Thursday, September 5th, 2019

Open letter to Vallejo:

Welcome to American Canyon officials, and Solano County board of Superintendents, including the deceived Democrats.  I know who you are, and am not calling you out by name out of mercy.  Any response, and I’d be happy to unleash on your hypocrisy.
The fake news Times Herald, with the ahistorical John Glidden, badly deceived in college and by the media and tech companies, leading the charge, had another doozy of fake news today.  The  headline showed Touro University students ‘protesting’ to have better facilities on the border.  Ummm, if you aren’t here legally, you don’t have a right to make any demands.  You can go right back where you came from and get in line just like every one else.   And why is it that Democrats care so much about illegals and their chlidren, when they’ve slaughtered 60 million American babies since 1973. So, we see, the Democrats are globalist pawns, who do the bidding of America’s geopolitical enemy, China.  We also know China is the number one importer of illegal fentanyl into America, which kills tens of thousands of Americans.  And where do they send it in?  Right through the border, via the cartels.  And do the Democrats like this?  Yes, they do.
The Democrat party platform is quite the same as the Communist party platform.  China is the biggest nation, population wise, on earth, and they are also the biggest atheist nation, and the biggest Communist nation.  We have deluded Americans who constantly try to lie about America being so bad.  If you don’t like American history, take a one way to trip to China.  When you criticize their government, and they beat you  half to death, then you can appreciate America’s Christian heritage.  Democrats  haven’t learned that secular humanism has slaughtered 100 million in the last century.
Shame on Supervisor Hannigan, who doesn’t understand the Constitution at all.  Demonstrating for illegal immigrants is quite nonsensical, and no elected official should be doing this. But, the voters are waking up.  Hundreds are viewing conservative sites.  And when they do wake up, every single one of you Democrats will be voted out of office, and you will be forgotten.  So, the time to change is now.  After you are warned, the voters will hold you accountable for your sedition against the Constitution.  And they don’t care that you were following orders from your Democrat leaders, media, schools, and tech companies. Like the Nuremberg trials, you’ll be held accountable.  You are being watched, and evaluated.  Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin.
You Democrats can learn from Solomon in Proverbs 29:1 ‘He, that being often reproved, hardeneth his neck, shall be suddenly destroyed, and that without remedy.’  This is why you want red flag laws, and you want to disarm the population, because you are afraid.   You know the Constitution gave the people recourse to deal with your tyranny, as they did to King George III, and you are very afraid.  You ought to be even more afraid to know nothing man can do to you can compare with what your Creator has in store for you.   Most of you Democrats are scoffers and scorners, and that never ends up well, sadly for you.
No one in America, who knows the Bible, Constitution, and history is a Democrat. So those of you who identify as Democrats are advertising  you are not familiar with history or virtue.  You are being shown mercy because many of you honestly don’t know any better, but that window is closing.
We next go on to learn about the selection of a new police chief.  This police chief will be the worst in Vallejo history, judging from the judges.  We have 71% of the judges are women.  Now, women are overwhelmingly less familiar with the Constitution, history, and the Bible than men, and are ill fitted to be leading a family or a society.  There are brilliant exceptions, but they are not the rule.  And, the women appointed to evaluate the police chief are some of the worst women in Vallejo, the brawling women, who love to argue, are loud, and some are screaming banshees.  It is the women who are responsible for the screaming mess our City Council meetings devolve into.  It’s either the male children of single mothers, or women who are yelling, screaming, using profanity, interrupting council meetings, and are incapable of closing their mouths and opening their ears, and listening to ideas they don’t like.  Women are often fiercely territorial, and are less likely to use dispassionate reason in a disagreement.  They are often ruled by their emotions, whims, desires, and relationships, and the objective truth is rarely a factor many women use in evaluating right and wrong.
Dawn Roginski is a fake Christian.  Says she is a Christian and openly violates the Bibles command to not engage in homosexuality.  She is a heretic, and anyone who takes her seriously is foolish and uninformed, demonstrating their own folly.  While I like Mina Diaz, and she has been courteous, at times, she is still fiercely tribal for the latino community, does not understand our Constitution, and is a social justice warrior.  Much of what she stands for is what Communists stand for.  Dr. Clark has many admirable qualities, but until he renounces the Marxist indoctrination the colleges and media have deceived him with, his potential will be unrealized.  Jackie Arnold appears sensible, but she associates, unreservedly, with far too many shady characters, who she never renounces.  While she enthusiastically upholds many Marxist ideas, she has never courageously opposed any popular dangerous idea.  Of all the panelists, Admiral Tom Cropper appears to have the most grasp of the Constitution, but, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, and have never heard him give public evidence of the fact.  Stacey Bowman is with New Dawn, which is a Marxist organization, and Lynda Daniels is with the NAACP, which my personal fondness for Jimmy Jackson aside, is another leftist tool to push their Communist propaganda.  This panel shows that Vallejoan’s are not valued, but rather, their ties to globalist entities, which seek to destroy us.  The new police chief, will likely be even worse than the last one, who actually used force to remove a military veteran from City Hall, when it was his turn to talk, for the crime of criticizing homosexuals, after they commended their depravity for ten years.  The voters need to wake up, and take back their nation from the depraved Democrats.


Wood: Why America will lose the coming war with China, unless things change.

Coulter: No liberals, we don’t trust you!

Victor Davis Hanson: The Ghosts of World War 2.

Brown: Why does Separation of Church and state go only one way.

Stop it, America!  Politicians cannot make our live better.

Charleston floods

Eyewall of Dorian just off S. Carolina coast.

Storm surges up to 8 feet.

200,000 without power.

Storm hurls tornadoes.

