Sherri Tenpenny–COVID Vaccines are “Perfectly Designed Kill Machine”


Sherri Tenpenny is an Ohio Osteopath who has written four books challenging the vaccination narrative.

They’re not asking people who’ve been diagnosed with this mutant strain, is ‘Have you had one of the not-approved vaccines?’ Nobody’s putting that together.”


Dr Sherri Tenpenny has mapped out eight mechanisms of action of how the mRNA vaccine is going to kill people. 
She says, “When you inject the mRNA, the Messenger RNA starts to code for the spike protein…the NIH is now fighting with Moderna over patent rights, because you can’t patent anything that’s out in nature, so they had to manipulate the spike protein, in order to be able to patent it and then make an antibody to the spike protein.
“Well, this anti-spike protein antibody is deadly. It’s absolutely deadly. And the first three papers I went through, I found that one of the things the spike protein does is it directly attacks lung tissue and breaks it down.
“The second thing that it does is it inhibits your M2 macrophages, which are your anti-inflammatory macrophages, so you get cytokine storm and you die.
“The third is that when that Messenger RNA goes in and makes an antibody to the spike protein, it binds it loosely, carries it into a cell and causes permanent replication. So it’s like having an “On” button with no “Off” button. You’re constantly making this little piece of protein develop more spike proteins against it, make more destruction.
“And then, with this paper that I read last night, of this anti-spike protein, it attacks the astrocytesand the oligodendrocytes, which are two different kinds of cells in your brain. Two different kinds of central nervous system [cells]. It attacks the inner mitochondria membrane, in two different mechanisms and it attacks this neurofilament protein, which are the motor nerves, which suddenly -we’ve seen those people [with strong tremors], it’s because the spike protein antibody is affecting their motor neurons and their central nervous system.
“And then the primary, number one symptom that people have after they get this vaccine is debilitating fatigue, that they can’t even function in the main part of their lives. Well, it’s because the spike protein antibody attacks the mitochondria and it attacks the GAD 65, which is the intracellular antigen inside of your mitochondria and it can also attack you pancreas.
“If you’re diabetic, it’ll make your diabetes worse. If you’re not diabetic, it can cause you to have diabetes, stiff-person syndromecerebellar ataxia, which is what thing that you’re watching [massive tremors]; people not able to walk.
“In the experiment that they did, they took different tissue antigens, like skin and lung and all this other stuff and then they dropped the serum that had the antibody all over it. 27 out of 55 of the tissue types reacted adversely to the spike antibody.
“So you get this vaccine, you create this antibody, that’s why in the most recent VAERS report that came out this week, 181 deaths, already that have been reported and when you start reading through them, you kind of lay out what these antibodies do, you can see it, right in the VAERS report, what has happened to these people and it’s the anti-spike antibody that’s attacking them and that’s why the most number of deaths occurred about 19 days after the injection, because it takes a while to develop the antibody response. It doesn’t happen just like that.
“Unless you have an anaphylactic reaction – probably to the polyethylene glycol- unless you have an immediate reaction to it, the delayed reaction is going to start – it takes a while – I talked to a bunch of epidemiologists in Europe and they said that it takes about 48 weeks to really see the most profound effects of autoimmune disease.
“When I found the first four mechanisms of action, I said to a few friends of mine, ‘This is a perfectly-designed kill machine.’
“Perfectly-designed, because – the other thing is with that replicating thing, because with the vaccine, you’re going to see mutants [of COVID]. So now, we’re all talking about the mutants. The one thing they’re not asking these people, who’ve been diagnosed with this mutant strain, is ‘Have you had one of the not-approved vaccines?’ Nobody’s putting that together.
“So, yes, 48 weeks – so it’s somewhere between 48 weeks, so it’s about a year and 6 to 7 months and a couple of years into the future.
“So, like you were talking about the girl with meningitis vaccine? This is going to be even worse. So people have got to make some serious spiritual decisions about this…Are you going to say, ‘Oh, I want to get the vaccine so I can get on an airplane,’ or ‘So I can go out to eat,’ or I can keep my job.’ That gets a little harder. Or ‘So I can continue in professional school,’ which gets a little bit harder.
“People are going to have to start making some really hard spiritual decisions about this.”
Watch video here:
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——————Spike Protein Bioweapon Being Transmitted from Vaxxed to Non Vaxxed People———–8000 deaths, 330,00 injuries from Covid Vaxxes
First Comment from Andrew
Not so easy to be happy reading  Sherri Tenpenny–COVID Vaccines are “Perfectly Designed Kill Machine.”
What Tenpenny says applies to mRNA vaccines but not directly to the J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines which are killing people too fast to continue the pretence that they are SAFE.
I’ve been thinking about this distinction and what’s probably two different approaches to large scale genocide. [So ironic Biden NOW takes the time to go back over 100 years to decry the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.]
The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are made using messenger RNA, or mRNA, a technology that delivers a bit of genetic code to cells — in effect, a recipe to make the surface protein (known as spike) on the SARS-2 virus. The proteins made with the mRNA instructions activate the immune system, teaching it to see the spike protein as foreign and develop antibodies and other immunity weapons with which to fight it. Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca went down a different path, using dead virus to activate spike proteins and evoke an immune response.
I’m an attorney, so I can’t say whether Tenpenny’s medical opinion is right, but if it’s right, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca’s vaccines could produce the same illness and death in a few month as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.Doug P wrote-

I’ve been listening to this doctor since she first started coming out about vaccines and she is consistently ahead of the curve. Things she says today will be well known in the near future. She has been all over vaccines and I am as convinced as she is that this is a killing agenda.
Think about the fact that we have “evidence-based medicine” but no long-term vaccine studies. The phrase “evidence-based medicine” should send shivers down your spine if you know anything at all about science. Science is based on a hypothesis presented in such a way that can be disproven. It starts at the evidence but doesn’t finish there. Like always, carefully consider what is said at the beginning before diving deeper and you can expose 95% of the BS that is out there. It’s always on the first few pages with a false premise or bad thinking.
Also, see “worms in masks” . Lots of links on this on DuckDuckGo . I’m wondering what Tenpenny thinks of this.

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