25 NIGHTMARE things that will happen if Joe Biden wins the election

Sunday, October 11, 2020 by: Mike Adams 
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Image: 25 NIGHTMARE things that will happen if Joe Biden wins the election

(Natural News) With extremely low voter enthusiasm for Joe Biden, he can only “win” the election by cheating: Rigging the votes, censoring conservative voices online, destroying mail-in ballots for Trump, encouraging dead people to vote Democrat, and so on.

In 2016, the biased media ran with an endless stream of faked polls and projections that claimed Hillary Clinton would almost certainly win the election, but they failed to account for so-called “shy” Trump voters: People who voted for Trump but didn’t talk to pollsters about their votes because of the extremely intolerant attitudes of Leftists who now label all Trump supporters as “actual Nazis.”

Now in 2020, the shy Trump voters are even more numerous. They come out in rallies, and they will reliably head to the polls to vote on November 3rd, but they don’t talk about their support for Trump, or they would be fired from their jobs, harassed by friends and neighbors or even violently attacked on the streets.

This means that in a fair election, absent any cheating, Trump wins by a landslide. But that’s why the lawless Left is doubling down on their cheating this year, pulling out all the stops to suppress every Trump vote and rig as many fake, counterfeit votes for Biden as possible.

Because of their commitment to cheating, Democrats have a chance of stealing the election and claiming they “won.” Make no mistake that in the days after the election, Democrats will magically find hundreds of thousands of “lost” ballots in car trunks, in exactly the right districts in the right states that they need to “win.” This is their classic strategy, and it’s how former Sen. Al Franken stole the vote to become a U.S. Senator. (Read about the “Protect the Vote” effort here to stop Democrat cheating.)

Because of the Democrats’ commitment to cheating, stealing and committing fraud, we must all be prepared for the possibility of Joe Biden cheating his way to victory. Although the real chance of such an outcome is small, it isn’t zero. And voters need to know what Biden and his handlers have in store for America if they seize power in January.

Study this list and share it everywhere, because Democrats have a detailed plan to utterly ruin America and plunge the nation into extreme poverty, destroying the Middle Class while left-wing authoritarians maintain monopoly rule. Here’s a tour of what that plan looks like.

25 NIGHTMARE things that will happen if Joe Biden “wins” the election

#1) Medical tyranny – Biden and his handlers will enact nationwide mandatory face mask rules and nationwide vaccine compliance rules. Those who refuse to comply will be banned from working, using public transportation or appearing in public places.

#2) Pack the court – Democrats will expand the number of US Supreme Court justices to whatever number they need in order to achieve a liberal majority. Because Democrats always cheat. If they can’t win by following the rules, they change the rules! Joe Biden currently says that voters will have to elect him first to find out if he’s going to pack the court. (Hint: Yes, he is.)

#3) Criminalizing “climate deniers” – So-called “climate deniers” will be criminalized, and any who deny the climate change narrative in their online posts or speech will be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned under President Kamala Harris, who has openly promised to do exactly this.

#4) Medical dictatorship – You will be subjected to endless lockdowns and made a prisoner in your own home, while the left-wing media keeps declaring “new cases” of covid have been found. This will be used to utterly crush the Middle Class and end any constitutional freedoms remaining in America.

#5) Defunding the police – Police departments will be defunded nationwide, leading to a collapse in the rule of law across every major U.S. city. This, in turn, will lead to chaos and violence as criminals run free, supported by left-leaning District Attorneys and left-wing politicians. Remember: They want to replace cops with criminals because the criminals will carry out the jobs that Democrats need done in order to make money from criminal operations (child trafficking, drug running, gun running, kidnapping, political assassinations, etc.)

#6) Reversing Trump-era court nominees – Already Joe Biden is claiming that an appointment of Amy Barrett to the court is somehow “unconstitutional,” and Democrats are now absurdly claiming that Trump is “packing the court” in an illegal way. Once Biden becomes president, Democrats will push to removeGorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett from the court, claiming all those appointments were illegal because Trump was an “illegitimate” president. Just watch…

#7) Nationwide bans on all AR-15s and similar semiautomatic firearms – Kamala Harris has already promised that she will use executive order powers to ban all AR-15s “in the first 100 days” of her presidency. This would instantly turn tens of millions of Americans into criminal felons if they don’t agree to turn in all their guns. If Americans comply, they will be completely disarmed while facing extreme government tyranny — exactly the scenario that Democrats want to achieve before they initiate the mass genocide against Christians and conservatives they have planned (see below).

#8) Green New COLLAPSE – Under a Biden presidency, the Green New Deal becomes law, banning all combustion engines and obliterating affordable travel and transportation infrastructure. The will unleash extremely destructive collapses in farming and food production, transportation and personal freedom. (See more details below.)

#9) Rolling blackouts as the power grid fails – The Green New Deal will see coal-fired power plants shuttered and natural gas plants taken offline, resulting in the very same rolling blackouts and power grid failures that California is currently experiencing under its own “green energy” initiatives. Power failures will lead to business shut downs and a massive wave of unemployment and bankruptcy, further crushing the Middle Class in America.

#10) Agricultural collapse leads to mass famine – The Green New Deal, combined with renewed federal regulations and covid lockdowns targeting farms and food facilities, will lead to a catastrophic collapse in food production across America. With combustion engines banned, farms will have to resort to animal-powered plows and harvesting operations that will collapse food production back to 19th century levels. This will result in a 90+% plunge in food output, unleashing mass famine across the nation. Essentially, America will become North Korea in terms of famine and tyranny.