There will be blood

Treacher: Will Joe Biden’s eye be O.K?

Lifson: Gross! Biden’s left eyeball filled with blood during CNN’s climate change town hall

Nunes Files $9.9M RICO Suit Against Fusion GPS, Saying It Tried to Obstruct Justice and Derail Russia probe

Overstreet: Why Republicans should not cave to Democrats on guns.

Thomas: Pete Buttigieg Is Wrong About Democrats Who Support Natural Marriage

Hill: The Immorality of free and public education.


Skurkiss: Two-tiered justice in Cleveland.

Lifson: Four years after allowing universal ‘concealed carry’ law, Maine rated the safest state in the nation for crime

Flynn Turns Tables on Prosecutors in Major Legal Blitz

Judicial Watch: State Department Officials Had “Guilty Knowledge” of What Was Really Going On

Hill joins Democrats in war on Drudge.

No deal Brexit blocked.



Servant Class’ that Serves the Rich Among Fastest Growing U.S. Workforces

Comrade Bernie: Population control to save climate.

Rush: What will future Americans say after our next Civil War.

Stigall: American liberals are not Hong Kong, they’re China.

Curtis: Poland and Judea: The dilemma of resistance.

Mattis: Obama failed to respond to Iran bomb plot on U.S. soil because of nuclear deal.

Judge: ‘Terror’ watchlist  unconstitutional.

Navy takes cake as military’s fattest.

Bernie snaps at baby: ‘Keep that down’.

Now Hollyweird’s rating system gets absurd.

Signature issue of Democrat for president in total collapse.

Cashill: Great lakes keep embarrassing climate scientists.

Rock dating techniques throw evolution into question.

Major League Soccer Team Bans Betsy Ross Flag, Calls it a ‘Symbol for Hate Groups’

CNN to Host Another Marathon Town Hall on LGBT ‘Issues’

El Paso Shooting Survivors Sue Walmart over Alleged Lack of Armed Guards

Finnish Politician Accused Of ‘Hate Crime’ For Sharing Bible Verse On Facebook

Schlichter: Dumb arguments about gun control.

Hunter: ‘Woke’ Gestapo demand conformity.

Dempsey: More failed virtue signaling from the left.

Blackwell: Abortion Proponents’ Attack on Faith Community: Why The Religious Bigotry?

Hollis: The power of example.

Elder: If Trump’s ‘Bigotry’ is an impeachable offense, why did Obama get a pass?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Walks Away From Democrats: ‘I Have Evidence Something Is Wrong’

Harsanyi: CNN’s Presidential Climate Change Town Hall Was Insane

Jashinsky: RNC Chief: Tying Dems To Socialism Sways Suburban Women

Justice: Marianne Williamson gets it right – stop mocking thoughts and prayers.

Fink: In Court Hearing, Planned Parenthood Employee Admits To Trafficking In Baby Body Parts

Marcus: All You Have To Do Is Take A Road Trip To Find Out America Isn’t Racist

Raleigh: Hong Kong’s Withdrawal Of Extradition Bill Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

Gorsuch: Neil Gorsuch: What Happened When I Went From Private Citizen To Public Figure

Clark: 10 Craziest Things CNN Town Hall Revealed About Democrats’ Economy-Wrecking Climate Extremism

Joondeph: NeverTrump nitwits should just go away.

Still: They should send their best.

Newport: China is winning the race to the deep ocean.

Showalter: Does Trump have something up his sleeve to help Boris.

Showalter: Rep. Susan Davis (D-Calif) packs it in — and the crazed leftist circle

Rosenthal: Do  police have a duty to protect anyone?

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

Walter Williams: Why do we tolerate blacks misbehavior?

Lowry: 5 things they don’t tell you about slavery.

McCarthy: Storming back to the Impeachment Charade.

Newcombe: Did Jefferson really edit miracles out of Bible?

Schlafly: Indoctrination runs aground in California.

Federer: Fall of Rome.  Are there lessons we can learn?

Social Credit Score to determine who can buy gun.

Bahamas 70% under water.

Book reveals how Chinese Intelligence steals U.S. tech secrets to dominate  world.

Hong Kong leader officially withdraws controversial extradition bill.

Showalter: Beijing folds on extradition bill, but the genie is out of the bottle.

Continetti: James Mattis’s blistering criticism of Obama.

Bomberger: The undeniable racism of the abortion industry, and the left’s projection.

Greenfield: A shameless lying MSNBC hack is the face of the media.

Greenfield: A bipartisan Congressional bill allows the media to censor conservatives.

Left Pushes To Erase High Achievers From University Halls Simply Because They’re White And Male

Ludwig: Our real identity politics is governed by Almighty God.

Ball: Power of the Red Hat.

Rosenthal: As the Rule of Law Dissipates.

Gorsuch: Civics and Civility.

Trump 100+ tweets over holiday.

Woman sheltered 97 dogs.

Flores becomes 15th house Republican to announce retirement.

Feds sued to uncover details of Comey’s spies.

Limbaugh: Dirty reason why Republicans are quitting Congress.

Judge orders Straight Pride opponents, ‘Get out of city’.

Surprise!  Chicago’s homosexual mayor blames gun violence on Republicans.

Prof who wants to ‘kill’ all Christians, and ‘clock’ Trump, now sues

Malkin: Stop mental health data mining of our kids.

Sources: Omar’s husband confirms she was married to her own brother.

‘Silicon Valley Sharia’, Tech pouring cash to Ilhan-Omar.

Trump Admin Is Considering Using Amazon Echo And Apple Watch To Determine If Citizens Should Own A Gun

Marianne Williamson: I didn’t think the left was so mean.

An A.I. System Passed an Eighth-Grade Science Test. Can You?

