Tuesday, July 10th, 2018.

Massie: Blacks don’t need a 57 point plan to succeed!

Dunaway: What the left fears about the SCOTUS pick.

Buchanan: Goodbye Warren court, Hello Trump court.

Geraghty: Don’t worry conservatives, everyone  you like loves this guy.

Davis: Kavanaugh Nomination is about the Constitution, not about politics.

Fox: SCOTUS protests are as salty and ridiculous as we’d hoped

Democrats don’t fear Brett Kavanaugh, they fear the Constitution.

Trinko: Democrats endorse Judicial Tyranny.

Top six unhinged reactions to Kavanaugh nomination announcement.

Outrage Overload: This is how liberals went berserk over Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.

Victor Davis Hanson: The strange career of White Privilege.

The Second Mile.

Here is a list of Trump Administration officials who have been mobbed by leftists.

Prager: Explaining American Leftists: Part 1

Demint: Jim Jordan is a man of integrity being railroaded with factless allegations.

Lifson: Faced with failure, the left is going repulsively insane.

Lindsey: The Facts on employment.

NBC’s Capital Hill reporter demonstrates why so many dislike the press.

Lowry: Don’t cry for Angela Merkel.

Simon: Why the left is obsessed with Alan Dershowitz.

Nights of violent Muslim protests in French suburbs after police shootings.

Fox News anchor, felt threatened by Kavanaugh protesters, retreated to safety.

LaChance: Socialism isn’t the future of the Democrat party, it’s their present.

Goodman: Invaders are not immigrants.

Monday, July 9th, 2018

500,000 opioid deaths expected next decade. Why?

Brown: Christian doctor fired for affirming basic biology.

Bombshell: Hunt for Seth Rich’s murderer turns up ‘witness’.

Trump’s Supreme Court pick: Brett Kavanaugh!!!!!

Peterson: Time to bury Affirmative action.

Griffing: Warning to alt-left: Mob rule usually backfires.

20% of top 20 websites in America are porn sites.  National epidemic. 300,000 women being trafficked in America, directly linked to porn explosion.

Flashback: Sexual Sabotage.

Man beaten with a skateboard in alleged hate crime in SF.

Tonight: SCOTUS pick to cement conservative majority.

UCSB: 4 year olds should have sexual play.  Leftist debauchery.

Farah: Why we need the whole Bible.

Five things to know about Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Kavanaugh.

Sex addiction is mental health disorder according to WHO.

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Pulling together.

Marcus: Uncle Tom celebrates July 4th

Imani: Absolutely no co-existence with Islam.

Rap Sheet: 202 instances of media approved violence and harassment against Trump supporters.

Showalter: Devin Nunes looks ready to dismantle the Deep State.

Bill Federer: Liberty: We cannot enjoy result if we neglect cause.

Federer: Hawaii’s deep roots of Christianity.

Friedberg: The perspective of remembrance.

Goodwin: One more time?

Yes, Another Liberal SCOTUS Meltdown Is Coming…And It Could Be One For The Record Books

Report: Kethledge all but ruled out over immigration. 

Victim of juvenile assault gets 18 months for not retreating. 

Brent Smith: there’s only one choice for SCOTUS justice.

McMillan: The Terrible 2’s, Democrats at the midterms.

‘Unpleasant surprises’ expected in Pentagon audit.

Hunter: Liberal outrage is all the rage.

Jacob: Weaponizing Freedom.

McCullough: Tomi Lahren’s Six Lies about SCOTUS and the Right to Life.

Chumley: ‘Divisive’ Label a badge of honor for today’s conservatives.

Watch: Members of Ocasio-Cortez’s Socialist party threaten McConnell

San Fran tops list of highest rents in the world.

Bannon harassed at bookstore.

Dershowitz: I’m being treated worse for supporting Trump than I was for defending OJ.

Victor Davis Hanson: Histories bad ideas are an inspiration to Progressives.

Feldman: Exalted Righteousness: Tawdry righteousness leads to Walkaway movement.

Dunn: America’s Junk Weapons.

Clancy: If Johnny can’t read, who’s to blame?

James Dobson announces new public policy center.

Homeschoolers advised to ignore state’s demands.

Illegal fined $280 for killing FBI agent and fire marshal in negligent car accident.

Muslim human rights advocate now claims Presbyterians ‘extreme’.

The War Is Over: Mulvaney No Longer Has This Headache At The CFPB

NYC private school teachers fired for forcing anti Israel views on students.

