Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Coming Tomorrow: 9 + part series on the Civil War Battle of Antietam!

MassResistance to protest, support Vice Mayor Ted Hickman at Tuesday’s Dixon City Council meeting

Dixon, CA Vice-Mayor Faces LGBT Hate for Supporting “Straight Pride America Month”

Open Letter from California MassResistance to Dixon City Council Re: “Straight Pride Month” Letter

What Gay Marriage did to Massachusetts.

Ackley: 5 recent Golden State inanities.

Facebook facing yet another scandal.

Seattle defies state, sets own gun storage law.

Klayman: Trump owes no apologies for Intelligence community criticism.

Delusional Senator Cory Booker: Visit to Southern Border ‘Will Haunt Me for a Long Time’.  Not haunted by the black baby holocaust going on at his local abortion clinic though.

Bozell and Graham: Showtime ‘fake news’ for the left.

McNicoll: Cruz is right about Space Station.

Obama Denounces Trump’s ‘Strongman Politics’—While Eulogizing Che Guevara and Fidel Castro Lover Nelson Mandela

Eric Holder seriously considering run for President in 2020.

Friday, July 20th, 2018

Dixon, CA Vice-Mayor Faces LGBT Hate for Supporting “Straight Pride America Month”

What Gay Marriage did to Massachusetts.

Open Letter from California MassResistance to Dixon City Council Re: “Straight Pride Month” Letter

100 Muslims run for office this election.

The Story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

MAGA baby born in Chick Fil A bathroom, gets nuggets for life.

Sodomite mafia in Boston sabotages St. Patrick’s day parade.

Logis: the Constitutional Crisis of rejecting election losses.

Krumholz: At Helsinki, Trump undermined our power-abusing intelligence agencies, not America.

Mansur: For Democrats, history is bunk.

Moran: Will impeachment be the next Democrat litmus test?

Vivian: Hell hath no fury like a progressive scorned.

Chalk: 5 tips for starting a romance that will last you longer than summer.

Hosko: The Unpredictable Chicago Madness: In data collected by The Washington Post for 2016, of 963 people killed by police that year, only 51 were unarmed; only 19 were unarmed blacks.  If you consider that police have an estimated 40,000,000 face-to-face encounters with citizens each year, your chances of being killed by police while simply “going about your business” is miniscule.

NY Slimes: Michael Cohen taped talks with Trump.

More Americans are drinking themselves to death: Study finds.

Blue State Blues: Why America hates CNN.

Disney Director Gunn exposed: Disgusting and vile fantasies and ‘jokes’.

Watch: Antifa tries to attack activist Lauren Southern, gets clobbered by security instead.

Here’s how Trump’s 2020 Democrat challengers stack up.

McConnell pulls Trump’s 9th Circuit nominee after Tim Scott gets a bad attack of identity politics.

Whoopi gets into ugly screaming match with Judge Jeannine on The View, after being presented with evidence of her Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Whoopi confirms her Trump Derangement Syndrome diagnosis by throwing guest Jeannine Pirro off her show.

Shirley: Amy Chua dissects what happens when tribalism comes to America.

Root: ‘Russian Collusion’ by Saul Alinsky.

Federer: Bet you never heard what happened on First Trip to the Moon?

Hang Trump T-Shirts peddled on FB.

Limbaugh: You heard him, President Obama is responsible.

Snap! Dems get ‘pee-proof’ underwear to oppose Trump pick. 

Harsanyi: Get a grip, Democrats.

Buchanan: What explains elites ‘Helsinki Hysteria’?

Nunes: FBI ‘Stonewalling’ to help Dems win White House.

Dems weaponize FB against Trump.

Americans believe intel community has own agenda.

DiGenova: It’s Brennan who is the traitor.

Farah: The New Democrats-Book Burners!

Mercer: Doubting the intelligence of the ‘Intelligence Community’.

Hollis: What are Dems running on besides fake hysteria?

Keyes: How the House should be draining the Swamp.

Lame Duck Flake flakes on GOP, joins Dem lynch mob demanding interpreter’s notes.

Barone: Time to junk racial quotas in education.

Showalter: In SF, any reasonable brakes on sanctuary for illegals are voted down.

Watch: Maxine Waters supporters chant ‘Black Power’, burn American Flag.

Trump posts video of Hillary advocating for strong and prosperous Russia.

Obama surprised by his riches.

