What President Trump should do should he win his second term

Pamela Garber

The morning of Nov. 4 was the de facto start for the second term of the Trump administration. 

That morning, President Trump suspended America’s MAGA pep rally and quieted his cheers about beefing up our military, our economy, and our school history curriculums. A new agenda marking the new second term formed. Voter fraud is now the main topic in frame. To take a quote from Neil Young, (not part of the Trump administration), “there is more to the picture than meets the eye.”

 Identifying all aspects of voter fraud has to be the new agenda of the Trump administration. Leading the country in the mission to secure free and honest voting marks the beginning of President Trump’s second term. Regardless of whether or not this second term continues for four more years, the Trump administration’s second term is taking place now with a demarcation start date of November 4. As with the robustly communicated previous agendas – (securing a China virus vaccine, bringing our troops home, stabilizing foreign relations, energy independence, economic growth, building the wall) the agenda of fighting voter fraud is vital for maintaining our American way of life. Because this new agenda is the foundation for all aspects of our freedom, it’s obvious President Trump is working with every ounce of faith and power within him. His public communication is still transparent, but now terse.

On voter fraud, what will break the status quo now is aggressive exposure. No, not the kind of exposure we learned about within the Oval Office during the Clinton administration, rather this is the urgent needed transparency about how voter fraud is going on. Transparency forces decisive actions. Decisive actions plus transparency equal a chance for the deep state to be held to the same accountability as everyone else. No ballots are more equal than other ballots. 

What is this forceful stream of evidence to cover?  Whistle blower testimonies, professional statistical analysis, and research on the mechanics of the voter machines.

That’s because destroying the ability for the American people to elect their president in the fair process first implemented by our Founding Fathers equals destroying America. America is defined by the process of its presidential election. Without the freedom to elect our leader, all of our other freedoms fall. The day that all of our freedoms fall – the day that we the people can no longer choose our president; is the day we no longer have our America.

Among other corollaries, President Trump must pay particular attention to repairing and restoring our freedom of speech. A by-product of a compromised election is compromised freedom of speech. Compromised freedom of speech becomes a conduit for limited freedom of behavior – as some behaviors (cheering in the streets for Joe Biden, marching to protest police presence, cursing conservative diners) are now more equal than other behaviors (funerals, prayer gatherings and Thanksgiving). Legal actions are defined and redefined according to how behaviors are defined and redefined.

 On the morning of Nov. 4, 2020, the agenda priority deck shuffled. A new card emerged. The card of ‘A Free and Honest Election’ trumps the others in the deck. All other cards are incorporated, linked by the same life force of freedom. Though yet to be given a unique name, perhaps Operation Warped Speed Part Two or Operation MAGA – the Election, this starting point of the second term is appropriate. 

There also is no way to address voter fraud without addressing illegal ties to foreign organizations. There is no way to address illegal ties to foreign organizations without addressing funding. There is no way to address funding without looking at the start and stop points of where the money leaves and ultimately posts. There is no way to address the money without addressing the names attached. The names then lead to agendas – agendas, including, but not limited to globalism, that finally can be hoisted above the radar and measured to logically parse their degree of alignment with the United States Constitution.

President Trump has an ambitious beginning in his second term as the constitution preserver, the fighter, waiting patiently for his day in court, assuming he wins his cases in court. In addition, the largest voter fraud organization that Biden bragged about will be given its time to rise to the surface and into the light of day – in court.

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