Woman survives 80 ft fall down cliff.

Outrage in Pittsburg over effort to list Trump supporters.

Youtube $178 million penalty for mining data of kids.

Baltimore murder rate soars.

U.S. military surrounding Venezuela.

600 border patrol agents assaulted in 2019

Nolte: Elite Media Freak Out over Media Matters-Style Scrutiny of Elite Media

Schumer demands free health care for illegals.

How Trump Can Keep The Media From Controlling Who His Administration Fires

67% of young Republican voters, brainwashed by media, schools, and tech, are worried about the environment.

The Left Has a $500 Million Dark Money ‘ATM Machine’ Called Arabella

French: Walmart’s retreat on guns means woke capitalism is here to stay.

San Francisco Smears One Of The Nation’s Oldest Civil Rights Organizations As A Domestic Terror Group

Shapiro: How the quest for power corrupted Elizabeth Warren.

Parker: Cuccinelli keeping the focus on freedom.

York: Civil servants should not be allowed to lead the Resistance.

Billlingsley: Obama at Columbia or was he?

Video: Was 9/11 conceived in Riyadh and Teheran?

Bloomberg’s Hit Piece On Trump Official Is Why Americans Distrust The Media

U.K. Parliament Gives A Full-Fledged Finger To The British People

By Democrat Standards, Democrats Are Massively Obstructing Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Dems Propose First Gun Grab Since Lexington And Concord

Houston Woman With Concealed Handgun Shoots Man During Attempted Robbery

Boston Judges Should Throw The Book At Cop-Assaulting Antifa Protestors

Daniels: When Trump fights the left, he punches up.

Day: The firearms of the American Founders era

Hoye: Bubbles: Seen one, seen them all.

Klar: Green Tyranny and the tragedy of the Eco Commons.

Showalter: No Boris Johnson is not defeated.

Noel: Government should get out of the flood insurance business.

Noel: American dream beats the Socialist dream every time.

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Kupelian: Racist America: The left’s biggest lie.

Fight for survival in Bahamas

Paradise destroyed.

Hell Storm inches towards Florida

Video: Storm Chaser

Hurricane Dorian downgraded to a Category 3.

Desperate Cries for help in Grand Bahamas.

Floridians evacuate and grumble.

Homosexual Chicago Mayor clashes with Cruz on gun control.

WATCH: Joe Biden Calls for Ban on Magazines Holding ‘Multiple Bullets’

Feminist Capitalist Professor under fire.  Argues students are socially underdeveloped, and know little about Western History.

Greenfield: The media Master Race.

Trump expected to sign off on Taliban deal to bring 5,000 troops home after nearly 18 months in Afghanistan.

Thomas: Unequal justice for Comey.

House Democrat explodes on Liz Cheney for defending God.

Walmart to dramatically step back from gun sales.

Patience thresh holds lower than ever before, tech to blame, average person frustrated after waiting 16 seconds!!

Texas killer called police, FBI before shooting began.

Was on a long spiral of going down.

Failed background check.

American airlines chaos as passenger takes emotional support HORSE onto flight.

Monday night’s incident at Newark airport involved bipolar airline employee

Bieber: pitfalls of fame, drugs, women.

In praise of Melania: First lady treated horribly by press.

Media takes hits in bitter partisan era.

Facebook considers hiding likes to protect fragile egos.

WSJ: Racists don’t fight abortion, they promote it.

Dougherty: Ben Penn’s bad-faith hit job on Leif Olsen

Smith: Meet the World Expert on all things: Tom Nichols.

Grabar: Zinn’s of omission.

Ibrahim: Tomorrow we are coming to kill you all.

Monday, September 2nd 2019

Exclusive — Devin Nunes Warns U.S. About ‘Tech Oligarchs’ Censorship, Bias Against Conservatives: ‘I Am Very Concerned

Jesse Lee Peterson: If the future is female, the future is hell.

Major U.S. city bans Christians from helping kids.  

Milano wants to know why self defense is God Given right.  Cruz educates her.

Innocent target shooting with mom turns into nightmare at school.

Serious fight triggered by one states throttling of gun licenses.


News Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Midland-Odessa Shooter Used AR-15, Say Police — History of Evading Police

Trump: Stronger background checks would not stop attacks.

Watch and Wait: Dorian now a CAT 5

Kruiser: Trump: Comey, Clapper, Brennan ‘Really set our country back’.

Van Der Galien: Video: China uses brute force against protestors.

Martin: Tiananmen Square and Hong Kong: Has Beijing learned anything?

Trejo: Dozens of ANTIFA Terrorists Arrested for Violence During ‘Straight Pride Parade’

Judge Jeannine Pirro: There’s a plot to remake America.

Flynn accuses prosecutors of hiding exculpatory evidence, demands they be removed.

Communist Deep State Kingpin Makes Veiled Twitter Threat Towards President Trump As Radical Leftists Push For Disarmament & A UN Takeover Of Our Southern Border 

Feel manipulated by cable TV and social media? You are. Deal with it

DeBlasi: Reaching for Enlightenment.

Showalter: A black writer dissolves wall of idiocy around ‘diversity’ heroes.

Skurkiss: Huge transgender case will be heard by SCOTUS in October.

Showalter: Beijing’s worst nightmare from Hong Kong is on the horizon.

Day: A gay old time at the First Straight Pride Parade.

Fenig: The Lessons of World War 2: If nations want peace, they must prepare for war.

U.S. slaps more goods on Chinese goods, escalating trade war.

Watch: Diamond and Silk message to William Barber about Jesus being a socialist.

Dorian fury aiming at Grand Bahamas.

Alabama church posts a sign saying a black vote for Trump is a sign of mental illness.