#11) Ending the Senate filibuster – If Democrats gain control of the Senate, they will end the Senate filibuster, and use their newfound majority to ram through every radical law and court appointment they can imagine. This will also be used to redefine the US Supreme Court and pack the court with Democrats. Once Democrats manage to change all the rules in their favor, Republicans will never again have even a sliver of a chance to regain political power in America.

#12) Investigations into deep state traitors are scuttled – With Biden as president, all the DoJ investigations (Barr, Durham) into left-wing deep state traitors like Obama, Brennan, Comey and Clinton will be brought to a screeching halt. No one will be charged or prosecuted for their crimes against America, because the criminals will be back in charge. And don’t even think about Joe Biden being investigated for his illegal bribery and family money laundering schemes involving Ukraine and China.

#13) The end of free speech for America – While Trump and the GOP are beginning to push back against Big Tech censorship and the criminalization of conservative speech, under a Biden presidency, Big Government would merge with Big Tech to create a fascist anti-free speech “online Berlin Wall” of tyranny. Any person uttering any criticism of Kamala Harris would be immediately de-platformed and called a racist, no matter what the content of their criticism. All Black politicians will be granted completely immunity from criticism, and all White people instantly demonized and criticized for the way they were born.

#14) Huge increases in taxes on the working class – While Trump and the GOP passed generous tax cuts that allow the working class to keep more of the money they earn, Biden and Harris have promised to reverse all the Trump tax cuts and hike taxes on working people. They dishonestly claim they would only tax “the rich,” but none of their tax schemes function unless they raise taxes on the Middle Class, since that’s where the bulk of the national wage income is earned. Under Biden, you will work harder to keep less of your own money, while the rapidly expanding government confiscates your wealth and hands it out to People of Color as “reparations.” (See below.)

#15) Surrendering to communist China – Under Barack Obama, America was being deliberately crippled to weaken it while China gained strength to eventually invade and conquer the USA. Joe Biden’s family members took money from China while Biden helped funnel military secrets to the CCP. Under a Biden presidency, Chine will be given increased access to U.S. ports on the West Coast, and an increasing number of communist Chinese troops will be invited to stay in the United States as part of UN-sponsored “peacekeeping” exercises which are nothing more than a cover story for the Chinese invasion of America (that Biden supports, of course).

#16) Banning “ghost guns” nationwide – It is currently legal for U.S. citizens to manufacture their own rifles and pistols for their personal use. These homemade guns are called “ghost guns” because they have no serial numbers. They are one of the last defenses against the tyranny of the gun control mandates of an authoritarian government, because “ghost guns” cannot be tracked and don’t exist on any government paperwork. Expect Biden and Harris to immediately ban ghost guns nationwide, further intruding into the rights described by the Second Amendment. People who currently own ghost guns will be criminalized and told to turn them in or face prosecutions. (Hint: I’m not turning mine in. I’m making more…) Visit GhostGunner.net to purchase a Ghost Gunner machine that allows you to make your own AR-15s at home.

#17) Reparations for Blacks – Under a Biden presidency, efforts will commence to confiscate earnings and assets from White people (who never owned any slaves, by the way) and redistribute that money to Blacks and People of Color (none of whom were ever slaves). This effort is called “reparations” and it goes hand-in-hand with the entire White guilt narrative of the intolerant Left, which now says that White people are evil because of the way they were born, while Black people are superior and must be given extraordinary powers and authority in society (that they didn’t earn) because of the color of their skin, even when those Blacks are incompetent and utterly unqualified for such jobs, which is very often the case. How many Black police chiefs in America are incompetent and unqualified but got the job because they were Black? Answer: Most of them.

#18) Outlawing all private health care insurance – Under the Biden presidency — which will of course quickly become the “Harris presidency” — all forms of private health insurance will be outlawed, and everyone will be forced into a new “Medicare for all” scheme, which is essentially Third World health care with long wait times and “death panels.” As you might expect, FDA attacks against nutrition, herbs and natural remedies will also be ramped up to keep people trapped in the Big Pharma racketeering scheme that pays kickbacks to lawmakers and bureaucrats (in both parties).

#19) Federal bailout of Democrat cities and states – As left-wing cities and states are currently plunging into bankruptcy, President Trump is refusing to place the bailout burden on taxpayers. He doesn’t want American workers from across the country to have to bail out failed left-wing cities and states that are steeped in corruption, waste and fraud. But a Biden / Harris presidency would open the floodgates of federal money, sending trillions of dollars to Democrat jurisdictions to fund their money skimming operations, bloated pension bailouts and fraudulent government contracts that are nothing more than a means to funnel money to wealthy donors who support Democrat politicians. Case in point: Whatever happened to California’s high speed rail project and the billion dollars that funded it?

#20) Rise of the thought police – Under a Biden / Harris presidency, the DoJ and White House would openly encourage universities and local governments across the country to teach Critical Race Theory and punish people for being White. Anyone who expresses a pro-Constitution, pro-Trump or pro-liberty idea will be immediately fired from their job, removed from public office, eliminated from corporate boards and essentially removed from society. The Left will metastasize into Nazi-like authoritarian obedience state, complete with actual thought police who report “thought crimes” to authorities. This will of course be strongly aided by Big Tech’s surveillance and censorship capabilities.