Hawkins: The five worst things about being a genius.

Aston Martin reveals flying car that can fly 200 MPH.

Marcus: Trump outfoxed them again.

Joondeph: Democrat ladies of the lie.

Marcus: Peter Srzok, Lisa Page and the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Dreyfus: Voter Fraud? Don’t worry your pretty little head.

Straker: Lib Racists salivate over ‘brown skinned’ UC Merced, ignore 37% graduation rate.


Thursday, July 19th, 2018

DNC leaders demands Amazon ban books!

Drudge: Liberals have fetish for Trump’s physical harm.

Watch ‘The View’ devolve into chaos, when Whoopi Goldberg’s out of control Trump Derangement Syndrome kicks in. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is generation Know Nothings perfect representative.

Limbaugh: the Left is undermining the legitimacy of elections.

Illegal Immigrants registering to vote in SF election.

Rand Paul blocks bill brimming with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Showalter: Mueller’s Witch Hunt, a growing Disaster for National Security.

Lifson: ‘The Russian Hack’ of the DNC through the other end of the telescope.

Shapiro: Should we stop having children because of climate change?

Delusional Schiff hijacks China hearing to try and subpoena Trump-Putin interpreter.

Four Big Holes in Peter Strzok’s ‘ Evidence’ of his election neutrality.

Nunes: Corrupt FBI & DOJ banking on Republicans to lose midterm elections.

Adams: The Coming War over the Constitution.

The Second Mile.

Trump calls media ‘real enemy of the People’, plans second Putin meeting.

Web Traffic: CNN & Fox News Battle.  Drudge passes NY Slimes and Washington Compost.

UK government knew about mass rape gangs decade before acting.

12 Advances of Civilization by flawed White American Males.

Thomas: Sex: The Supreme Issue in the City of Man.

Study finds Kids who attend Government school learn less, misbehave more.

Wasteful Spending will sink our country.

Farah: Another blow to evolution fantasy.

Democrats turn IRS nomination hearing into referendum on Russia.

Heine: Why Comey and Company want Democrats to take back the house.

Larry Elder: Russian bots Vs. Media-academia-Hollyweird

Delusional 9th Circuit block’s Trump’s ban of transgenders from Military.

DHS: Deported parents intentionally leaving children in U.S.

California launches ‘Witch Hunt’ against wedding cake maker.

UK Newspaper whitewashes religious identity of Rotherham Muslim rape gangs.

Judge Jeannine identifies Dems insurance policy.

Why is pro-abortion judge controlling abortion case?

Zumwalt: When educators fail to educate themselves.

Stop legal ‘harrassment’ by sodomites, court asked.

CAIR asks judge to hide HAMAS ties in trial.

Rush: Rich socialists dupe the masses again

Ample evidence of social media bias says congressman.

Google-Facebook working on behalf of Democrats.

Herland: the Scientific cure for Depression: Prayer.

Senator Grassley issues timeline to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS.

Schlichter: The Trump-Putin summit is the worst thing ever until the next worst thing ever.

Victor Davis Hanson: NATO’s challenge is Germany  not America.

Hunter: Am I the only person who didn’t care about Trump’s Russia statement?

Rand Paul: Trump Derangement Syndrome has officially come to the Senate.

Trump: Media wants war with Russia.

Watch: The NRA goes all in for Brett Kavanaugh.

Harsanyi: The ACLU has basically quit defending the Constitution.

Why It’s impossible to support #MeToo and Planned Parenthood without being a big hypocrite.

Sylvester: It’s time for the United States to stop funding National Security for the world.

Joondeph: Walk a mile in Trump’s shoes.

Lifson: Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russian intel officers slams into the law of unintended consequences.

Rasmussen: The Senate protects our freedoms.

Defeated GOP lawmaker: Impeach Trump.

Can Public laws get copyright protections?

Trump: Obama took Biden out of the trash heap.

Napolitano: In defense of Trump with Putin.

Thomas: Questioning Intelligence.

Trump: Democrats have a death wish.

How Sparta beat back Athens in the Peloponnesian War.

Cadwaladr: Distinguishing Civil War from social anarchy.

Lewis: A hopeful trend among millennials.

Rand Paul blocks bill brimming with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Federer: George Washington: Tough General.

Trump charm offensive a strategic bid to detach Russia from China: Experts

Bruce Dietrick Price: K-12 an Insidious Inside job.

