Communist China has always been controlled by the owners of America’s Federal Reserve. Still is.

Anthony Sutton, who died in 2002, wrote dozens of books on how our owners of the Federal Reserve funded the Bolsheviks in Russia and Communists in China. They also funded Hitler. They are masters at funding two opposing sides, then gaining more power and wealth after massive and exhausting war breaks out. The Rothschilds are involved, and have been at this since the French Revolution and Napoleon.

The owners of the Federal Reserve run the media, schools, tech companies, BLM, ANTIFA, NAACP, ACLU, SPLC, and much more.

Xi Jinping is just a pawn, like Obama, Biden, and Kamala. The invisible government is in the shadows. They are behind this virus, and 5G towers, which miraculously sprung up all over America in the last five years.

Communism has never been about a rising of the masses, it is always exploitation of the masses by the elite.

Mao was a pawn of American Talmudic Jewish bankers, who engineered his takeover in 1948. Largely, Mao’s takeover was a result of the billions of weaponry and supplies that Communists in America, with the aid of Communist puppets in FDR’s White House, Louis Howe and Harry Hopkins, gave in lend lease to Communist Russia, including plates to print BILLIONS OF AMERICAN DOLLARS. Stalin gave this to Mao, and, at the same time, Communists in America helped put pressure on General George Marshall and Truman to withdraw support from Chiang Kai shek and his Nationalist army, resulting in their defeat, and subsequent withdrawal to Formosa, or present day Taiwan. Without American support there never could be Communism in China or Russia. These elite bankers took advantage of the Russian and Chinese peasants, who had no First or Second Amendments, murdering 100 million in the process. They now are turning their guns on the last holdout on earth, America.

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