#21) Forced low-income housing in suburbs – This program, originally launched under Obama, sought to invade suburban areas of the country with low-income housing in order to nullify the conservative votes of surburbanites. The program will be renewed under Biden / Harris, and it will force the construction of low-income, crime-ridden apartment complexes in suburban neighborhoods as part of an “integration” program that’s really just a vote rigging scheme. The upshot is that White, Middle Class neighborhoods will be forced to house low-income, crime-ridden housing projects that bring drugs, prostitution and violence to the neighborhood. Combined with the “defund the police” initiatives, this would put suburban areas of the country at the mercy of left-leaning criminal gangs and drug lords, which is exactly the way the Democrats want it.

#22) Door-to-door “purges” of Christians and conservatives – Once the left-wing militants (Antifa, BLM, government thought police) are fully deployed across the nation, they will launch a door-to-door “purge” campaign to hunt down and execute any remaining individuals who are Trump supporters, Christians, conservatives or constitutionalists. No such people can be allowed to remain in the society of the “Left Cult,” where absolute obedience to the LGBT agenda (see below) is required, and people must worship Kamala Harris as a god (or be exterminated). Note that this purge will only take place after the Second Amendment has been obliterated and the population largely disarmed.

#23) LGBT indoctrination of children and legalized pedophilia nationwide – The LGBT agenda will be in full force under a Biden / Harris presidency, with mandatory LGBT indoctrination of all schoolchildren and the nationwide legalization of pedophilia (which has already been partially legalized in California). School teachers will be openly encouraged to sexually “experiment” with young children, because it’s part of the Left’s culture of “grooming” young people for the sexual predators who rise to high positions within the Democrat party. Any who oppose the pedophilia will be called “intolerant” as the Left will claim that “love knows no age.” Much of this effort has already begun, and Netflix is already broadcasting mainstream pedophilia (“Cuties”) as part of the indoctrination program.

#24) The national voting age will be lowered to 14 – What Democrats have come to learn is that young people can be easily brainwashed and forced to obey absurd left-wing demands. The media’s contrived celebration of climate change puppet Greta Thunberg is part of this effort to position teens and children as “world leaders,” demanding that every citizen express total obedience to the whims of teen girls who push globalist lies. Much the same was true with David Hogg, the gun control teen who was engineered and shaped into a gun control fanatic, whom no one could criticize without being viciously smeared by the globalist-controlled media. Under Biden / Harris, this effort will expand from merely having young people positioned as thought leaders to having young people vote! The voting age will be lowered to 14 — or possibly even 12 — so that all future elections are determined solely by indoctrination and social media brainwashing, both of which are incredibly powerful influencing factors for young people who lack wisdom and life experience. When Dems can’t convince intelligent adults to support their Marxism and communism, they simply target the children.

#25) The outlawing of Christianity and the government burning down of all Christian churches nationwide – Finally, the rise to power of the cultist Left and the Godless Democrats will sooner or later require outlawing Christianity and condemning the Bible as “hate speech” (this has already begun on Big Tech platforms). Under the totalitarian rule of Biden / Harris, the government will start burning down Christians churches nationwide, even as many of those churches beg to be left alone because they are promoting LGBT and gay marriage philosophies. But Satan has no tolerance for any church to exist other than temples that worship Satan himself. So every place of worship that recognizes Jesus Christ will be demolished, and every person who dares to practice Christianity in public will be arrested and probably tortured, China-style. This is why Democrat governors are already singling out churches for punitive lockdowns in New York, Michigan, California and elsewhere. It’s a trial run for the complete outlawing of Christian churches.

If you want to live in the nightmare world described above, vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

On the other hand, if the descriptions above sound like some sort of Orwellian nightmare, and you’d rather not live under that tyranny, vote for Trump.

Compare that nightmare to the alternative: A Trump second term, where the enemies of America are defeated

Under a Trump presidency, we’ll get:

  • Increased law and order, with the violent streets thugs and terrorists being arrested and prosecuted, making America’s cities and suburbs safer.
  • More efforts to end Big Tech censorship and tyranny and make the internet free for everyone.
  • Prosecutions of deep state traitors like Obama, Clinton, Comey and Brennan.
  • Defense of America against the communist Chinese.
  • Defense of your Second Amendment rights and the right to self-defense.
  • Lower taxes, lower regulation and lower drug prices.
  • An ending of lockdowns. No mandatory vaccines at the federal level.
  • An ending of “Critical Race Theory” and other racist, bigoted Left wing indoctrination tactics.
  • Federal prosecutions of Antifa and BLM terrorists.
  • Stronger border protections and national defense against China and Russia.
  • Greater economic opportunity in the USA, with a renewed manufacturing economy and upward mobility.
  • Reforms of universities to end their racism against Whites (the DoJ has already launched a lawsuit against Yale).

The choice is clear. If you value freedom, honesty, security and safety, vote for Trump.

If you love demons, pedophilia, fraud, collapse, destruction, suffering, communism and hatred, choose Biden.


The Biggest thieves and murderers in world history.

When you pay an income tax, where does your money go? It goes to the owners of the Federal Reserve, set up by Talmudic Jewish bankers, that’s where. The entire United States and the world is in debt slavery to these snakes.

What are the names of the Federal Reserve owners? We know initially it was set up by the Warburgs, Schiffs, Morgan’s, Rothschilds, etc, but today, we don’t know who the invisible Government is, or where they live.