Margolis: Trump Derangement Syndrome and the lack of civility.

Supreme Court Fallout: Calif. Teachers Sue Unions to Recoup Unconstitutional ‘Agency Fees’

Degenerate Durbin: blocking SCOTUS pick more important than red state Democrats winning re-election.

The Four Seasons of a Life.

Organizers of pro gun rallies lament low turnout.

American ignorance and corruption hitting theaters as slew of degenerate films being released.

The secret story of how America lost the secret drug war with the Taliban.

Curtis: History, the Holocaust, and the French.

Lifson: Who was behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s astonishing make over?

Sunday Schadenfreude: NY Slimes warns it’s readers.

Saturday, June 7th, 2018

Wait, how many immigrants are on welfare again?

Worse than Watergate!! Memos show Strzok accelerating Russia probe before election. 

Greenspan: Our Founders Christian faith helped to ensure our Independence

Brown: When preachers fail to warn.

Lewis: When will California reach the breaking point?

Klayman: Without citizens grand juries there will be no justice.

Farah: Why Donald Trump is so popular and so hated.

Weckesser: Memo to China.

Americans overjoyed to kill themselves off. They are doing a WONDERFUL job of it. Since contraception was legalized in 1965, 200 million American babies have been contracepted or aborted away. All our wars combined killed less than 2 million. So, silly and corrupt Americans have killed 100 times more than all our enemies. Hitler and Stalin are green with envy.

Unethical Anti-America, Anti-Trump Media Tied-up in Rhetorical Bows

Crouere: The Party of Hate.

Adams: Jesus was not a Democrat.

McCarthy: ‘Don’t you dare touch Roe’, Judicial confirmation silly season begins.

Will the SCOTUS nominee be a mother of seven with strong Constitutional and Christian views?

Trump: My Responsibility ‘Is To Select a Justice Who Will Faithfully Interpret the Constitution as Written’

Hawkins: How Socialism can ruin your life.

Reagan: The Democrats socialist meltdown

Dempsey: Democrats are splintering.

Paxton: On SCOTUS nominee, Trump should deliver more of the same.

Levin: Our Founding Fathers reject the philosophy that undergirds Progressivism.

New York Slimes calls for ‘Godfather’ tactics to stop Trump SCOTUS nominee.

Levin offers personal top three SCOTUS candidates

Scotto: Hey Never Trumps where would be, with Hillary as President?

Knight: Frankenstein’s Body Politic.

Ingrassia: Deactivating Affirmative action.

Latino-Hispanic unemployment hits lowest rate record in June.

Delingpole: Pruitt is gone, but Wheeler will be an even worse nightmare for the left.

Ellis: New EPA chief is no demon, despite media coverage.

Judge sentences Portland BLM leader to probation for multiple instances of molesting children.

Laurie: Carpe Diem, the Value of Today.

Genghis Khan and his hawk.

U.N. Official calls for Ark to save the world from global warming.

Random House sued for axing book critical of Islam.

Boston gets sued for banning Christian flag.

China and U.S. in biggest trade war in economic history.

An American Agenda for Trump’s summit with Putin.

McAlister: No Ocasio-Cortez won’t be another Obama, unless Republicans legitimize her.

Amid SCOTUS fight, desperate forces on left declare open season on truth.

Why the left will hate Andrew Wheeler at EPA more than it did Scott Pruitt.

McNicoll: Pentagon needs to stop doing business with foreign fraudsters.

Mexico’s New President Insults Trump’s Policies as ‘Criminal’—But Named His Son in Honor of Che Guevara

Pence: We will never “Abolish ICE”

LANGHOFER: Public Civility, On-Campus Censorship At Odds In Shapiro Lawsuit

Whitlock: Lebron in Los Angeles to be Hollyweird’s political puppet.

Alton: Trump keeps his promises to veterans.

Egerer: Preaching and Punching.

Showalter: Did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s social fanaticism come from bitter failure in business?

Showalter: Washington Compost comes up with a reason for us to hate the booming job market.

Lifson: The left’s personal destruction machine turns it’s focus on Jim Jordan.

Warmest day in history’ claim based on thermometer next to an ice cream truck with its engine running all day to keep its freezer operating

Woman ordered by police to stop praying gets some relief from SCOTUS.

Celebrities risk backlash with vulgar anti-Trump rhetoric.


Friday, July 6th, 2018

Rap Sheet: 133 acts of media approved violence and harassment against Trump supporters.

