of the pfizer vaccine.

On Wednesday, I went to urgent care because along with the other expected side effects I was experiencing bad shortness of breath to the point where getting dressed had me exhausted to the point where I needed to sit down and rest. 

I also had chest pain/discomfort/pressure surrounding my heart area (it feels like there is a rock in my chest that is slightly oversized for the space it occupies). 

The doctor there did an EKG which came back with signs of heart inflammation but was otherwise normal. 

She discharged me saying I had signs of myocarditis after receiving the vaccine and told me to go to the ER immediately so they could check for other signs that she was unable to do herself.
Fast forward — the ER doctor was very dismissive. He told me I “did the right thing” getting the vaccine repeatedly. 

He told me my symptoms could be a muscle strain or acid reflux, and also said maybe I have covid (though he did not test me). 

I purposely did not tell him I had covid before because i suspected they would try to tell me my condition was from that instead. 

I was discharged after bloodwork, chest x-rays and a CT scan.
On Friday I followed up with a primary care doctor. I needed to get it in writing that I should delay or forego completely the 2nd dose; otherwise my employer will still make me comply. 

This doctor informed me that my ekg did show signs of heart inflammation and that my blood platelets were high. 

These are indicators of inflammation and clotting. He referred me to a cardiologist and agreed that I should wait to get the 2nd dose until consulting with him. 

I asked him to provide me written documentation of this as well as his recommendation that I should wait at least 1.5 months for the 2nd dose, otherwise I will be fired. 

He said okay “no problen I will be right back”
myo.jpgWhen he returned to the room:

Him: “So I talked with my supervisor and we aren’t allowed to provide that documentation except for in extreme circumstances”

Me: “So what you’re saying is I basically need to be having a heart attack for you to write your recommendations on the vaccine down?

Him: “yes”

Me: “If I was sent to the ER with these exact symptoms after receiving the flu vaccine, would your recommendation be that I never get that vaccine again in my entire life?”

Him: “yes”

Me: “It is utterly pathetic that you cannot document in writing what you just recommended to me 5 minutes ago”

Him: “I agree”

Me: “Well then can you give me the name of a doctor who can?”

Him: “No”

Throughout this conversation he blinked a lot and avoided eye contact. I could tell he was fighting his own moral battle about keeping his own job versus doing the right thing. There are bearucratic pressures influencing the quality and accuracy of the care we are getting from our doctors. I have lost complete and utter trust for our medical providers. This doctor told me to my face that he was not ALLOWED to help me.
For those who may ask I am a 22yo male. This (Reddit Conspiracy) is the only community I thought would even listen to my story.


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