What crimes are they guilty of? They funded Communism and murdered 100 million. They have controlled the Democrat party since they got Wilson elected in 1912. They import drugs, and use the United States military to do it. They have controlled America’s military ever since they got Wilson elected in 1912, using it to gain more power and wealth for themselves with the two biggest World Wars in world history.

They control the media, as 90% of the media is owned by 6 corporations, owned by our Shadow government. They promote porn, abortion, homosexuality, and contraception, as they know, just like Pharaoh did, that you have to stop people from having children if you want to keep them in slavery.

They control the schools and tech companies, and they hate Christianity, as only Christians pose a threat to their unlimited power and wealth. They control the entire world, and America is the last stage of conquest for them.

They control the ACLU, NAACP, BLM, ADL, SPLC, and many other victim groups. They use these to attack Christianity and to spread race divisions, to divide and conquer America.

These snakes created the coronavirus in China, and are using their media to have China and America blame each other for it, leading to potentially World War 3.

They deserve the death penalty for their crimes against humanity.

Mike Stone: Are you ready for Civil War.

October 10, 2020 



Election Day is Coming: Are You Ready?

by Mike Stone(henrymakow.com)
Election Day in the United States is less than three weeks away. Are you ready for what promises to be possibly the darkest day in our nation’s history?
If you’re wondering what’s going to occur, I’ll tell you right now. Donald Trump is going to win on Election Day, but Joe Biden – or more rightly, Kamala Harris, the real head of the Democrat ticket – is not going to concede. Biden and Harris will be supported by every Democrat politician across the country, as well as the entire mainstream media, large swaths of the alternative media, and the usual assortment of turncoat Republicans (Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, etc.) They will attempt to drag the proceedings out for weeks, while hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots begin to show up and be counted. In the meantime, they will encourage massive – and I mean massive – civil unrest. You’re going to see rioting, looting, and burning on a scale you’ve never seen before.
Are you ready for all of that? If not, you may want to start preparing. My advice is to spend a few hours on the weekend prior to the election stocking up on food and essentials (maybe some ammo too). Then on the day itself, to wake up as early as possible, vote as early as possible, and go straight home.
Don’t go to work that day. Don’t send your kids to school that day. Hunker down and prepare to defend your life and your property, if necessary. I wouldn’t go to work the day after the election either. 
The day after the 2016 election I was confronted in an elevator by six angry individuals. I didn’t say a word to any of them, but one looked me over and said, “You look like you’re gonna make America great again.” 
Then another one asked if I voted for Trump. “Yes, I did,” I replied. I thought I was going to have to fight my way out of there.
Don’t be complacent or think you’re safe because you live in the suburbs. The mobs are already organizing to march through suburban neighborhoods all over the country, throwing rocks through windows and destroying property. Yours could be next. If you live in a state with a Democrat governor, it’s really going to get worse, because they will encourage the rioting and violence.
Am I being an alarmist about all this? Maybe. But what have we witnessed for the last nine months, not to mention the last four years? 
What did we see last week, but concrete proof and evidence that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey, John Brennan, and others, with the support of the entire mainstream media apparatus, conspired to overthrow the government of the United States? You don’t think they have something massive planned for this election? You don’t think they’re going to pull out all stops this time around?
Of course, they are, and they’ve already tipped their hand. Hillary has already told Creepy Joe not to concede under any circumstances. The Fake News media has run story after story preparing the public for massive resistance and insurrection following the vote that day. Every television network in the country is running stories on the need to postpone the results until the fake mail-in ballots are counted. Now Nancy Pelosi is talking about some kind of 25th Amendment chicanery to unseat Trump if he wins.
All of the above could be stopped very easily if Attorney General William Barr would arrest and prosecute the coup planners. They are committing treason, after all. But he’s not going to do that. In fact, he’s not going to arrest or charge anyone involved in the upcoming riots either. He’s tipped his hand. He’s part of the Deep State too.
You know who will get arrested and charged though? Honest, hard-working Americans who attempt to defend their life or the lives of their family members. They will get prosecuted. Look at the McCluskey’s of St. Louis, or Kyle Rittenhouse, or that bar owner who tried to defend his property.
So get ready for what’s coming. Stock up on supplies. Vote early. Go home and stay home. And pray for divine intervention.—————Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles – – Available on Amazon. 

Related- America on cusp of a Civil War: No matter who wins the election, there will be no peaceful transfer of power.


Police use of deadly force is not about racism

The headline screamed out, “Black Americans 2.5X More Likely Than Whites to Be Killed By Police,” which is the kind of assertion that is used to claim police are systemically racist. It leads to fewer police, fewer arrests, more crime, more racial discord, and more innocent black deaths.null

Accurate, honest statistics show just the opposite, however. When police must use deadly force, whites are more likely to be killed than blacks. But we rarely see these statistics, because they do not support claims of systemic, systematic racism against blacks.

The sad reality is that as a percentage of their total American population, black deaths by police are around 2.5 times white deaths. But this has nothing to do with likelihood, because the vast majority of people of both races have near zero likelihood of being killed by police.

In fact, up to 88 percent of people killed by police were armed and being arrested at the time of their deaths. Such people are indeed at greater risk of being killed. However, racism has nothing to do with it.

On a per-arrest basis, the data say whites are much more likely to be killed by police than blacks. If so, the police are clearly not racist. Indeed, they seem to be deliberately trying not to kill blacks.

