“Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance”: the Anti-Defamation League’s Latest Attempt to Increase Jewish Influence Over the Black Community

On February 1st, a new organization called the “Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance” announced its existence to the world.

Their press release, timed to coincide with the first day of black history month, statesthat Jews are equally as oppressed as blacks and both groups must work together against “anti-Semitism” and “institutional racism.”

The group has all the fingerprints of an Anti-Defamation League operation. The ADL is featured on its resources page and the Zionist group’s CEO quickly endorsed the “alliance.”

While signatories include famous black faces such as Terry Crews and Herbie Hancock, the vast majority of its more than 170 members are Jewish executives and powerbrokers in the entertainment industry.

Nick Cannon Gets His Job Back 

The most surprising member of this “alliance” is Nick Cannon, who was fired in July from his show “Wet N’ Wild” — a property of Jewish-owned company CBS Viacom (previously in the hands of Sumner Redstone, now run by his daughter Shari) — after praising black advocate Louis Farrakhan and quoting his ideas on a podcast. Cannon’s rapid dismissal led prominent blacks to begin discussing Jewish power as a source of their oppression.

After months of groveling, Cannon appears to have defied the hard rules of cancel culture. Just four days after announcing his support for the “Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance,” CBS Viacom gave Cannon his old job back.

The agenda behind this endeavor is two fold. The first is to create a system of financial carrots and sticks for leading blacks to break racial solidarity with figures and groups Jews feel undermine their ethnic interests, such as the Nation of Islam. The second is to strengthen Jewish influence over Black Lives Matter, especially in regards to its support for the Palestinian cause, which the ADL has expressed a strong interest in purgingfrom their discourse.

The ADL’s aggressive backroom attempts at co-opting black causes have been so egregious that a coalition of left-wing groups have come together specifically to resist them.

Will It Work? 

The ADL, which is primarily concerned with organizing blacks against white Gentiles and advancing the interests of the state of Israel, is struggling with a number of contradictions in its efforts. Recently, the high courts of the Jewish state declared that its Right of Return does not apply to practicing Ugandan Jews because they aren’t racially Jewish. At the same time, another report found that Israel is a haven for fugitive child rapists of Ashkenazi and Sephardic descent.

Domestically, the ADL has put blacks on the spot, declaring in 2016 that they were the most “anti-Semitic” race in America.

Nevertheless, Jewish groups appear to be putting a lot of money and energy into increasing black dependence on Jewish will.

Multiple op-eds have appeared in mainstream media calling for a “new Black-Jewish alliance.” Simultaneously, a record number of Jewish mulattoes have been nominated for the 2021 NAACP Image Awards in March.

The NAACP, which itself was founded by a panel of Jews belonging to the ADL, has been utilized against black interests in the past. The NAACP and ADL famously battled black leader Marcus Garvey and his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), which sought to promote black self-reliance. Jewish prosecutors and a Jewish judge imprisoned Garvey in 1923 for five years on dubious and politically motivated “mail fraud” charges, cementing the NAACP’s control over black political organizing.

Whether history will repeat itself remains to be seen. The Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance and the ADL appear confident in their chances.


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