Development of Gene Therapy “Vaccine” Preceded Scamdemic


The Pandemic is a Criminal Scam
Dr David Martin & Atty Dr Reiner Fuelmich on US Govt. Origins & Patenting of Corona Virus – Going Back 21 Years  

“Some people are making enormous amounts of money from this criminal enterprise… it is a delusion to believe the virus escaped from a Chinese laboratory and spread all over the world.”
“What makes this even worse is that Dr Fauci in every board meeting of the NIAID between 2016 and 2019 lamented the fact that there wasn’t a way to make EVERYONE take a universal flu vaccine.”
Dr. David Martin heads a company that monitors all patent applications to determine investment opportunities.
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There is nothing novel about the Corona virus as Dr Martin explains inthis July 9 interview with lawyer Dr Reiner Fuelmich.
There are 73 patents covering every aspect of the virus going back 21 years. Some were filed as early as 2000. The CDC even paid extra money (from US taxpayers) to ensure some patents were not visible to public scrutiny.
The script for this pandemic was written in 2004 at a conference called ‘Sars and Bioterrorism’, held on January 6th by Merck where the phrase ‘The New Normal’ was first coined and adopted by the WHO for the propaganda campaign, along with the idea of a universal vaccine.
Moderna knew they were slated to have a significant part to play in the development of the vaccine in March 2019 as they suddenly amended a series of failed patent filings; a very bizarre behaviour to specifically mention a ‘deliberate release’ of Corona virus.
They amended four patents to begin the vaccine development. Moderna didn’t own all the technology which was a problem, so they negotiated with the two companies that owned this technology – Arbutus and Accuatus Pharmaceuticals who owned the lipid nano particle envelope process which delivers the mRNA fragment.
In November 2019, Moderna entered a research agreement with the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill to develop spike proteins to put inside the lipid nano particle for the vaccine.
This was before the virus allegedly even “emerged” and therefore meant that a candidate vaccine had ALREADY existed for it.
What makes this even worse is that Dr Fauci in every board meeting of the NIAID between 2016 and 2019 lamented the fact that there wasn’t a way to make EVERYONE take a universal flu vaccine.
But there was an ‘epithany’ with these amended patents in March 2019 in that:
What if there was ‘an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen?’
What is problematic here is that, the same phrase is used in a book called ‘A World At Risk’ written by the World Health Organization in September 2019, months before the virus emerged.
It says we need a ‘coordinated global experience of a respiratory pathogen release ‘ which by September 2020 must have in place a universal capacity for public relations management, crowd control and the acceptance of a universal vaccine.
The video is deep and precise – which is great for anyone who wants to search for the truth of what is happening. It completely exposes the pandemic as a criminal scam and those with legal and evidence-based brains would find this information invaluable.
The video lasts for 1 hour 51 minutes and includes some German as Dr Fuellmich translates some of what Dr Martin is saying into German, presumably to be used as expert testimony in his legal challenge to the German Government. I hope he succeeds.—-Related Dr. David Martin – There is no virus; no pandemic —————– A Manufactured Illusion

WEF – “No Return to Normal”: Why Isn’t Anyone Listening?


“At the time of writing (June 2020), the pandemic continues to worsen globally. Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never.”Covid 19: The Great Resetby Andrew
( how the our mainstream media claimed only conspiracy theorists of the worst order would associate the COVID 19 pandemic with a “Great Reset?” 
Au contraire, fellow North Americans! In the following paragraphs, I hope to provide sufficient insight to cause you to do what I did – READ the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s)  COVID-19: The Great Reset. If you aren’t already familiar with the WEF, it was created in 1971 as the lead planner for the world’s various governmental advisory organizations as shown below:


The WEF’s Founder and co-author of this book is Klaws Swab. The other co-author is Thierry Malleret, Managing Partner of The Monthly Barometer, a powerful global predictive analysis resource. The following mid-book (p.145) statement on “Enlightened Leadership” is key to the authors’ game plan:
“Some leaders and decision-makers who were already at the forefront of the fight against climate change may want to take advantage of the shock inflicted by the pandemic to implement long-lasting and wider environmental changes.” 
They will, in effect, make “good use” of the pandemic by not letting the crisis go to waste.
The exhortation of different leaders ranging from HRH the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) to Andrew Cuomo to “build it back better” goes in that direction. So does a dual declaration made by the IEA with Dan Jørgensen, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities of Denmark, suggesting that clean energy transitions could help kick-start economies: 
“Around the world, leaders are getting ready now, drawing up massive economic stimulus packages. Some of these plans will provide short-term boosts, others will shape infrastructure for decades to come. We believe that by making clean energy an integral part of their plans, governments can deliver jobs and economic growth while also ensuring that their energy systems are modernized, more resilient and less polluting.” 
Governments led by enlightened leaders will make their stimulus packages conditional upon green commitments. They will, for example, provide more generous financial conditions for companies with low-carbon business models.
Klaus and Malleret couldn’t be more clear how the COVID-19 faux pandemic serves the purposes of their clients, the global elites. 
Here it is in plain sight! Yet did any of you see this “pandemic-wrapped” game plan discussed by your favorite politicians, digital and social media or TV “news?”
Let’s take quick look at a few of the book’s interesting revelations:
“At the time of writing (June 2020), the pandemic continues to worsen globally. Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never.” P. 12, second paragraph.