Statistical reality must begin with the fact that black males represent 6.5 percent of the U.S. population – but according to FBI data they constitute 54 percent of arrests for robbery and 53 percent of arrests for murder. Far worse, nationally syndicated talk show host Larry Elder points out, in 2018 there were approximately 7,400 black homicide victims, more than half of America’s total homicides, and nearly all were murdered by other blacks. (Has Black Lives Matter or NFL-NBA athletes ever acknowledged any of this?)

Those are the real reasons blacks outnumber whites in the nation’s prisons – the real reasons more blacks are likely to be killed during arrests and other confrontations with police.null

Even more telling, when we look at the issue that motivates and infuriates Black Lives Matter (BLM) and its allies – unarmed blacks killed by police – we learn that the Mapping Police Violence database tabulates “just” 25 such police killings in 2019, resulting from shootings, tasers, beatings, chokeholds, and vehicles.(A Washington Post databaserecords only police shootings.) And then this:

A wave of gun violence swept through the nation over the [July Fourth 2020] holiday weekend, leaving dozens dead from coast-to-coast – with children as young as 5 among the casualties,” the New York Post despaired. In Chicago, the article continued, police reported 87 shootings and 17 deaths, and nearly a dozen of [those shot] were children caught in the crossfire. The vast majority were black.

Think about that. In one weekend, in one city, we had three-fourths the number of deaths that BLM is raging about, for the entire nation, over the course of an entire year. Or consider this:

“Every single person who has been shot in New York City [so far] this July, nearly 100 in total, has been a member of the minority community” and “97% of shooting victims in June were members of the city’s minority community,” NBC News reporter Tom Winter tweeted. New York City witnessed a 204 percent increase in shooting victims over the past 28 days, compared to the same period in 2019, he added.

Meanwhile, Darrius Sutton participated in at least three drive-by shootings after he was released from NYC jails without bail on attempted murder charges – a far too frequent occurrence in De Blasio Town. Again, no comments, no outrage from BLM.null

What about retired and active law enforcement officers like David Dorn  and Patrick Underwood? What about Mekhi JamesLeGend TaliferroSecoriea Turnerand too many other Black children gunned down by their fellow blacks? Seven-year-old Natalia Wallace was playing with other children in Chicago over this year’s Fourth of July weekend, when thugs leapt from a car and sprayed gunfire into a crowd, killing her.

Why don’t their black lives matter to Black Lives Matter, its often violent supporters, and its corporate, Hollywood, and pro-athlete funding sources? Does anyone really think the solution is “defunding” or “reimagining” police forces – perhaps replacing thousands of police officers with social workers?

The victims’ families certainly don’t. Natalia’s father told local news media he wants more police, not less. Her aunt said, “We talk about Black Lives Matter, but at the end of the day, we’re killing each other off. We’re killing our babies.”

Police have to deal with way too many criminals, attacks, confrontations and murders, especially in poor and minority areas of our cities. They never know who will pull a gun, even during a routine intervention, traffic stop or domestic disturbance – or which incident might be a setup, an ambush. That’s part of the reason some officers are jumpy or feel they must use potentially deadly force when they would much prefer not to. But racist tendencies, much less systemic racism, have nothing to do with it.

The United States once had systemic, government-decreed racism. This is no longer the case, and elevating individual, thankfully now pretty rare, cases of racism into something systemic gets us nowhere.null

It is much more likely that what is happening today is the result of too many black boys being raised fatherless, by gangs, amid street violence – and to their not attending school, and thus growing up with no education, skills, or future. They likewise receive no grounding in civics, humanity, morality or religion, and have few scruples and little remorse over murdering someone to settle a score or perceived insult.

Just as in medicine, getting the diagnosis wrong can be much worse than useless. Trying to blame or cure systemic racism or supposedly widespread individual white racism will only make matters worse. Blaming people for things they are not doing just makes them angry. Intimidating them into silence over these accusations just makes them resentful.

Honest, probing social science, media coverage, and debate could help us find solutions. Name calling, guilt trips, and false assertions of systemic racism will make the situation worse. That people are being told everything is due to racism is tearing us apart, instead of pulling us together in search of solutions. It is a political trick that is causing horrific, widespread social upheaval, whether by accident or design.

Marching, screaming, burning, looting and simplistic, deceptive slogans are not solutions. They are not even calls for constructive action. They are certainly not calls to ponder the points presented here and in countless other articles and reports – or to reexamine some of the well-intended but woefully misguided government programs that helped get us where we are today.null

Angrily demanding that “things have to change” is not a step forward. It may even be a step backward, if it leads to more confusion. Promoting racial division and discord will ensure that the real causes of crime, violence, and murder in our black and other minority communities are never addressed

These issues cry out for attention they are not getting. Perhaps after the election, after the insanity and riots are over, we can have honest, no-holds-barred conversations about this, without being shouted down and canceled out. We must hope so. Otherwise, our nation’s future is bleak indeed.


David Wojick, PhD is an independent analyst working at the intersection of science, technology and policy. He writes regularly about climate change, energy and social issues.

Communists to label businesses as racist, before robbing them into bankruptcy.


Wow, now the leftists will really attack.

I have had 20-30 comments removed from my yelp page since 2013, from people I’ve never met before, coming on my page and libeling me as a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobic, and the rest of the lefts Communist Identity politics. When I didn’t buckle to their lies, they stepped up their attacks and are now threatening violence.