Record: 155,576,000 employed in June, 10th record for Trump.

Carson: A New Vision for helping families.

Watch: Gowdy destroys Corrupt Dem Sycophant Schiff.

Only 2/3rd’s of generation Z identify as exclusively heterosexual.  Homosexual agenda is working!!

MUST READ:‘The New Politics Of Sex’ Explains How Sexual Libertinism Grows Government!!!!!!!

7 reasons it is misleading to claim Americans support Roe V. Wade.

Hollis: Free Speech for the Goose only?

Limbaugh: The Democrat party’s Christian problem.

Norris: Is stress, busyness killing us?

Boyfriend who allegedly killed unborn baby may escape charges.

San Francisco logs over 16,000 feces complaints in ONE WEEK.

Dunn: The opportunities of Socialism.

Logis: Vicious Democrat Lie: The GOP stole Obama’s SCOTUS seat.

Weichert: America needs a new Independence Day.

Lifson: Iran has completely stopped harassing American ships now that strong Trump has replaced weakling Obama.

Lopez: the Democrats unhealthy platform

Imani: Liberty under siege.

Reports: Burdensome housing regulations are exacerbating the housing crisis.

Pullman: Trump loses my vote if he nominates a justice weak on religious liberty.

Simon: Why Maxine Waters is going crazy.

Trump’s trade war escalates as tariffs slam Chinese imports.

York: What is Devin Nunes up to?

Trump says he doesn’t want another SCOTUS judge who practices ‘judicial activism’.

“Let’s Enjoy this”.  Hollyweird celebrates ‘enemy of nature’ Scott Pruitt resignation.

Robotics engineer compares Silicon Valley to Soviet Union. 

Longtime Democratic assemblyman tells Schumer he’s supporting GOP until Democrats return to ‘sanity and honesty’.

Dershowitz: Martha’s Vineyarder said she wanted to stab me through the heart.

Keyes: Why some hate the Declaration of Independence.

Gilbert: Here’s why Hillary is running again in 2020.

Rogers: The incredible scam of rooftop solar.

Showalter: Democrats turning on each other over Maxine Waters as Trump has his fun.

Showalter: NATO in tizzy over Trump saying ‘Pay your bills’.

Showalter: Fauxahantas Warren gets another dunk in the barrel from Trump.

Wisconsin court tells Marquette University to reinstate conservative professor.

Schaper: Socialist Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrat party’s obituary.

Mindlin: I’m a teacher, here’s why I’m cheering my new freedom from Unions.

Friends defend Jim Jordan against accusations of ignoring sexual abuse allegations. 

Trump believes Jim Jordan 100%, among most outstanding in D.C.

Delusional and traitorous Dems blast booming jobs report, Trump worker agenda, ‘reckless’.

Whitney Houston’s tragic sexual abuse.

Immigration top issue for American voters.

Thursday, June 5th, 2018

70 instances of media approved violence and harassment against Trump supporters. 

Report: President Trump has made his decision on SCOTUS nominee.

Scott Pruitt resigns as EPA chief. 

Flashback: Hard left activists publish Pruitt’s personal address.

Flashback: Pruitt bans Junk Science from EPA.

Flashback: 43 EPA scandals during the Obama era the media ignored.

Video shows Teen attacked for wearing Make America Great Again hat.

Larry Elder: Did media blame Obama for killing of cops?

Hayward: China’s censorship ideals take root with the American left.

Alexander: Illegal immigration: A Lawless Frankenstein in the ‘Land of Is’.

Amazon top 500 reviewer banned after ‘Gospel’ rave.

Report: Iran imploding before sanctions return.

Victor Davis Hanson: The left can’t come to grips with loss of power.

Schlichter: Should we invade Mexico?

Illegitimate fraud Mueller hiring more prosecutors to continue his bogus Trump witchhunt, spurred on by degenerate Democrats.

RNC spokeswoman warns the morally bankrupt Democrats will try to impeach Trump if they win the House back. 

Hunter: Liberals oppose (insert name here) for Supreme Court.

Can you pass a Department of Homeland Security citizenship test?

Muslim London Mayor approves Anti-Trump Blimp for Trump London visit.

Book Review: ‘Sex matters: How Modern Feminism lost touch with Science, Love, and Common Sense.

Russell: Military sees increase in conflicts over First Amendment Freedoms.

Prentice: The two culture leaders changing today’s world.

