Online hit squad armies target any criticism of the Talmudic Jewish owners of the Federal Reserve, the biggest murderers, liars, and thieves in world history, as “anti-semitism”.

96 blocks of fake accounts on Disqus in the last week. Who knows who these people are, it’s likely the same person with hundreds of Disqus accounts. Could have been rapists in jail, or some of the 1.4 billion Chinese slaves of the Talmudic Jewish Communists. We have no idea. There appears to be 10 or fewer Communists, who imitate conservatives and have hundreds of anonymous accounts they use, to give the impression of popular support. How do you know they are fake accounts? The comments are often on private, there is no way to tell who they are, they often have avatars you’d have to be using acid to select, they say the same things, they are not regular commenters, no one on conservative posts knows who they are, and they frequently have ridiculously low comments to likes rations. Just came across one with 4,000 comments, and 100 likes. My three year old nephew could do better than that. It looks like they’ve been scared off of commenting, but they are actively downvoting, to try to minimize how many people read this.

A few days days ago, I posted an expose of the Synagogue of Satan. Of course, six Talmudic Jewish corporations control 96% of today’s media, so the average person hasn’t a clue what’s going on. Dozens of people with cognitive dissonance and Dunning Kruger downvoted the post, one got nearly thirty downvotes.

The reason we were given the First Amendment, was to avoid what the Talmudic Jews did to Jesus. They silenced him, lied about him, and murdered him. They are doing the same thing today, nothing has changed in 2,000 years.

Not a single cogent refutation of my posted facts was given. So, I don’t care if I get 1,000 downvotes, this is the truth, and I’d keep saying it if I were threatened with death too.

The Federal Reserve runs the world, and is owned by the Invisible Government. They are Talmudic Jews, and have run America since they got a Wilson elected with 40% of the vote in 1912, as the Rothschild snakes funded Teddy Roosevelt too, with TR and Taft splitting 60% of the Republican vote. The synagogue of Satan, the same money changers Christ whipped out of the temple, have been behind all wars including and since World War 1.

The Talmudic Jews are behind Communism and Zionism, and are responsible for the murder of 100 million under Communism, in just a century, which makes the 250 million murdered by Islam in 1,400 years, look like child’s play.

All of this is detailed on Messanonews dot com. I’m banned by the Talmudic Jews on both sides. Facebook, LinkedIn, the Atlantic, and Twitter on the left, and Breitbart, WND, Daily Wire, Gateway Pundit, FrontPageMag, and City Journal on the right. It’s gross hypocrisy for all these “conservative” sites to scream about free speech, while banning conservatives from their sites.

These bankers have armies of online hit squads to call anyone who threatens their world supremacy “anti-Semites”, though these people violate the Torah every day by stealing with the income tax. Also, Talmudic Jews of today would be given the death penalty by Moses for their crimes.

You get the most flak when you’re over the target. Absolutely incredible that thousands have a problem with me repetitively posting the truth, but, these same people are perfectly okay with the Talmudic Jewvision repetitively lying to people for over 100 years. No wonder why the media hates Hitler, he told the truth about the Talmudic bankers. And, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out Hollyweird is really good at making up fairytales, which I’m convinced the Holocaust is. Either that or the Talmudic Jews funded Hitler to terrorize the Jews into Israel. Hitler and the Nazis were great friends with Rabbi Schneerson, so, the media doesn’t talk about that. It’s a great strategy.

Tens of millions of Americans have never been told the true history of World War 2 ( detailed by Mike King in his brilliant “The Bad War”. Do not research anything on Google or Wikipedia, as both are controlled by Talmudic Jews. Sergei Brin, Larry Page,  Its as plain as day.), and have been trained to think of any criticism of Talmudic Jews, no matter how valid, as “anti semitism”, or indications the person wants to murder Jews. I had the FBI come to my door, saying I was trying to kill Jews to my neighbors. Funny, they can’t figure out where Hillary’s 30,000 emails are, but they have agents to lie to military veterans neighbors with absolutely no evidence. When I threatened them with a libel lawsuit, they backed off quickly, and stopped harassing me. Further proof the American military and intelligence agencies have been controlled by Talmudic Jews since Wilson. For the record, most Jews don’t know what’s going on, and are not responsible for the actions of the Synagogue of Satan.

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