GOP Judiciary member predicts Horowitz FISA report will lead to indictments

Moran: Swampnomics: The whole world is woke.

U.S. unleashes military to fight fake news and disinformation.

Singer killed as she’s hit by pyrotechnic device in front of horrified fans.

Former Marine, said he’d slaughter Anfifa, then FBI took his guns.

RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan stabbed in prison.

10 teens shot at high school football game, 17 year old arrested.

80 years after outbreak of World War 2, German President asks Poland’s forgiveness for German tyranny.

Feldman: Coming legal attractions.

Martin: To reduce gun violence, arm all Americans.

Sobieski: When Obama tried to Red Flag vets and seniors.

Bryen: The Shiite Crescent and Regional disaster.

Desperate for Attention, Beto Drops ‘F-Bombs’ All Over the Place to Describe Shootings in Midland-Odessa

Former FBI director: Comey has bigger problems on the horizon.

The Left: Exposed and Empty.

World War 2 turns 80 today, the aftermath changed America forever.

Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar accused of committing perjury eight times in 2017, could face 40 years behind bars

Pentagon joins war on alternative media.

Thompson: Can Democracy survive without nationalism.

Lifson: Deep thoughts on the Constitution from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.


Saturday, August 31st, 2019

Welcome to our Fairfeld, mostly Democrat leaders.  Every Democrat city in America has the worst issues with crime and poverty, and here are 5 solutions for that problem..  As a Democrat state, California is the poorest in America, with 20% of our population below poverty level. But, the 20 wealthiest congressional districts in America are controlled by Democrats, who love their money, and are selfish, and so they use their media, schools, and tech companies to lecture the rest of us that Republicans are the greedy and covetous ones, and we need to tax the 1%.  LOL, Democrats literally are the 1%.  Reminds me of the greedy Prince John from Robin Hood.  Crackpot Bernie Sanders, a degenerate who never had a legitimate job until 40, and all of his Democrat elected officials are each the modern day representation of Prince John.  But, because they are handicapped from attacking the rights of individual Americans by the Constitution, they ruthlessly attack it every chance they get. Democrats hate the First and Second Amendment.  We should be having another mass shooting any day now, since Democrats keep feeding people porn and psychotropic drugs, two factors, which, along with Islam, are present, one or more of the factors, in every single mass shooting since Columbine, with no exceptions.  But, we definitely won’t be hearing about banning porn and drugs, and monitoring Islam after the next mass shooting. Oh no. We will hear Democrats shrieking and hollering about confiscating guns and willfully attacking the 2nd Amendment.


Also, these e-mails are simply a response to the cowardly Democrats, who constantly hold CAREFULLY REGULATED (read Censored) TownHalls, where the Democrat always gets the last word, and open debate is not allowed.  The Democrats will pick topics, like ‘Police Brutality’, ‘Climate Change’, ‘Immigrant Rights’, ‘Healthcare for all’, all based on gross lies, and will summon ‘experts’, who are well paid to lie.  Then, when a common citizen dares to ask a question the ‘experts’ don’t approve of, the citizen is booed, shouted down, and dismissed as irrelevant, and no consideration of his/her opinions is given at all.  In this way, dissenting opinions are suppressed.  The fair thing to do, which no Democrat in America will do, because not one of them can win a fair debate in front of an audience who understands history, the Constitution, and values virtue, is to have 3 experts from both sides get together, with a moderator, do a 4  hour debate, and if certain people have the attention span of hummingbirds and can’t focus that long, they shouldn’t be voting,  with 3 hours of sparring- with FIERCE CRITICISM, absent profanity or personal attacks among the experts- followed by fielding questions from the audience for an  hour. In that way, the superior ideas would be allowed to prevail, and we’d be rid of the fake Democrat ideas, which are only supported due to their ruthless intimidation of opponents and refusal to consider their ideas seriously.  My fearless fellow conservatives and I fear no Democrat, and will easily destroy any Democrat in a fair debate, one on one.  However, we see, Democrats run from debates like cockroaches scatter when a light is shone upon them.  If one can’t defend one’s beliefs, one has no self respect, and deserves the respect of no one else.


Ingeniously, Democrats have ruined the schools, and now lecture us that teaching kids writing, reading, and math, the fundamentals of education is ‘racist’, and they produce children who are largely functionally illiterate. These children are forced into government dependency after high school, or stifling student debt, and then are taught to hate America, by ruthless Democrats.  Unbelievably wicked.


Today’s version will do commentary on every article the Times Herald produced.  For those reading from locations outside of Vallejo, this applies, many times to your local television, newspapers, and news media as well. These are patterns that Democrats have replicated nationwide.  With rare exceptions, it’s nearly all disinformation, along with virtually everything on television, and much of what one searches for on Google.

Keep in mind, EVERY SINGLE IDEA ON THE DEMOCRAT PLATFORM IS A LIE.  Once you’ve got that figured out, and it will often take at least a day of serious study to uncover how much of a lie every idea is, and with more than 100 lies on their platform, few people have over 3 months of research to be able to do to get to the bottom of the Democrat nonsense.  We are all on the hamster wheel, trying to keep ahead and keep our homes and our livelihoods.  Few have the courage to speak out, for fear of the ruthless reprisal of the ruthless Democrat overlords and their Communist Antifa minions.

TH stands for Vallejo Times Herald.  Each article will be followed up with the contradictory truth they left out and/or the truths they omitted.

TH: Congressman Thompson awards kids for reading.