Joondeph: Another Hail Mary attempt from the left to deny Trump his SCOTUS pick.

Forest and Rayne: The Sino-Mexican influence in America’s backyard.

Straker: Mark Levin: If Stare Decisis is paramount, put monkeys on the Supreme Court.

FakeNews CNN Ratings Implosion continues.

Engelhardt: Union pressure tactics like their giant rat balloon prove they are not the good guys.

The Firefly – Summer nighttime wonder of the East Coast.

Napolitano: The values underlying Independence Day.

When Hollywood actually loved America.

Gornoski: Media project own bigotry onto Ron Paul

‘To the King’ seal  points to Hezekiah

Conservative actor dropped by liberal talent agent on July 4th, because he was ‘feeling patriotic’.

Dershowitz slams far left, ‘I won’t let the Democrats take my party from me’.

Thomas: Trump supporters compared to cultists.

Japanese American congressman: ‘Hysteria and scapegoating’ in child separations similar to WWII internment.

When July 4th meant defeat by Islam: The Battle of Hattin.

Fields: Men behaving badly are on the run, but we’re still debating what women want.

Facebook flags Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech.

Update: Facebook apologizes for flagging the Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech.

Quinn: the Foxconn plant is a bad deal for Wisconsin taxpayers.

Meyers: Judge Kethledge faithfully applies immigration laws.

If America is so bad, why do they keep coming here?

Watch: Brainwashed, ahistorical, debauched college students not proud to be Americans.

Iranian and Chinese military boost ties, call America ‘biggest threat to humanity’.

Nigeria to Christian farmers: We can’t save you, surrender land to terrorists.

Talcum X: The Fourth of July has always been a sham, always.

33,415 documented Islamic terror attacks worldwide since 9/11.

Mexico’s new President announces absolutely insane plan before taking office.

Marcus: Asian American’s are the tipping point for rejecting Affirmative Action.

Schlesman: It’s preposterous to put the U.S. in the 10 most dangerous countries for women.

Cochran: When the left uses civility as a weapon, drop it and fight back.

Bilek: Transgenderism is just big business dressed up in Civil Rights Cloths.

Trunnell: I just gave up AC to live within my means.  America should try that.

Del Mastro: How today’s concept of ‘Human Rights’ breeds Identity politics.

Sobieski: Dems on SCOTUS pick: Catholics need not apply.

Spencer: Summer causes Climate Change Hysteria.

Dem nightmare deepens as party is ‘underperforming’ among Hispanics.

Walker: How immigrants do and do not help the world.

O’Brien: Liberal hypocrisy: Independence Day Version.

Surge in illegal California Pot shops undercuts legal market.


Wednesday, July 4th, 2018.

Bill Federer: We cannot let our nation ‘stumble and fall’

Coulter: Happy Fourth of July, you wonderful country!

Lloyd Marcus: Happy Independence Day, Remembering our Forgotten Founding.

Trump Strong on Fourth of July.

Justice Kennedy V. Cicero, Jefferson, Hamilton, and MLK Jr.

Obama officials threatened with subpoena in Russia probe.

Walter Williams: How colleges destroy black students.

Farah: Happy Independence Day! Trump is taking America back.

Star Parker: The socialist lies of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Malkin: Jahi McMath mattered.

Newcombe: Who died and made the Supreme Court God?

Robert Spencer: A Muslim Professor rewrites history.

Tobin: Liberals sour on the First Amendment.

Kelly: If you don’t believe in limited self government, you aren’t an American patriot.

Smith: You can’t celebrate America’s Independence while vilifying the Founders.

Young: The Constitution is the fulfillment of the Declaration of Independence.

Cooper: Hamilton Vs. Jefferson

Powell: Times Change but the ideas behind Independence day remain.

Noel: What is America?

Goldman: What America can learn from Israel.

Hellner: Happy Fourth  of July, Thank God we are Independent!

In U.S. record low extremely proud to be American.

Flashback: High Ranking KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov 1983 interview: First step of brainwashing is demoralization.

Dems Depressed!  “The way of a transgressor is hard”

Goldberg: Trump must stick to his Supreme Court list.

Parchment copy of Declaration of Independence discovered.

Dems slap SPLC ‘hate smear’ on Trump SCOTUS finalist.

School sued for banishing Shapiro speech to remote location.

DOJ won’t prosecute Pakistani Dem aide for espionage.

Walsh: No virgins in the Grey Ladies Whorehouse.

