9/11 and invasion of Afghanistan dates coincide with two huge victories of the West against Islam: The Battle of Lepanto, and the Battle of Vienna.

Wow, the battle of Lepanto, between Italians and Muslim Turks, happened on October 7th, 1571, and the Italians won. It was a huge victory against Islam.


And the Battle of Vienna, was fought on 9/11-9/12 1683, between the Poles, and Viennese, against Islam, and was another huge victory for the West against Islam.


Well, 9/11, 2001, the fake attack on The World Trade Towers in NY was launched, and, amazingly enough, the attack on Afghanistan, which had nothing to do with the fraudulent Talmudic Jew banker attack, was launched on October 7th, 2001.

Coincidence? I think not.

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