“The broader point is this: the possibilities for change and the resulting new order are now unlimited and only bound by our imagination, for better or for worse. … You get the point: we should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world, in a bid to make it a better and more resilient one as it emerges on the other side of this crisis.” P.19
Oddly, Schwab and Malleret reveal a key element of the plan, vaccines, by saying: 
“Several months into the pandemic, it looks like even a semblance of a return to ‘business as usual’ for most service companies is inconceivable as long as COVID-19 remains a threat to our health. This in turn suggests that a full return to ‘normal’ cannot be envisaged before a vaccine is available.” P. 48
Such brazen writing reveals their objective is making everyone so desperate for a return to normal that they would rush to embrace these dangerous “vaccines.”
At this time, nothing else other than continued complicity from a corrupt media is necessary to keep this heinous conspiracy’s momentum going.  
And the media is fuelling this momentum by keeping a fearful public desperate for vaccines. For example, according to a report from The Hill, Pfizer will announce that it would be seeking authorization for a third dose of its COVID-19 vaccine. 
Pfizer and BioNTech said in a Thursday statement that they had seen “encouraging data” from a booster shot trial. As planned by these nefarious men and Big Pharma, returning to normal will be a distant goal as long as the public buys into the “news” of the Indian Variant, the Delta Variant, and, etc. 
And what are the effects of these continued virus scares? Japan just announced that there will be no spectators for The Olympic Games in Tokyo. All the world travellers with tickets to the Olympics will be relegated to watching the events on TV from their Tokyo hotel rooms. How sad!


Now let’s return to the WEF’s COVID-19: The Great Reset and its ideas for looking forward. In their own words:
“The direction of the trend is clear but, ultimately, systemic change will come from policy-makers and business leaders willing to take advantage of COVID stimulus packages to kick-start the nature-positive economy. This will not only be about public investments. The key to crowding private capital into new sources of nature-positive economic value will be to shift key policy levers and public finance incentives as part of a wider economic reset.” P.150
“Resetting the environment should not be seen as a cost, but rather as an investment that will generate economic activity and employment opportunities.” P. 151
COVID-19: The Great Reset is a both a confession of an active global conspiracy and a roadmap for its implementation.
I encourage you to read this book yourself. It’s vitally important for you and those you love to know how COVID-19 has been used and what these global sociopaths intend. I leave you with this from WEF Founder and CEO, Klaus Schwab:
“You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.”


In 1958 (the year I was born), my grandpa bought a piece of land in the forests of Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. He built a cabin on the land where we spent our summers with all of our relatives. These are my favorite childhood memories! We had no TV or Internet, so we talked, played, swam, hiked, and just had fun together.

About 38 years ago (the year my oldest daughter was born), my dad bought the cabin next door that was owned by two elderly unmarried sisters. They had both been public school teachers in the 1920s to 1950s. My dad than built onto the tiny cabin to accompany his children and their growing families. Our children’s favorite memories are from this place now.

The other day, I found the book above in this book shelf that was part of the original cabin. I am sure it was what the sisters used when they taught long ago.

It was a reader that was written in 1929.

I looked through it, and it’s a far cry from what children are being taught these days. Here’s a page that taught children to be thankful for our great nation.

Here’s another page with a story from the Bible! Can you imagine this being taught these days?

When they threw God and prayer out of school, they threw out all truth. Now, children are only being taught lies in the public schools.

Can you imagine a President during our lifetime saying such a thing? I sure can’t, but we can pray for one. I also found some old magazines from the late 1940s and early 1950s called Ideal in the same bookshelf left by the sisters. Reading through them made me realize how much more family and home were valued back then.

Here are a few pages from one of these magazines. God’s ways are so good. Enjoy!

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Jeremiah 6:16

God Used to Be Taught in the Public Schools