House GOP pins 167 Democrats with Abolish ICE vote.

SF opens non citizen voting in school board elections.

Weir: Making sexual dysfunction appear normal.

Coulter: Putin is killing millions of Americans

Chadwell: Fragmentation and the Family.

Famous church forbids Bible reading on premises.

Limbaugh: Left in panic, acting like ‘recent escapees from  asylums’.

Tech Giants: Russian 2016 election influence miniscule.

Lifson: Do Democrats seriously want to start talking about Russia and collusion?

Great Quotes by Great Leaders.

Why Poland’s anti-Islamic stance makes perfect sense.

Walter Williams: Our rules of the game: U.S. Constitution.

Logis: The ‘Constitutional Crisis’ of rejecting election losses.

Exposed: The ignorance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Occasional-Cortex embarrasses herself on the Firing Line.

Showalter: For Dems, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a fox who has gotten loose in the Democrat henhouse.

Rand torches Brennan for Trump criticism.

Trump: ‘People at the higher ends of intelligence’ loved my press conference with Putin.

Shapiro: What is Democratic Socialism?

Star Parker: Jim Jordan, Brett Kavanaugh: Journalism by innuendo.

Simon: Putin summit may prove to be Trump’s finest hour.

The Fever Dreams of the Democrats: Strzok’s bizarre testimony, hysteria over Trump’s Helsinki comments.

Geraghty: Obama decries the political habits that drove his career.

Corrupt James Comey urges Americans to vote Democrat this fall: ‘Policy differences don’t matter right now’.

Inept Comey, who belongs in jail for bungling the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation, sez, ‘Vote Democrat, or you’re a traitor’.  Kettle meet pot, pot meet kettle. 

Morabito: What to learn from the social justice warrior who was eaten by his own mob.

6 stupidest points in Chris Cilliza’s outrage listicle over the Trump-Putin press conference.

Chantrill: Of course, Activists are thugs.

Hakim: Smirking Strzok’s weakness, Lisa Page.

McCarthy: What is roiling the water in DC?  Abject Fear!

Democrats, Establishment media push war with Russia.

Delusional Obama sez he loves telling the truth.

Soros: Obama was ‘my greatest disappointment.’.

Barr: Feds double down on gun control failures.

New York Slimes highlights Georgia’s governor’s race as ‘crazy’,  while seriously covering Democrat presidential candidates.

Khan: Property Rights get their day in court.

Not only does banning straws not help the environment much, it hurts disabled people.

Roberts: Everyone has religious beliefs, some people just deny it.

Herring: If not Russia, who is Hillary’s foreign entity?

Sullivan: Fun with Roe V. Wade rhetoric.

Showalter: The banality of Barack Obama.

Hellner: Trump, Obama, and Putin, a litany of hypocrisies.

Moran: Police killing in Chicago draws protests despite video showing armed suspect.

Markus: The vitality of ‘the West’.

David: Jealous Brats.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Victor Davis Hanson: Ten Commandments of the Supreme Court.

Victor Davis Hanson: Peter Beinart’s amnesia.

Watch Live: Congress questions Masters of the Universe over censorship.

Kupelian: Devious dark forces at work to derail America.

Book Recommendation: Kupelian: The Cracking of the American mind.

Federer: Greed vs. the Gospel, how Native American’s were treated.

Rand Paul: Trump critics suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Watch: Louie Gohmert slams tech companies, throws brutal jabs at Democrats.

Buchanan: Trump calls off World War 3.

Gohmert: Lisa Page giving ‘insights’ into Russia.

Putin claims $400 million funneled to Clinton campaign. 

Sheriff Joe: Send the U.S. Army into Mexico.

Harvey: Is NEA’s stranglehold on kids ending?

Uber driver kicks out Trump supporter

Jackson: 3 reasons ‘bad boys’ love pro-choice women.

Massie: Abortion: Murderous Birth Control.

Prager: Immigrants change cultures and values.

Cashill:  Strzok farce shows obstacles to opening TWA flight 800 case.

Trinko: Correction: Trump did not absolve Russians of meddling.

Democrat candidate: I’m supported by Jesus Christ.  Democrats support abortion, homosexuality, and Islam.  Christ never even remotely supported any  of the three.

Noel: Why do we have courts and judges?

Harsanyi: Democrats need to get a grip on reality.

Deranged media claim red-haired White House staffer is a Russian spy.