Amid Supreme Court fight, desperate forces on the left declare open season on the truth.

George Washington’s Fourths of July.

Kearns: On July Fourth, thank the Scots.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court impeccable record of Constitutional Conservatism.

Ponnuru: David Savage keeps misrepresenting Amy Coney Barrett.

Potemra: Born on the Fourth of July.

Trump to Reverse Obama Guideline for Considering Race in College Admissions

Shapiro: What the courts are for.

Stossel: One nation, many individuals.

McAllister: A response to Washington Compost writer who has lost hope in “White America”.

Tracinski: The left celebrates the Fourth by denouncing the First Amendment.

Regan: Illegal immigrants, Palestinian refugees, and their liberal cheerleaders: The startling similarities.

Kirkwood: Liberty, yours, mine, and ours.

Scotto: Trump’s burden, cleaning up Obama’s mess.

Jarratt and Talgo: Gun control threatens America’s natural rights.

Frank: Today’s protest marchers are not heroes.

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Bill Federer: Battle of Gettysburg: Tremendous Turning point.

Prager U: The Amazing life of Ulysses S. Grant.

Thomas: The Marriage Precedent!

City thrives after evicting all politicians, police

Harsanyi: Hey Democrats, the system doesn’t need to be fixed every time you lose an election. 

Backlash over Pro-life, Roe V. Wade movie filming in New Orleans.

Washington Compost’s Jennifer Rubin calls for mobs to harass Sarah Huckabee Sanders for the rest of her life.

Farah: The Bible and the Red Hot border issue.

Dunaway: 7 ways to uphold true patriotism.

Massie: Dems: From party of slavery to party of crazy!

Brown: Twitter locks my account for “hateful” conduct.

Brown: I’m not playing the new game of “Deny Trump to prove your love for Jesus” and neither should you.

Buchanan: Ingrates stampede to “abolish ICE”.

Man threatens to chop up Rand Paul and his family with an ax.

Rahn: The unthinking and the unobservant.

Victor Davis Hanson: History as nothing much at all. 

Lowry: Roe is a travesty.

Black: On immigration and SCOTUS, Democrats are snookered.

Colon: How to read the news, a guide for truth seekers.

Skurkiss: The coming Democratic crackup.

Lott Jr.: Here is a simple rule regarding Kennedy replacement.

Supremes drop 2nd shoe on organized labor.

5 black patriots who helped win independence.

Pruitt latest administration official to be confronted by leftist while dining out.

Rep. Jim Jordan accused of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse as college wrestling coach.

Prager: If we are Nazi’s, expect more violence.

Greenberg: SCOTUS strikes a blow for bricks and mortar.

Klavan: The toxic race mongering of the left.

Evolutionists: Oops, we may have been wrong all along.

Trump accuses Obama of giving citizenship to 2,500 Iranians.

Dershowitz: Trump should nominate a “true conservative” to SCOTUS.

Trump: Crazy Maxine Waters the face of the Democrat Party.

DNC chair Perez: Ocasio-Perez “the future of our party”.

China develops laser gun.

Justin Trudeau accused of groping.

Lemiska: Trump hatred: evil in the name of virtue.

Facebook shuts down Christian ideas while letting others post threats.

Henry: Is progressive ideology incompatible with the First Amendment.

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Grudem: Why building a wall is a morally good action.

Planned Murderhood sues Trump Administration over Abstinence based Sex Education.

Mexico leftist Lopez-Obrador wins largest landslide in countries recent history.

Simon: the Democrat party has a death wish.

Bawer: Fighting Free Speech at the NY Times.

Ohio lawmaker introduces bill to protect kids from the transgender mafia at school.

Big Tech mobilizes against CA privacy law.

Crowley: He (Trump) just keeps confounding his Detractors

NY Slimes: Liberal Free Speech defenders turn against First Amendment.  “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  Lord Acton.

Nordlinger: Trust no one, document everything.

Jesse Lee Peterson: Warning to Whites, you are hated.

Cohen: The Convenient outrage of Democrats.

Blackwell: America celebrates another freedom revolution.

Duke: Time to put the Democrat party on Suicide Watch.

Politico: Democrat started GOP Amnesty fight.

Orwellian metropolis fears in new Google “Smart City”.

Cohen breaks silence. 

Weinstein slapped with 3 new criminal charges.

Weinstein faces life in prison from new sex crime charges.

Ocasio-Cortez faces questions after it’s revealed her youth was spent in wealthy superb, not hard upbringing she describes.