Every business in America will be called racist, and they will be robbed. That’s how Communists work.

And again, what did the Jewish Talmudic Jewish (Most Jews are not involved) Communists say in 1912!?!

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is RACIAL TENSION. By propounding into the consciousness of the DARK races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While infla ming the Ngro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Ngros. We will aid the Ngroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the Professions, and in the world of SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT. With this prestige, the Ngro will be able to INTER-MARRY with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause. Niki ” AUTHOR – Israel Cohen(Zionist — Communist — Internationalist) “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century” >Published in 1912 On June 17, 1957, the above passage was read into the United States Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy.

Pence demolishes the lying bankers pawn, Kamala, in VP debate.

I had significant increases in my blood pressure last night, multiple times, as I have an allergy to liars, and it makes my blood boil that a candidate for Vice President can lie so suavely and brazenly.

Kamala Harris, while outwardly beautiful, is inwardly very ugly. Her arrogant and condescending manner, while she clearly doesn’t know what she pretends to know, is downright aggravating.

One wonders if she had an earpiece, because it’s extremely doubtful she knew about the SCOTUS appointment of Lincoln in 1864 on her own. As it was, she predictably butchered the reference, as Lincoln didn’t replace Taney’s replacement in 1864, not because he wanted the next election to decide it, but because the senate wasn’t in session.  When they came into session, they appointed Chase in a day.

Mike Pence masterfully took apart her many lies, her prissy tone, her audacious “I’m talking”, when he tried to correct one more of the many lies she is notorious for telling.  He was patient and didn’t lose his cool.  It’s hard to do that when your opponent is constantly slandering you on national television.

Harris lied about Charlottesville, insinuating that Trump called racists “very fine people”.

She proposed high taxes and government health care as great ideas, when they are only good for her banker overlords.

Woe to America if this wicked woman is elected.



Cops terrorize Ontario woman in self- quarantine

ober 7, 2020


Law-abiding citizens are treated like criminals. I hope your family does not become a target of Doug Ford’s single-minded drive to prevent an infection like ours was in the early morning hours of Tuesday, October 6, 2020. 
by Anon
The weaponizing of public health directives is turning a healthy, kind, gentle, and patriotic people into a suspicious, polarized, angry, and distressed society at graceless odds with one another. 
At 1:22 AM I received a highly panicked call from my daughter who was abiding by self-isolation orders following international travel. My 32-year-old single daughter was “holed up” for 14 days at her brother’s vacant rural property as he himself works abroad. 
For her, being in remote rural property far from any neighbors in a creaky old farmhouse was already a scary stretch. But to comply with our citizenship responsibilities, we all agreed to endure the risk and do our part to not be accused of importing Sars-2. 
At the other end of the phone was my daughter, in hushed, breathless, bursts of sheer terror, telling me someone was trying to break into the house–her worst fears and ours! 
She told me she was locked in a downstairs bathroom and someone was pounding on the doors and yelling. On her way to the bathroom, she said she had peered out and could see people (she didn’t know how many), with flashlight(s) and car lights in the laneway of the farmhouse. 
I had to listen to my daughter ask her “daddy…what do I do if they take me away?”
I’m 2 hours by car away and helplessly hearing my daughter ask me to give her one more piece of advice, maybe for the last time. 
Please join me as you emotionally empathize with our moment at 1:22 AM this past Tuesday morning. 
Please embrace that moment dads with daughters. We did what anyone would do, while I kept my daughter on the line, waiting for the inevitable discovery, our other son, involved by this time, called 911. 
And we waited to see who would get to my daughter first, the aggressive intruder or the police, commissioned to protect and to serve. 
Deep down inside I knew the answer because the intruder was already there and the nearest OPP detachment was at least 20 minutes away.
 Might an officer miraculously be on patrol in that remote backroad? What seemed like forever but was probably 10 minutes, a response came back from the police. 
The aggressive intruder with headlights in the laneway and waving a flashlight around this remote rural property at 1:22 AM in the night was an OPP officer doing a COVID compliance check! 
No warning, no text or phone call, no police car lights flashing, just an OPP officer out enforcing the Trudeau/Ford government’s healthcare. 
No apology from the officer–just a cop out “doing his job” as he put it, terrifying young single women abiding by the law at 1:22 AM in rural northeastern Ontario. 
It’s a beautiful country up there, as is most of Ontario–a great place to be alone unless you are in the crosshairs of COVID eradication orders.
 A subsequent afternoon call from the attending officer to a very disturbed father, you would think, would be filled with concern and empathy and understanding and maybe even an apology for being the catalyst to a night we all thought would be our last with our beautiful daughter–who herself was in process of being mentored to comply with government directives, even if inconvenient.  She was keeping the law. We all were understandably shaken by the evening events. 


Instead, the attending officer calls and when asked to explain his actions proceed to shout me down with the declaration that he has “20 years’ experience and knows how to do his job and doesn’t need to take any “excrement” from me!” 
I presume, as he was aggressively and belligerently hanging up on me, he was exercising the same lack-of-judgment policing style he employed the night before? 
I have been advised by political leaders and others to escalate this story because something is very wrong everywhere. Folks, we all need to look around and ask ourselves if leadership is producing a better Canada, a better Ontario, and the answer is obvious. 
We have never been more uncivil and angry and polarized. Criminalizing healthcare is dead wrong! It must stop. 
There is an Independent Police Review Division to address the brutal treatment of law-abiding people. Our family will make use of it. It’s the least I can do for my severely traumatized daughter. 
What are we going to do about our beloved province and country? In the process of caring for each other in our sicknesses, maybe making healthcare laws and empowering compliance policing is a very wrong approach. As a father to all other fathers out there: this could happen to your family if we don’t insist upon a leadership course correction and quickly!
Thanks, K!