Davidson: Pushed hard left by their base, are Democrats self destructing?

Brandon: Jim Jordan for Speaker would be huge part of draining the Swamp.

Unmasked: Matt Rivitz, Founder of Sleeping Giants, Behind Anti-Breitbart, Laura Ingraham Social Media Mobs

Mandalay Bay owners sue 1,000 victims of Vegas shootings.

Monday, July 16th, 2018

Bomberger: Planned Murderhood kills more blacks in two weeks than the KKK killed in a century.

Breaking update: Instagram censors Bomberger for saying Planned Murderhood murders more blacks than the KKK.

Breaking: Wicked snake Brennan says Trump press conference an impeachable offense, ‘treasonous’. 

Trump: ‘Our relationship had  never been worse [with Russia] but that changed four hours ago.’

Confused Republicans turn friendly fire on Trump. 

The Spiritual Differences between the French Revolution and the American Revolution.

Prager U: Public Union, Public Enemy.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter face Hill Grill over political bias!

Walsh: Our Daughters are not ’empowered’ by vulgar, idiotic pop music.

Brown: It’s 2018 and shame is dead.

Trump-Putin meeting a success, despite traitorous media and Democrats efforts to sabotage it.

Gindler: President and the Ersatz Tsar.

Cleveland: Trump is right, Mueller’s latest indictment suggests he is conducting a witch hunt.

Two Christian Calligraphers face Jail time for not promoting homosexual weddings.

Trump calls corrupt FBI agent a ‘Disgrace to our nation’.

McCarthy: Strzok by a farce.

ICYMI: GOP grilled Lisa Page…increased this GOP Rep’s concern that FBI had desired outcome in Russia probe.

Liberal Reporter: I’m really not sold fake password reset e-mails from Russia are a  hack….or an attack.

Morefield: The Destructive effects of the media’s misleading, racially charged headlines.

Federer: Astronauts: Much Braver than anyone realizes.

Putin declares US-Russia confrontation a ‘vestige of the past’ after meeting with Trump.

Ron Paul: Biggest bubble in history of mankind going to burst. 

Smith: Toxic Femininity and a lack of personal responsibility.

Trinko: the left is always wrong: Election meddling edition.

300 Helsinki billboards paid for by elites, attack Trump and Putin for attacking ‘free’ press.

Union backed substitute teacher who should have been fired, now accused of rape.

Voshell: The transgender mind body split destroys the law.

Why Trump said the European Union is a foe of America.

Sarah Sanders on why the WH cancelled John Bolton’s CNN appearance.

Watch: Ocasio-Cortez attacks Israel, then admits she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Harsanyi: Ocasio-Cortez’s factually challenged position on Israel is embarrassing.

Schlichter: It’s undeniable, Trump is blessed with really stupid enemies.

Hirschauer: 7 practical strategies for addressing America’s mental illness crisis.

Lott: How entertainment shows have become propaganda vehicles for gun control.

Alexander: the Left Wing paradise of SF.

Clancy: Brett Kavanaugh: The end of the leftists world.

Walters: No, ‘Marbury V. Madison’ did not say the Supreme Court gets the final say on Constitutionality.

Fernandez: Worldwide Elites still don’t understand why they keep losing.

Kupelian: Massive Russian collusion found, but not by Trump.

Moment of truth for Google, as record EU fine looms.

Jones: Why the resistance in the state department is a gift to Trump.

Cost: The Supreme Court has been making policy.

SF Mayor: There are more feces in my city than I’ve ever seen before.

Planned Murderhood takes center stage in South Carolina’s election.

Mossad raid on Iran nets thousands of documents on nuclear program.

Murray: Borderline Disorder.

DeAngelis: Trump, Churchill’s chair, and Obama.

Showalter: Does Hillary ever get ‘tard’ of whining?


Sunday, July 15th, 2018

Massive Russian Collusion found, but not by Trump!!

Peter Strzok’s arrogance is the product of a corrupt FBI.

Sucher: Decoding the Great Russkie Bust.

Rand Paul lashes out at Mueller: ‘We need to be done’.

Strzok explains how Dossier made it’s way from Democrats to eager FBI.

Hurt: Corrupt Congressman Cohen’s wasted freedom.

Aging Carl Bernstein: Trump’s ‘witch hunt’ defense is dead.

Knight: Living in Revolutionary Times.

Jesse Lee Peterson: Happy White History Month!! Get over your Fear!