Maxine Waters tears into Schumer.  “Will do anything” to protect power.

Gates praises GOP led Congress, says world far better place today than it ever was before.

Washington Compost’s malevolent Jen Rubin: Sarah Sanders “deserves a lifetime of being uncomfortable”.

Left denounces Bernie for reluctance to embrace “Abolish ICE”.

Narcissist Obama urges Democrats to sound more like him in 2018.

Cost: Declaration of Independence was more radical than any of the men who signed it.

Fund: Librarians Airbrush Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Name from Award

White House Staff re assigned to ensure Trump’s SCOTUS pick gets confirmed.

McConnell didn’t steal Obama’s SCOTUS pick, Ginsberg did.

Morefield: Liberal tears aside, this SCOTUS pick means a LOT more to us than it does to them.

Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Democrats, You Had a Good Monopoly With the Media, but It’s Over

Cadwaladr: The Zombie Media.

Riots in Portland! Antifa degenerates attack Patriot Prayer rally.

Police revoke permit for march in Portland, declare it a riot. Leftists seek to shut down free speech again.

Bogus ‘Human Rights’ organizations fight law to end sex trafficking.

Millennial California degenerate arrested for threatening to kill FCC chairman’s children.

Trump requests detention space, tent cities to detain 12,000 illegal aliens.

Trump meets with SCOTUS picks ahead of July 9th announcement.

Norris: Dems would reject Moses if Trump nominated him for SCOTUS.

Hunter: A Supreme liberal meltdown.

Rivera: Ted Cruz should be on Trump’s short list for SCOTUS.

Saunders: Where is the independent voice among Justices appointed by Democrats?

Maine’s Sen. Collins, impervious to history, sez she won’t support a SCOTUS nominee “hostile” to abortion.  Forgets abortion is pretty hostile to a baby.  It would be nice if we could invent a time machine and place Collins and the other abortion lovers in it, to send them back into the womb they came from, and let them holler for an abortion to their hearts content there.  That way, we can do to them, what they want to do to others.

Updated total: 1,898 refugees admitted into America in June.

Trump: “Abortion rights could end up with the states at some point.”

EXCLUSIVE — Samantha Markle Calls for British Constitution, Treatment of Tommy Robinson Is ‘Extreme’

Williams: Why liberals have flip flopped on free speech.

Liberal SF mandates first $15 minimum wage in CA.  Always reduces jobs.   Not the government’s job to mandate minimum wages.

The Color of Crime.

What’s wrong with Britain?

Can Muslims in West ever be De-Radicalized?

Six Life Lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg.

Farah: Obama’s become movie moguls, thanks to…..

Bialosky: Stop whining about discord when you are causing the discord.

How Jeff Bezos and Amazon Are Inviting China Into America’s DoD Computers

Feldman: Is Trump the most Fun President ever?

Young Stockton, CA mayor has never held a job before.

Goodwin: Left needs to face reality, Trump is winning.

Mag: Death of a Once Great City.

112 year old Austin resident, America’s oldest living veteran, robbed of savings, identity.

Beneath the surface: Quiet superpower race for nuke supremacy.

Londonistan: Khan called a Jihadist by Tommy Robinson supporters.

Maxine responds to death threats: “You better shoot straight”.

Bacow promises more outward looking Harvard.

AMLO on the brink, as Mexico prepares to take a turn towards the left.

American carrier force operating in the Atlantic as Russian Sub activity on the rise.

EXCLUSIVE – Hungary Backs Salvini’s ‘Gamechanging’ Move to Shut Ports to Migrants, Brands EU Leaders All Talk

Chuck Todd: Trump “winning”, Dems, “reeling”.

Corrupt former FBI director James Comey calls for gun control, says NRA “Lies”.

Suspect in Boise stabbing spree doesn’t quite match media narrative.

Dems cutting their own throat by calling for abolishing ICE

Abortion is the “True Family” Separator

American Millennials are leaving religion because they are sinners.

New Poll shows Millennials don’t value Democracy.

Joondeph: NeverTrumpers and a 5-4 vote.

Sobieski: No Lib outrage for Andrew Tahmooressi.

Voshell: the Trump-Putin Summit.

Showalter: In Iran, the armed revolt is beginning.

Lifson: Hilarious satire of Dem apoplexy over next Trump SCOTUS pick.

Canto: the left’s hysteria over abortion.

Straker: Libs say First Amendment is dangerous and needs to be curtailed.