Covid taught us, we have no human rights.

COVID Taught Us: We Have No Human Rights

October 6, 2020


(Masks are mandatory everywhere in spite of being useless. 
The #Scamdemic is about CONFORMITY, not health.) 
The focus on why the coronavirus is a hoax 
and the tests are bogus, misses the point. 
The point is that the Illuminati bankers are 
deliberately destroying civilized society. The
“virus” is just a means to an end: A Communist
satanist world police state, i.e. the NWO.  
by Henry Makow PhD
The MSM is always talking about “human rights.”  
But only sexual and ethnic minorities have them, in order to sabotage and dispossess the majority. 
Have you ever seen the MSM defend the “human rights” of Christians, heterosexuals, anti-vaxxers, or people of European descent? 
Even COVID observes these laws. It infects Trump rallies but not BLM protests, truly a Communist virus. 
I won’t sugarcoat this: Everyone who doesn’t serve the Illuminati will be dispossessed or worse.
Ultimately, “sustainable development” means substantially reducing the world’s population. An orchestrated nuclear war during Trump’s second term may accomplish this goal.
The COVID hoax has taught us that our government and MSM do not represent us. They represent the Illuminati — a satanic cult led by the world banking cartel –that regards humanity as redundant. 
They want us to be less of a burden on the world’s natural resources. Their world is a paradise for them but a nightmare for everyone else. This is their Agenda 30. 


(Solzhenitsyn confronted the Satanists in Russia)
The COVID hoax teaches us that we are essentially powerless. We have no human rights. They can destroy our livelihoods, force us to wear useless face diapers, tell us where to stand, and restrict travel. They can impose restrictions if we want to buy food. 
The object is to teach us that we are powerless and must obey. The object is to train us like animals. Then they will introduce mandatory vaccinations that may poison us, reprogram our DNA, and identify if we are compliant or not. 
We need to organize and demand our human rights. We need to flood our traitorous politicians with demands for:
1. Freedom of speech
2. Freedom of Information.
3. Freedom of assembly.
4. Freedom of belief & worship.
5. Freedom of movement.
6. Freedom from forced vaccination.
7. Freedom from restrictions due to opting out of vaccinations.
These are human rights. They are given to us by God, not by subverted and corrupt governments.
They can’t take them away. But unless we fight for them, they will be gone permanently.
Mankind is the prize in an eternal battle with Satan.


God’s Plan is for human beings to know Him, become more God-like, and create Heaven on Earth.
Satan wishes to tear up God’s Plan, deny the Creator even exists, and whittle down the human race to Satanists and their servants.
God’s Plan is for humans to manifest their Divinity.
Satan’s Plan is for humans to be domestic animals.
We have lost our identity: God is our True Identity. But we can only know this by serving Him.
We are the prize.
Will we be like our Creator and flourish?
or like Demons and destroy ourselves?
We’ve reached the tipping point.


Doug Casey on what happens after the election.

Whenever a really radical group takes over—and the Democrats are serious radicals—they try to cement themselves in power. I’ve explained my reasons for believing the Democrats are going to win, and it only takes a small number of people working as a cadre to do it. I’d like to discuss what happens next.

At the time of the Russian Revolution, the hardcore Bolsheviks only numbered in the hundreds. That was enough to take control of a hundred million Russians and stay in power for 70 years until they totally ran the wheels off the economy.

The same thing happened with Fidel Castro in Cuba. He landed with only 50 or 60 guys, but once he took over the country, his apparatchiks were able to keep control of it.

Serious populists, socialists, Marxists, and other authoritarians can pull that off because they’re completely unbound by conventional notions of morality. They sincerely believe the ends justify the means, and nothing is off the table when it comes to gaining and maintaining power. They always say they’re working for the people and invariably promise lots of free stuff. The hoi polloi want to hear that during a crisis—like the one we’re entering. When things get tumultuous, once they’re in, it’s almost impossible to get them out. Democracy—which is a sham anyway in today’s world—be damned.

If the positions discussed by the twenty final contenders for their presidential nomination are any indication, the Democratic Party has been completely captured by leftists like AOC and her gang of four, who really want to change the very nature of the US. If they win, they’ll be able to do so.

In order to succeed in an American Purple Revolution, they’ll need to cement themselves in place. It takes time for cement to dry. Even though the Republicans are just ineffectual and spineless “me too-ers” with no core beliefs, the Democrats will see there’s no point in letting them regain power.

How will they ensure that? First, it seems almost certain that the Democrats will make both Washington DC and Puerto Rico states; there will then be 104 senators voting—and they will without question be left-leaning Democrats. That will also help assure control of the Electoral College—assuming it’s not abolished—since it will have two more reliably Democratic states. Second, the 20 million undocumented people—illegal aliens—now in the US will undoubtedly be made citizens; they lean heavily toward the Democrats. Third, they’ll expand the size of the Supreme Court and pack it with leftists, so any new laws they pass can’t be challenged effectively.

