When was the last time you watched a TV show or movie that had a mother and father who loved each other, had more than one or two children, and the mother was home full time and the father worked hard to provide for his family? The first seasons of “Little House on the Prairie” had this. It was a very popular and well loved show! I loved “When Calls the Heart” on Hallmark up until the last season. This show was supposedly during the Wild West days in America. Even this show had all of the women working outside of their homes and portrayed them as strong, independent women, however.

A man asked why half of Disney shows have a parent who dies? (Read about Disney’s agenda.) As I was pondering this, I thought of the question I asked you. Hollywood doesn’t seem to like the intact family. As they showed children’s parent dying, they were slowing doing away with the intact family. Then you have cartoons and sitcoms where the husband is constantly berated and made fun of while looking like a jerk, and the mother is the wise, all-knowing one.

The family unit in America used to be valued. Mothers valued being home with their children. Fathers worked hard to provide. The average family had six to eight children before birth control. TV shows back then had intact families. Society knew the value of this. But as a society throws out God and becomes pagan, the intact family falls by the wayside and all other types of perversions of marriage and the family replace the intact family.

Young women are taught and encouraged to be anything BUT wives and mothers growing up. They waste their youth, beauty, and fertile years on higher education and careers. Culture will tell young women that they’re wasting their lives if they marry young and begin having children. Then when these career women are in their thirties, they decide that their careers aren’t bringing the fulfillment that they were taught they would, and they want to marry and have a child or two. Unfortunately, many are infertile from living a promiscuous lifestyle and their eggs have aged, so they go in for expensive and unhealthy fertility treatments.

Our culture has taught women that men and women are interchangeable. Women can be men now! So she gets on the track that was created for men, the career path. Many women are ending up lonely and depressed. The only answer for women is to go back to the old paths that God has created for them. In our culture, this is being a rebel. It’s wanting marriage, children, and being a homemaker. It’s wanting to raise godly offspring who will be light in a dark world.

The most tragic part in all of this is the Church has fallen hook, line, and sinker in with the world. The Church must begin to boldly teach against the lies of our culture. Sex wasn’t made for fornication. Sex does make babies, and it’s for marriage between a MAN and his WIFE only. Babies are a beautiful blessing in marriage. Sex is an act of love between a man and wife who create children from this love. This is God’s plan for us, and it’s beautiful!

Don’t let your children watch the lies that Hollywood is promoting to them. Satan destroys a nation by destroying the family. Dwell on the good and lovely, women. Show your children the beauty of God’s ways. As culture grows darker, our light will only shine brighter!

Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.
Psalm 128:3

Intact Families are Extinct in Shows Today

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