Media silent on genetic study defying Evolution.

Trump ferociously pummels “Enemy of the People”

Church attendance up for atheists, down for Christians.

CIA grappling with morality in covert wars.

Ron Paul: Biggest Bubble in the history of the Stock Market.

Simpson: More California crazy laws.

Trump predicts media criticism no matter how the meeting with Russia goes.

From the depths of Hell: Hillary 2020 may be brewing. 

Hunter: A Russian Ham Sandwich.

Gutknecht: Who really colluded?

Fund: Democrats are dumping moderates.

Paris Mayhem after World Cup victory.

Handsy Communist Biden: ‘Trump’s border policies make me feel ashamed’.  Why isn’t he ashamed of the 60 million babies the Democrat party has murdered in the last 45 years?

Masters of the Universe: Google, Facebook, Twitter to testify before House Judiciary Committee.

Maxine’s latest delusion: Trump jealous of America’s worst President in history.

Watkins: Shifting the Roe burden back to Schumer.

Imani: Change is coming to Iran.

Jackson: the Racist Left.

Walker: Defeating leftism is the only victory.

Scribner: Twenty First Century Immigration policy for America.

Feldman: The Donald does Europe.

Hallucinating and Delusional Pot Advocate Cory Booker sez Trump is being harsher on Europe than on Putin and it’s ‘Commander in chief malpractice’.

Trump slaps down Fake News CNN over reporters disrespectful outburst.

NY Slimes: Trump got from NATO everything Obama asked for.

Hillary begins speech: ‘I’m so tired, I can barely stand’.

Republicans praise ‘credible’, ‘less smug’, Lisa Page after hearings.

Trump says EU is a foe, EU president says that is ‘fake news’.

Woman bludgeons Dad to death, thinking he was Demon.

Massachusetts police officer killed after struck with rock, shot with own gun.

Former Clinton White House Staffer: “It’s tempting to beat the crap out of Rand Paul.”

Dunphy: Why Baltimore police have stopped noticing crime.

Identity politics Juggernaut Hillary Clinton sez Kavanaugh could bring back slavery.

Autistic teen beheaded in Alabama over grandmother’s links to Mexican Cartels.

Curtis: The Courts and immigration.

Showalter: Press decries welfare fraudsters with green cards getting deported.

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Klayman: More Russia Indictments?  INDICT MUELLER!!

Federer: Gerald Ford predicted one problem with our nation.

Global Warming?  2018 year of Lost Summer for Arctic.

Former Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy: Still not basis for Special Counsel.

McCarthy: Strzok by a farce!

Moral Midget Hillary still rabblerousing: Sez GOP ‘Trying to rip the heart out of America’.

Giuliani: Russian Indictments good news for Trump.

Judicial Watch gets first batch of Strzok e-mails.

FBI ignored hacking of Hillary e-mails by foreign entity.

Soros wants to raise your taxes.

D’Souza: Nothing Racial about Trump.

Kavanaugh praised for resisting Judicial activism.

Planned Murderhood: Protect our right to F-bomb whoever the F-bomb we want.

Applebee’s Waitress stabbed after she brushed against Diners leg.

Friday, July 13th, 2018

Federer: Terror is it ever justified?

Updated Rap Sheet: ***447*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

Hearing ERUPTS as Gohmert calls out Strzok’s infidelity.

Gohmert on why he went ‘there’ with Peter Strzok: It was the lying.

America’s Hollyweird Idol’s praise Strzok as ‘true patriot’.

Smirking, defiant, arrogant Strzok confronted over ‘Stop Trump’ texts.

Wat a hero!  Peter Strzok: My ‘Patriotism’ Shows I Could ‘Never’ Have Been Blackmailed over Affair

Simon: Peter Strzok’s smirk said he was lying.

Watch: Video of smirking, squirming Peter Strzok. 

Breaking: Illegitimate prosecutor Mueller indicts 12 Russians for hacking DNC.  DNC is a crime syndicate anyways, America ought to be grateful to Mother Russia.  They took out Hitler, and they took out the Democrats. God Bless Putin!

12 Russians accused of hacking Democrats in 2016 Presidential Election.

Klimas: The strange testimony of Peter Strzok.

Friedberg: Strzok, Page, Rizzo and me: When Politics breaks.

McCarthy: Strzok testimony, we need a reasonable facsimile of the Nuremberg trials.