A very honorable endeavor.  However, 70% of the kids in the Vallejo school district just graduated in June incapable of doing math or english at the 12th grade level.  Yet, if you witnessed the graduations, you would have thought tremendous accomplishments had taken place.  Sane people understand that the schools have failed if you have not taught them math, reading, and writing at the 12th grade level.  It does not take money to teach kids and to have them develop spectacular academic results.   Social justice teaching is destroying California’s kids.   Walter Williams, a black conservative economist, who most have not heard of because the media and schools hate conservative blacks and lynch them every chance they get, wrote a great column on the problems in education, which the Times Herald and other Democrat media ignores.

TH: What to know as California’s peak fire months loom.

The Times Herald, and most Democrat media, hide the fact that Democrats disastrous and stupid policies have led to the fires, and they blame the fairy tale of man made climate change.  So, this article is more disinformation.

TH: Hurricane Dorian gains fury but might skirt coast.

Of course, the article had to note, with barely suppressed glee, that the Hurricane could hit Trump’s home.  The malice of the Times Herald for Trump is truly amazing to witness.  Jack Bungart has a severe case of TARDS (Trump Acceptance Reluctance Disorder Syndrome), and has been afflicted with it for at least 3 years, with no remission in sight.  Luckily, the article included no lies about Man made climate change being responsible for this hurricane, though we certainly are likely to be exposed to plenty of those in the coming weeks from the leftist media, anxious to turn tragedy into profit.   Here are just some of the evidence that man made climate change is a flat out hoax.

TH: TV’s to shoes: consumers face pain of Trump tariff’s.

Couldn’t find the online TH version, so got an identical version from another source.  It wouldn’t be a daily newspaper without an attack on Trump.  This entire argument is an appeal to popular logical fallacy, stating something is true simply because of people’s experiences. The leftist media is really good at this, portraying people’s suffering publicly, as reason why they should be given more power and more money, though they never use the power and money they have effectively.  A bunch of scam artists, which can be understood if you read ‘Huckleberry Finn’, and study the ‘Duke’ and the ‘Dauphin‘.  Huck finds out these men have sob stories, just like Democrats, but, in reality, are deceitful and dangerous, just like Democrats.   Let’s ask ourselves why Trump is fighting a battle against America’s number one foe, China, which has 1.4 billion people,  and has the world’s second most powerful military, and our Times Herald is standing up for China?  Is this not treason?  It really is. The owners of the Times Herald may as well be in China’s pocket.  China enslaves it’s people, but that’s ok with the Times Herald.  Chinese Communist Slave labor to make things cheap for Americans, while ripping off and cheating American companies is just fine with the Times Herald.  Just yesterday we posted an article that Trump’s tariffs have not noticeably hurt the American Consumer by Jack Hellner.  The Times Herald, blinded by TDS, has not got the memo.

TH: Work begins on Mare Island Way next week.

No doubt, this work will cost more than it would if we were in a non union town, will take longer to perform, and will not be done as well, if Democrat union performance holds true.  The place of unions in our nation has long outlived it’s usefulness.  Unfortunately, many unions were infiltrated by Communists, and the exorbitant wages charged by unions bankrupt many municipalities, including Vallejo.  These unions give nearly all campaign contributions to Democrats, and then Democrats give contracts and higher wages to unions in a corrupt deal making scheme started by the corrupt FDR.

TH: PG & E forecasts California blackouts meant to help prevent California wildfires.

Mercury news article is the same as the TH one.  This is more disinformation.  The Democrats failed to do preventative maintenance to stop wildfires, and are now trying to take state control of utilities, which is what Communists always try to do, try to control industry and business.  The erudite and gifted Chriss Street did a brilliant article at American Thinker on how insolvent California wants to nationalize bankrupt P G & E.

TH: Court reverses sole conviction in pier killing.

Article is not from TH but is exactly identical to it.   Times Herald never comes out against illegal immigration, which costs American taxpayers over $100 billion a year.   If illegal immigrants voted Republican, the Democrats would have machine gun nests on the borders yesterday. They don’t care about people, that’s obvious when  you watch them slaughtering infants in abortion clinics every year, and taking $500 million from taxpayers to do it, they only care about power and money.  We have 60,000 illegal aliens in federal custody costing taxpayers $500 million a year, but the Times Herald is quiet about this.  Democrats get a lot of money and votes from illegal immigration, so the Democrat Times Herald wants to keep the money flowing, American lives be damned.   Illegal Immigrants are definitely voting.

That is a thorough debunking of the first four pages of the Times Herald, and there are 12 more articles, every one fake news, in one way or another, that we didn’t get to.  There were 19 articles in the ‘news’, written at the 4th grade level, and every one full of disinformation, and distortions.  About the only reliable part of the Times Herald, and 95% of most American newspapers, is the obituaries, because the Democrat staff doesn’t have editorial oversight. The sports section has 15 articles, full of worthless nonsense, which benefit the average citizen not at all. Athletes are some of the most uninformed, deluded, and hedonistic people who exist in America, along with celebrities.  Celebrities and athletes are nothing but the modern day equivalent of Court Jesters. They are paid by their wealthy Democrat plutocrat overlords, they perform, and they dare not attack anything on the Democrat platform, or they will be viciously attacked in the Democrat media.   Much like the ancient Roman Gladiators, except today’s celebrities have Stockholm syndrome and love their tyrannical oppressors, who pay them lots of money.

Apologies for the massively wrong editorializing for those who don’t like to read.  However, getting the truth is no easy matter when the average person is being massively lied to on a daily basis.  Now, on to the real news.  Frustrating that most of the news is full of lies, and the real news is lied about and obscured.

Clashes Between Hong Kong Police and Protesters Grow Violent as Officers Storm Subway, Fire Weapons

US and EU Officials Speak Out Against Arrests of Hong Kong Activists

US Commission on China Warns Hong Kong Government Against Declaring Emergency to Resolve Crisis

5 dead 21 Shot in Texas massacre, Gunman fires from mail truck.

