Makow – Are all Jews to Blame?

ugust 12, 2021

It’s obvious that Organized Jewry is waging a war against whatever is left of white Christian America. Here is a Jewish Washington Post Reporter Jennifer Rubin celebrating the fact that whites are becoming a minority in America. She doesn’t represent all Jews but why do so many want to destroy the founding peoples of America?

I posted this video (“Ashkenazi Jews Control US Government“) on Gab Wednesday with this comment-

Antisemitism is starting to catch fire.But, as an assimilated ethnic Jew, and one of the few true God-witnessing Jews left, the anger should be directed at Jews in positions of power and influence, not the powerless dupes, who are just as clueless as the goyim. 

This would be like targeting average Americans in revenge for US war crimes in Iraq. Most Jews I know are ignorant of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy. Some are anti Communist. Also, the satanist subversion of humanity could not happen without the active complicity of Gentile Freemasons —  traitors and opportunists who are our political, cultural and business leaders.”

I got the comments below- One condemned me for identifying as a Jew:  I don’t “identify” as a Jew. I was born an ethnic Jew and, as I explain here, can’t do anything about it. I do not subscribe to the so-called “religion” which I have exposed as Satanism in disguise.    See also The Devil & the Jews 

I am one of a handful of righteous Jews who have tried to warn fellow Jews and the goyim of what the Masonic Jewish banking cartel has in store for humanity. Other righteous Jews include Henry KleinMyron Fagan,Benjamin FreedmanAlfred Lilienthal, Israel Shamir and Brother Nathaniel. Our warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

I’m not going to cease “identifying” as a Jew when I am one of very few Jews who has not been duped. I am called to stand in the tradition of the great Jewish prophets who bear witness to God.  

“Why me, God?” I asked. 

“You’re all I’ve got,” He replied. “I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

Sad, isn’t it? 

Luckily there are a few more witnesses, like Pastor Chuck Baldwin.

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