Lifson: Strzok’s claim of no bias so ridiculous even CNN calls it out.

5 Key Takeaways From The House Hearing With FBI Counterintelligence No. 2 Peter Strzok

Vaughn: Ob-Strzok-tion of Justice.

Trump says after Strzok hearing that ‘rigged’ Mueller probe is hurting U.S. relations with Russia

Trump calls out Sessions over Lisa Page’s no show in Congress.

Scotto: Progressive Child Abuse in schools.

Hollis: SCOTUS panic shows gov’t has too much power.

Death’s surpass births among native born Europeans.  Cultural collapse.

Buchanan: Are we seeing the beginning of the end of NATO?

Kavanaugh slammed Roe V. Wade in 2017 speech.

Wilhelm: The Rise of the Abortion Cheerleaders.

French: How the Kavanaugh nomination reveals a deep challenge to our Democratic Republic.

Root: Liberals: Radical, Crazy, and getting worse.

Ignore the protesters, the British people love President Trump

10 ways DOJ abused it’s authority when it spied on Trump campaign.

Trinko: The left is always wrong: NATO Edition.

Weissberg: The Old vs. the New Left.

Serial Interrupter, Jim Acosta, does it again.  Trump proceeds to call on ‘Real Network’, Fox News.

Mercer: Lindsey Grahamnesty lies about Putin, Syria.

Keyes: The parable of the Second Amendment.

California orders online gun registration, then let’s website fail.

Found: Historic evidence of early Muslim intolerance of Christianity.

Court: clock boy and father on hook for $200,000 of legal fees.

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Watch: Live testimony of corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok!!

Pandemonium: GOP Congressman Hits Strzok On Extramarital Affair And Democrats Went Ballistic

Trey Gowdy Destroys FBI’s Peter Strzok: Why Did You Talk About Impeaching Trump a Day After the Special Counsel Launched?

‘Just Flat Wrong’: CNN Torches FBI Agent’s Strzok’s Claim That His Texts Aren’t Indicative Of Bias

Strzok strikes valiant pose, defends ‘war hero’ to explain damning text.

Corrupt, delusional, ahistorical Democrat Court Jester Steve Cohen sez, “If I could I’d give you a Purple Heart” to corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok. 

Enemy at the Gate!!  Corrupt Democrats obstruct Strzok hearing!

Rap Sheet: 401 acts of media approved violence and harassment against Trump supporters.

Federer: Amazing life of world’s greatest Peanut Expert!

Hawkins: 30 best Thomas Sowell quotes!

Victor Davis Hanson: Reciprocity is the method to Trump’s madness.

Chastain: Marijuana vs. Tobacco, which is worse?

BREAKING: Goodlatte Says FBI’s Peter Strzok Will Be Recalled For Contempt

WATCH: Democrats Literally Cheer on FBI’s Peter Strzok During His Testimony

Justice Dept pulls Virtual trigger for online 3D guns.

Elder: What they didn’t teach me in school about slavery.

Farah: Taking Jimmy Carter back to Sunday school.

Limbaugh: Only one thing standing in left’s way.

Coulter: Kavanaugh threatens the left’s right to cheat.

Charen: What we can learn about abortion from the Thailand caves disaster.

Brown: This is why we voted for Trump.

Sobieski: Gunning for Judge Kavanaugh.

Acting EPA chief promises to continue regulation-slashing, bureaucrat and red tape minimizing mission.

Verbruggen: Not Disabled, Not Working, and Getting Government Help: White House Report Details the Extent of the Problem

McConnell Accuses Dems of Trying to ‘Bork’ Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

McCullough: Why Progressives hate America and literally want nothing to do with her.

Schlichter: Liberals are super sad about the Supreme Court. Good.

Rasmussen: the Culture leads, not the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh feeds homeless: hours after nominated to SCOTUS

Rush: Is this leftist lady a moron, a racist, or both?

Rodriguez: Progressives disdain for institutions is starting to haunt them.

Folks: Abolish ICE, Abolish America.

Walker: Holding the Senate is key.

Cleveland: The First untruth about Judge Kavanaugh.

Herman: Beyond the 2%. Trump and the future of NATO.

African-American Leaders on Capitol Hill Demand Speaker Ryan Censure Maxine Waters

Jason Whitlock blasts NFL kneelers.  If these guys want to protest, there are 6 other days in the week.

Department of Justice reopens Emmet Till case.