Ryan: The Deep state will face justice soon… Right?

Thomas: Rejection of moral absolutes plagues the left.

Byrne: Secularization and demonization of Donald Trump.

Imani: Why do elected officials embrace the same Islam that wants to kill me?

McMillan: The long road from news reporting to managed outrage.

Brady: Valley of the Shadow.

Rosenthal: The kindness of Socialism.

Lott Jr.: Twitter’s political bias.

Cadwaladr: Don’t tell me your pronouns, I can guess.

Fletcher: Planned Murderhood hires musicians to propagandize the youth.

Showalter: Boris Johnson shows the steel and U.K. Tories soar in polls.

Showalter: What was Madeleine Westerhout doing at White House at all?

Daniels: Comey’s leaks were political penance

Timperlake: Follow the money if PLA kills the Hong Kong protesters.

Rail: Ocasio-Cortez: A dimwit gives herself airs.

Hellner: It becomes clearer every day that most journalists would prefer to have a Democrat in power than a good economy.

Garbacz: Slaying the imperial dragon.

Busler: President Trump – Not Democrats – is helping low income Americans.

Brown: Do the ends justify the means?

Thomas: Unequal Justice.

Rothschild: U.S. government facing insolvency if nothing changes.

Ellis: The media’s imaginary Trump hating farmer.

Film: Why don’t we murder more white people?

Satanic Temple: More than half our membership is LGBTQ.






Friday, August 30th, 2019

Monster storm on slow Florida track.

Historic Cat 4 possible.

Flashback: Hurricane Andrew track.

Destroyed 63,000 homes, and left 63 dead

Billingsley: Con Man Comey

Federer: Another group wants to conquer Native Americans.

Ilhan Omar: United Nations Should Handle Southern Border Crisis

McCarthy: Trump was always the target of the Russia Investigation

SHAPIRO: The New Generation Is Young, Woke And Ignorant Of History

Nolte: We Should Never Listen to Stupid People, Especially Children

Video: At least 100 teens involved in after school melee.

Krause: The Next Revolution: The Green New Deal

Extensive Study: No ‘Gay Gene’; ‘Effectively Impossible’ To Predict Sexuality

Imani: Islam will never let me be free.

THE BIG ONE: Joe diGenova: FISA report circulating ‘inside and outside’ of Justice Department – Washington Examiner

Fisher:Trump Administration To Expand Research Into Marijuana While Advertising Its Recreational Dangers

Cleveland: Inspector General Rebukes James Comey For Putting Himself Above The Nation

Cochran: Most People Are Called To Marriage; It’s Not Idolatrous To Act Accordingly

Day: The Character Assassination of Amy Wax and Her Response

Conlin: Success breeds failure.

Brizzolara: LGBT and 4th Graders.

Russell: Here’s What People Who Used To Be Transgender Are Telling The Supreme Court

Mill: Why Is The FBI Obstructing The Release Of James Comey’s Memos?

Limbaugh: Purging Dude Walls Toward Leftist Utopia

Buchanan: Let them howl Boris.

BREAKING: Judge Sets Trial Date For 5 Men Who Masterminded 9/11

Rudy Giuliani: ‘Prosecutions Will Happen’ Following Damning IG Report on Comey

Mark Steyn: Biden’s bogus war story no ‘gaffe’

Harsanyi: The left can’t stop lying about the Tea Party.

Carlson and Patel: Crackup in the Democrat party.

Lowry: The Amazon Scam

Race baiting CNN’s Joe Lockhart: Trump Views White People as More ‘Important’ Than Everyone Else

Conservative Leaders Support Rollback of Obama Gas Mileage Standards

Axios: Yes, Bernie Sanders Wants to ‘Restructure’ Your Entire Life

Inside media struggle to take on Silicon Valley.

HAMMER: Washington Post Contributor Compares Pleas For Tolerance And Civility To Antebellum Slavery. She’s Comically Misguided.

Report: Washington Post’s Philip Rucker Burned ‘Off-the-Record’ Conversation with Trump’s Secretary

O’Neil: Taxpayers Should Be Able to Opt Out of Funding Military But Not Abortion, Rep. John Lewis Says

China denies credentials to Wall Street Journal reporter -paper

Fact Check: No, Donald Trump Did Not Decide to Deport Kids with Cancer

The ‘lungs of the world’? Scientist says Amazon rainforest is not the source of 20% of Earth’s oxygen

Where are you going, Dorian?

Trump next H. W. Bush?  Eerily similar.

Investigators seize enough fentanyl to kill 14 million.

NY City Exodus: 277 million people leave daily.

Angels Pitcher Tyler Skaggs Died of ‘Alcohol, Fentanyl and Oxycodone Intoxication’, Choked on His Vomit

1.3 billion tons of food being wasted each year. Can we stop it?

Canada’s Former PM Kim Campbell ‘Rooting’ for Hurricane Dorian to Hit Mar-a-Lago

Braithwaite: DOJ keeps the door open for future FBI corruption.

WATCH: Graham Wants Obama To Take The Stand Over Campaign That Targeted Trump

Ouch. The Founder Of Twitter Just Had His Account Hacked.

NOT SATIRE: Missouri Councilwoman Takes Oath on Dr. Seuss Book

‘She Was a Spy From Day One:’ Trump Assistant Out After Discussing President’s Family with Press

Moran: Trump Officially Launches U.S. Space Command

Harris & Lehr:  The Coming Climate Change Propaganda Tsunami

Former FEC member: Omar ‘protected’ – for now

It’s official: No U.S. warming since at least 2005

Census Bureau ends partnership with CAIR

First Amendment group asks Ocasio-Cortez to unblock users

Surgeon General: This ain’t your mothers marijuana.