There could be more, of course. Perhaps they’ll reduce the voting age to 16; such is already the case in Argentina and a growing number of other countries. Young people, especially once they’re freshly indoctrinated by the State schools, always tend to favor socialist ideas. Maybe they’ll even engineer a new Constitutional Convention to change everything. The 2nd Amendment will go, of course, and the rest of the Bill of Rights would be heavily modified. Most of it is already a dead letter—but that would formalize the change once and for all. There will probably be “free” college in order to ensure an extra four years of intense leftist indoctrination for all. State-administered and paid medical care is a sure thing, as well.

These things would cement the Democrats into office for at least a generation. But please don’t think I support the Republicans. That would be like supporting tuberculosis just because it’s better than terminal cancer. Could things get violent? Yes.

There are quite a few examples, and these things can come out of almost nowhere, like the witch hysteria in Salem in the late 17th century. It was completely irrational, of course, and couldn’t have been predicted. But if you argued against the prevailing hysteria, you too could be accused and hung.

Are You Ready for the Post Election Turbulence?

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The US is the most polarized it has been since the Civil War.

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Sometimes, these things are ethnic. Look at what happened in Rwanda a generation ago. The Hutus and Tutsis had lived together, more or less amicably, for generations. Then, all of a sudden, a million people were hacked with machetes. The wave blew over, and now things are peaceful again. But if you weren’t out there slaughtering Tutsis during the hysteria, you might be accused of being a sympathizer and be killed yourself.

Sometimes, these things are religious, like the war between Christians and Muslims in Bosnia, or Lebanon, or the Central African Republic—among other places.

Sometimes, conflict is political, like the gang warfare between the National Socialists and Communists in 1920s Germany.

But what the US seems to be facing isn’t so much political, or religious, or ethnic as it is cultural, which is much more serious. The country is on the cusp of a full-blown cultural revolution. It happened during the Terror of the French Revolution. In a short period, perhaps over 20,000 people were murdered, mostly guillotined. Who would have guessed that simple regime change could get so out of control? It did, however, because it wasn’t just a political revolution. It was a cultural revolution, right down to changing the names of the months.

It famously happened in Russia in 1917, when the Bolsheviks succeeded in changing the basic structure of society. And it happened in Cambodia in the late 1970s with Pol Pot, when a quarter of the population was murdered. Who would have thought that even possible in modern times? That was also a cultural revolution against the educated and essentially anyone who wasn’t a peasant.

Of course, the mother of all social convulsions was Maoist China’s Great Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. The whole country, or at least what looked like the whole country, was bamboozled into overthrowing what they called the Four Olds—old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas. It went on for ten years, killed perhaps two million people, and destroyed the lives of tens of millions more.

Right now, the same meme is spreading in the US. Absolutely anything could happen after the November election, no matter who wins. But with the serious financial, economic, and social problems the US is facing, authoritarians will know how to use them to their own advantage.

The people promoting a US cultural revolution aren’t getting much resistance. The old regime—the conservatives, the Republicans—are totally intimidated. They’ve been brainwashed into accepting the righteousness of the Left’s cultural, political, economic, and social agendas. They don’t like it, but they sheepishly accept it. The schools, the NGOs, corporations, Hollywood, and the media are completely controlled by leftists and have inculcated their notions into society.

This is a real problem. When these things get out of control, the consequences can be genuinely terrible. Trends in motion tend to stay in motion—and this one is even accelerating.

America was unique among the world’s countries because it was founded on the premise of individualism and capitalism, free minds, and free markets. More than any other country, it’s lived up to those ideals.

But these people don’t want just a change of government; they want to overturn the actual things that have made America—America. There’s no other place to go once America goes.

Where can you run? In fact, the whole world is moving in the same direction.

That’s really dangerous because the president has a lot of power, including the power to make several thousand direct appointees with immense influence. Trump has been very unsuccessful in all his appointments. Most of them turn on him viciously. He might as well have picked random names out of the telephone directory. The Democrats, however, can be counted on to plug in fully vetted idealogues.

If Biden wins, he’ll probably get the Senate and the House, too. The Democrats will get a vast array of programs and departments approved. The changes will be much more radical than either Roosevelt’s New Deal or Johnson’s Great Society. Taxes will skyrocket, along with unlimited money in a world of Modern Monetary Theory. The US will get a makeover. America will cease to exist.

I don’t know how the red areas of the country will react if/when the Dems win. They’re culturally conservative, so I doubt there will be serious counterviolence. But if Trump does wind up in office, after a seriously contested election, we can count on more Portlands and Kenoshas. A domestic version of the leftist saying during the ’60s: “Two, three, many Vietnams.” It’s really serious.

The consequences of the Greater Depression will go far beyond a simple bear market. If Trump does win, no doubt the Republicans will crack down on the country in an attempt to keep order. The Dems will have cause to say they were right about his dictatorial tendencies. Then, assuming we have an election in ’24, we’ll certainly get a leftist Democrat in office.

On the (kind of) bright side, gold will go a lot higher. So will Bitcoin, partly because FX controls will be installed. And the next financial bubble will be in gold mining stocks. They’re very cheap right now; those in production are coining money. Ten-to-one shots will be thick underfoot. Buy them now, so you have the capital to insulate yourself from the bad things to come.

Then it’s game over for the Old America. Even if we don’t have an actual civil war.

Editor’s Note: Right now, the US is the most polarized it has been since the Civil War.

If you’re wondering what comes next, then you’re not alone.

The political, economic, and social implications of the 2020 vote will impact all of us.

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