Bill Federer: Benedict Arnold: As bad as history remembered him.  

China sends fresh troops to Hong Kong.

Maurer: Sen. Whitehouse Threatens U.S. Supreme Court Over New York Gun Case

Curtis: How A ‘Star Spangled’ Murder Gave Us The Temporary Insanity Defense

Shapiro: Canada’s ‘Free’ Parental Leave Is One Reason I Don’t Live There

Impeachment fever rises as Dems face summer-recess pressure to go after Trump

Hill: Daring to suggest all cultures aren’t equal.

Dogan: Mandatory teacher training denigrates Christianity, exalts Islam.

Skeet: Greenland, China, and Colonialism.

Showalter: Bernie Sanders is coming for your newspaper.

McCarthy: How do you solve a problem like James Comey?

Utter: The DNC passes resolution praising secular humanists, the religiously unaffiliated

Hellner: Where’s the evidence the Trump tariffs are hurting the economy?

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Seditious and corrupt RINO Comey Roasted!

DOJ Declines to Prosecute James Comey for Leaking Classified Information

Impudent and clueless Comey: I was Defamed!

BREAKING: DOJ Inspector General Report Rips James Comey For Leaking Memos For Personal and Political Gain

Graham: IG Report on Comey is Stunning and Unprecedented

You Know It’s Bad When CNN Calls IG Report on Comey ‘Very Damning’

Osburn: Hemingway: Months After Mueller Report, Media Russia Truthers Are Embarrassing And Sad

Mark Levin: Media Creates Pseudo-Events To Report On Them And Repeat Them

Victor Davis Hanson: Why Socialism, and why now?

Smell The Panic In The Air? In Seven Days, Three Independent Media Websites Have Been Targeted For Destruction By Liberal Establishment News Outlets

Lookout Leftist Media – Conservative News Is On The Rise

Hong Kong Reveals True Allegiance Of The Far Left

China introduces corporate social credit system (What the Media/Dems want in the U.S.)

PJ Watson: The Truth About the Hong Kong Protests

Chinese troop movement into Hong Kong prompts unease.

Protest organizer attacked by masked men with bats.

Radical Islamist, and likely adulterer, Ilhan Omar demands UN take control of U.S. Borders.

WALSH: A Female Soccer Player Says She ‘Definitely’ Could Play In The NFL. No, She Definitely Couldn’t.

Maitra: Bill De Blasio: Merit Is Racist, So We Won’t Allow It In NYC Public Schools

Gellar: ISIS Beheading Plotter’s Conviction Overturned by Obama-Appointed Judge

DNC Grassroots Victory Fund Bankrolled by 13 Wealthy Liberals

Communist Jack Ma meets Fraud Elon Musk.

McCarthy: What is justice for Andrew McCabe?

SHAPIRO: The Left Really Doesn’t Understand Why We’re A Republic

The 1619 Project and the Fight for the Minds and Hearts of American Children

Tyler: LGBTQ Marginalization of Children and America’s Apathy Towards Autism

Sobieski: Michael Mann’s Tree Ring Circus.

Rail: Today’s kids don’t know how good they have it.

Report: Harvard Has More Money Than Half of the World’s Countries

Tech totalitarians seeking to read thoughts.

Exploiting the Amazon fires, for politics.

Exclusive Video: Bitter Remoaners Totally Lose it Over Boris’s Brexit Plans at Westminster Protest

Queen Elizabeth Allows Boris Johnson To Suspend Parliament, Prompting Severe Outcry

George Washington U Kills ‘Colonials’ Mascot After Students Offended

Audio: Fox news objects to Trump calling them out on their dishonest coverage.

Hollis: Ignorance and Power.

Spencer: Has Rep. Ilhan Omar committed a stoning offense?

Elass: Ilhan Omar and the revolving doors of marriage.

City of Hate: teen beats 67 year old woman with her own cane.

Hurricane on track for Florida.

Surge in young brainwashed Republicans concerned about environment.

Cook sells millions in stock!

Biden tells moving but false, war story.

Stutters, stammers gets lost during campaign event.

Walmart droid army arrives.

Trump digs in on China trade war, confirms Afghanistan drawdown in works in Fox News Radio interview

Degenerate homosexual director Schumacher claims 20,000 sex partners.

Six flags to debut worlds longest, fastest, and and tallest roller coaster.

Study: Marriage wards off dementia.

27 burned to death in strip club.

Report: Google, Facebook, China Undersea Cable a National Security Concern

Knowles: The cult of self love.

Klavan: What most people don’t understand about inequality.

DeSanctis: Good riddance, Kirsten Gillibrand.

Schlichter: Savor the media’s outrage over being held to the same standards as the rest of us.

Daugherty: If Joe Walsh is the answer, ask a different question.

Thomas: A lost generation.

Ledeen: Can China be unified?

Billingsley: When Georgie sacked Tommy.

Afghanistan: Has the war cost America $500bn?

How Can It Be That US Intel Agencies FAILED To Pick Up On Russia-Gate & Epstein-Gate, The Biggest Scandals To Date? More Than Meets The (Surveillance) Eye

Is The Fed Trying To Sabotage Trump’s Re-Election?

Why Are Automakers Caving To California’s Radical Greens?

Davidson In Claremont Review of Books: Ben Shapiro’s ‘The Right Side of History’

Lifson: Federal Reserve banks myth of ‘Political Neutrality’ now dead and gone.

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Newcombe: Saving sex for marriage is good for marriage

Martinez: Therapy bans are just the beginning.

Walter Williams: Beginnings of U.S. Slavery.

Federer: When MLK Jr. said, “I have a dream” what did he mean?

Cole James: Solutions for Baltimore — and Beyond — Start With Civil Society, Not Government

Day: Where Section 230 fits in the Social Media War.

How Trump got under the media’s thin skin.

Bozell & Graham: They dish it out, but can’t take it.

Donald Trump Hits ‘New Fox News’ for Letting Supporters Down

Parker: Our Changing values should bother us.

Tanner: the Moral dimension to our National Debt.

Pullman: How To Replace Howard Zinn’s Communist Account Of U.S. History For American Kids

Meyrat: Anti-Progressive British School For Poor Kids Leads Nation In Latest Tests

Hayes: CNN’s McCabe hire says a lot about our justice system.

Colon: It’s a good thing I don’t live in the country with the ‘Best medical care’.

Clark: AOC’s Instagram Rant Confirms Her Cluelessness About Climate Change

Brit Hume to Trump: ‘Fox News Isn’t Supposed to Work for You’

Rich stop spending.

Buffett hoards cash.

Shock poll: Every major Democrat beats Trump by at least 9.

Shapiro: Trump is right on China threat.

McCann: China and the 2020 election.

Mainland Chinese sneak into Hong Kong protest – to support cause.

Inside Beijing’s toolbox to crush Hong Kong.

Jim Mattis: Duty, Democracy and the threat of tribalism.

Vaida: The Bloody Legacy Of The Nazi-Soviet Pact Shows Communism And Fascism Are Allies

Morris: Two-Thirds Of U.S. Christians Think They Don’t Need To Attend Church. Wrong

Raleigh: The 1859 Project: How The Birth Of The Oil Industry Saved Whales And Propelled Today’s Prosperity

Greenfield: The Socialists will help put Donald Trump in the White House.

With The State EPA Office Being Infested, It Shows That California’s Rat Problem Is Still Out Of Control

AOC Wakes Up Some Nights At 3:30 AM Scared About Global Warming

British Government to Suspend Parliament For Five Weeks, Outraging Anti-Brexit Rebels

Delingpole: Brexit Is Happening. Savour Those Remoaner Tears!


NY Slimes taking hits from all sides.

Doorbell-camera firm Ring has partnered with 400 police forces, extending surveillance reach

Update: Businesses wary of Beijing corporate social credit.

‘Life or Death’ rating.

Next: U.S. 

National-Security Concerns Threaten Undersea Data Link Backed by Google, Facebook

FoxNews undisputed King of Cable for summer.

NBC News Can’t Confirm O’Donnell’s Bombshell Trump-Russia Report

Chargers’ Keenan Allen Says Carli Lloyd Would Get Stampeded if She Kicked in an NFL Game

Being a couch potato for a few hours a day, shortens life.

Spiliakos: The Simpsons and the cowardice of tribal comedy.

Vadum: Making the term illegal aliens disappear.

Video: Brett Kavanaugh and “Justice on Trial”

Davidson: How Decades Of Paranoid Attacks On The Koch Brothers Turned Into Mainstream Leftist Tactics

Harvard wealthier than half of world’s countries.

Showalter: Where’s the piety about freedom of the press now that Beto O’Rourke kicked out a reporter.

Ferguson Effect coming to NY: NYPD arrests plummet with firing of officer in Garner case.

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 News

Mom: My husband dumped me for Omar.

Bellomo: How Economic Riches Have Destroyed The Wealth Of Relationships

Victor Davis Hanson: Trump – Or what exactly?


Kass: ‘Ball of Collusion’ thoughtfully connects the dots with Clinton and Obama.

Daniels: Democrats brace for war over SCOTUS.

Dem court filing suggests Trump impeachment probe began before Mueller even submitted report

Is the U.S. a Deep State Dictatorship Where Our Rulers Do As They Please? Andrew McCabe to Be Prosecuted Or Not? (Fast video) – Fox News

Dan Crenshaw responds to fake DNC pastor: No, Christianity does not support socialism.

Emisku: Conservatives hit back at media.

Nolte: New York Times’ Bret Stephens Threatens Man’s Job for Calling Him a ‘Bedbug’

Judgment Day for prof who wants to ‘kill all’ Christians

KNOWLES: The Trade War Is Going Better Than You’ve Been Led To Believe

What Does Silicon Valley’s Big Tech Have In Common With China’s Dictators? What Do They Have In Common With Epstein, As They “Scrub” Themselves Down The “Rabbit Hole”, Too?

Murchison: The Gambler, RBG, and the Trump campaign.

Chinese using Linked in to recruit spies.

Obama initiative to organize next decade.

Stock market disaster coming, warns analyst.

Japan passes China as top holder of U.S. debt.

Sedgwick: My Childhood Schooling In The Soviet Union Was Better Than My Kids’ In U.S. Public Schools Today

Hirsanyi: How The Media Enables Destructive Climate Change Hysteria

Sedgwick: If The Left Cares About Women, Why Do They Let Homeless People Attack Women In San Francisco?

Professor forced to resign for supporting Antifa

Lowry: The NY Times should stop whining.

Eden: The Latest Education-Policy Fad Amounts to Social and Emotional Engineering

Politico Magazine: Journalists’ Old Tweets Are ‘Fair Game’

Thomas: They’ve lost their minds in San Francisco

Davis: Hillary is lurking.

Hawkins: Business must adjust to great power rivalry.

Skeet: Are there enough morally sound liberals left to keep pedophilia illegal.

McCarthy: The shabby depravity of CNN, NBC, MSNBC, the NYT, et al.

Showalter: Dear Diary, President Trump ignored me again.